Written by Rob_Consort

26 May 2012

For members familiar with my SH profile, my wife Alison and I tend to conduct our swing & swap sexual relations more private and exclusive from each other than not. There are times an exception…whether open or privately witnessed. This is one of those exceptions privately seen!

A few months ago we had dinner with a group of our swing social at a local Italian restaurant…more bistro/café style. Connie and Matthew own the café in their Brownstone Garden Level…they reside in the upper 3 BR home. We had taken a party room in the back, garden area for privacy. All of us, Ali and I included, pretty much in synch with the fact that we would break up in different pairings.

After dinner and some drinks, I realized Ali had left the dining room with Greg, a good friend of mine…they went upstairs as another member told me. I had in the meantime focused on a single Mom…Asian gal…new member…in her late 30’s. All for loss effort, however. We ‘small-talked’ at dinner, but I could sense vibes she didn’t have an interest in pairing off with me. Hey, another day perhaps better chance to relate with her. I decided to go upstairs…getting a bit curious as to what Ali might be ‘doing’…;) Reaching the stairs, Connie (the owner’s wife) took my hand…asked if I really wanted to go upstairs…shouldn’t things be better left be…? I promised Connie that it was strictly curiosity…nothing more. Connie offered to join me…I accepted…and we both went upstairs.

The guest parlor room door was ajar…and there in front of me turned out to be a quite exciting sight. My wife was on the guest couch…her knees on the seat…hands on the back bolster…essentially in a doggy style pose. At the far side of the couch, Greg had his cock positioned in her mouth…while she licked and sucked on it as an infant sucking on its binky…!! At her rear, Connie’s husband, Matt, had his cock in her doggy style…NOT in her cunny…rather, in her Anal entry! The sight was sensually beautiful…even for me watching my wife being fucked by two friends…! Matt was slowly guiding his dick in Ali. He and I have about the same dimension…5 ½-6” fully charged! He was engaging her in modest, penetration fashion…while Greg up front was holding Ali’s hair…apparently for grip…while left hand massaging one of my wife’s breasts…

I was getting hard watching…Connie realized it…suggested perhaps time to leave and pursue our own activity… BUT, I wanted to continue watching…Connie remained with me…holding my hand. Boy…did I get a ‘watch!!’ At a signal between both guys, Matt started to push all the way into Ali’s ass…to his hilt…and slamming again and again and again… Greg took close hold of Ali’s hair, and left hand gripped under her chin…as if to firmly hold Ali’s face in play. He began to then move deeper into my wife’s mouth…in thrusting action as if he wanted to deep throat and gag her. It was working well…! Ali was squirming, but both men had firm hold of her…Greg at her face…and Matt holding her hips as he kept fucking her ass. I’d say about 5 minutes into this action, BOTH men literally shot their loads in unison. Matt into Ali’s ass…Greg into her mouth. Ali gagged…spit up some jizz…but I knew she swallowed at least some of Greg’s spunk. I then realized Matt had been ass-fucking my wife without condom! We’re in pretty close company…wasn’t all concerned…however it did leave me a bit suspicious as to why no condom…

That’s when Connie again suggested we go to another empty bedroom… I quietly said no, let’s see what happens… That’s when I watched Matt (remember, Matt is Connie’s husband…)finger my wife’s ass…spreading his cream and her fluids around her bum and into her cunny… He was lubricating her!! A few brief moments later, Jennifer (one of the other wives attending our dinner) comes out of the dressing area…with a 6” strap-on having a soft ratchet tip… She immediately plunges the rod into my wife’s cunny…no pause…no graceful entry…just full fuck penetration…! My wife yelled and tried to squirm on the couch. Matt and Greg weren’t allowing any such thing…they firmly supported her (more like restrained her…) while Jenny hard fucked my wife’s cunny doggystyle. My wife, between her passion moans, called out to stop or at least slow down the pacing. Jenny slapped her cheeks…warned if she didn’t shut her mouth…she’d changeover to the 9” rod…!!

That’s when Connie surprised me…she left my side…went into the parlor…to a small credenza…pulled out the 9” attachment…motioned to Jenny to changeover. Within a minute or so, Jennifer charged into my wife’s cunny with the 9” strap-on…no mercy, gorgeous, fucking action…. Connie and I remained another 8 or 10 minutes…until Jenny tired from her penetration moves…and Ali totally spent, eventually falling onto the couch with Greg’s help. I thought best to leave then… Besides, my cock was so fucking hard and sensitive, I needed to play out my own issues… AND, Connie had been willing and cooperative throughout. We went to her bedroom…and for the next 30 or so minutes I went down on her…and subsequently fucked her missionary.

The party broke up about an hour or so later...my wife rejoined me downstairs, visibly used...in more ways than simple fucking...BUT did not discuss her 'exploits.' I realized then she had NO awareness that I had witnessed her full sexual use...!!! We both showered at home...however when I approached her to play a bit...I knew what her reaction would be...a resounding NO...!!! That was OK...between watching my wife's precisionly orchestrated fuck, and Connie 'playing' with me...it had been a great evening! We never discussed that night, however I have a suspicion Greg subsequently told her I witnessed her sexual experience that evening. Greg is one of my wife's regular swing swaps, and I believe he may have wanted to 'brag' about it to my wife... If he did, Ali has a been a wise, mature, and beautiful wife...and NOT told me a thing...!!!!