9 Apr 2018

Thanks for the comments, so here is how things developed after our first meeting. Over the bext 3 months or so Tony and Rebecca came over to my house maybe half a dozen times. We would make an evening of it, usually starting with a couple of drinks and chatting about all sorts of things. Gradually they would begin kissing and fondling each other. Rebecca is a passionate kisser, she loves deep kisses sucking Tony's tongue deep inside her mouth. She has a lovely figure, pert 34b breasts and although a little big around her bum and hips a really lovely girl. Very tall she carries herself well with long brown hair.

As they grew closer I would usually undress first before they would strip each other naked. They both liked total nudity which suited me fine. I could get very very close to them but it was still no touching. Sometimes her hands got so close to my cock it was untrue very occasionally just the slightest brush against it but never quite making full contact. Rebecca did like me to kiss her, fully on her lips, especially while Tony was either taking her from behind or eating her lovely pussy. Our bodies often touched, she was lovely and firm, but nothing more.

Then one evening when we all naked on the bed together Rebecca suddenly put her mouth around my swollen cock. I looked over to Tony who gave a nod saying it's OK. Rebecca said because I had kept to their rules she was confident enough to let me explore her body in every way i wished, but no penetration. That night I took full advantage of Rebecca's body while she and Tony enjoyed some great sex together.

As they were leaving Rebecca and Tony were eager to arrange our next meeting. This was unusual as normally we would leave it open then sort things out a few days before. So, next Saturday bight they would return, again unusual as we would normally leave it for 2-3 weeks.

So Saturday came and they arrived about 7.00. Rebecca looked stunning, dressed plain and simple in a plain white blouse and a patterned medium length skirt. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and could just make out the outline of her firm nipples underneath.

We began on the settee in the lounge and were all soon totally naked, me taking full advantage Rebecca allowing me full access to her body. Things were going well as we moved into the bedroom although they both seemed a little nervous.

Rebecca was lying on her side against me as Tony was taking her from behind. I was kissing her deeply, squeezing her breasts and playing with her clit as Tony's cock slid in and out of her. She really was the meat in a sandwich, a lovely young girl in between two male bodies.

Then, whispering in my ear 'Alex please fuck me' she turned to face Tony offering me the chance to take her from behind. Tony said it was OK, something they both wanted so I slid my hard cock inside her wet pussy. Rebecca gasped as I entered her and began slowly moving in and out of her. Their offer took me by total surprise and said I was inside Rebecca bareback, did they want me to use protection? No, bareback was how they both wanted us to have sex.

It was wonderful, We changed positions and each took it in turns to fuck Rebecca as she moaned and writhed beneath whoever was fucking her. Tony came inside her then Rebecca asked me to do the same. I had never put my bare cock inside a spunk filled cunt before and it was a strange sensation as I entered her. I could sense the differences between Rebecca's juices and Tony's sperm as my cock went inside her body.

After coming inside her I pulled my cock out of her body and Tony and me could see our sperm dribbling out of her wet pussy. Tony inserted a finger and fed the sperm cocktail into Rebecca's open mouth then kissed her deeply snowballing the white creamy mixture between their mouths. She then cleaned our cocks in turn savouring every last drop of our cum.

After all this we were exhausted. It was a stormy night outside so I suggested maybe they would like to stay over rather than drive back in the dark. They did and the three of us spent the entire night naked all together in the same bed. It was only as they got ready to leave at lunchtime on Sunday we eventually dressed having enjoyed a wonderful naked morning together.

As they were going Rebecca and Tony said they has wanted to come on Friday night and make a full weekend of it, nut being the first time i was being allowed to have sex with Rebecca were'nt too sure how things might have panned out. So now they come for the full weekend and recently for a few days more, nut that's another story.