Written by dirtyweasel

17 Dec 2014

Last Saturday morning the weather bloomed bright and cold so my wife and I decided to go for a walk as we often do on days like that.

We sometimes take a route which takes us through a local dogging spot and today was one of those days. I get very excited about seeing some action but my wife is not that interested it seems. There were a few cars about, some with guys in and some empty so we took the path through the woods. I could hear voices soon enough and with the leaves all but gone we noticed a couple of guys, one so obviously sucking the other's cock. They guy being sucked looked and even waved to us so we waved back but carried on walking. I'm not into guys but I must admit I did have a semi hard on seeing them.

As usual we ended up at a pub in a nearby village for a few beers after our walk. After a few we got talking to a guy in the pub for a few before his Saturday dinner and he joined us at our table. We mentioned the doggers and the atmosphere with us changed a bit talking freely with a virtual stranger. Even my wife seemed animated and went on to tell our new friend about the guys cock we had seen with a glint in her eye.

I eventually had to go to the loo so got up and went leaving the guy and my wife chatting. When I came back I got a real surprise.The guy had moved to sit next to my wife and she was rubbing his cock through his jeans. I sat down the other side of her, probably with my mouth gaping and she said "I hope you are OK with this only I have been so horny all day since we saw the doggers" as she carried on playing with his obviously stiff cock.

Of course I don't mind I said and with that she kissed me and started stroking my cock with her other hand. I was now very hard and told the guy to touch her cunt. He was very eager to and was soon giving his all through her tight lycra walking pants.

Unfortunately too many people were in the pub to go any further then and he had to go home for his dinner anyway but we have swapped numbers with him and hope to meet again soon.