Written by whyisitalwaysu

9 May 2007

I met my fuck buddy on my first ever MMF swing. I met this couple through SH - they were fuck buddies too. Anyway me and Sha clicked from the first fuck and arranged to meet on our own afterwards. the sex was great and we would always meet at hers when her fella and family were out - usually during the daytime.

on the day in question I went to her place as usual, got in thru the door and started kissing madly. she led me into the lounge undid my trousers and started sucking my already hard cock. we were on SH chatroom and on camera - loads of people were watching me get my cock expertly sucked. I was so horny and wanted to put on a show for the punters so lifted up her skirt and sat her on my cock.

even though she was on top I fucked her madly. after a few mins I said lets go upstairs and finish this off. we fucked all over her bedroom. I always get off fucking her there as theres a pic of her and her fella on the bedside table and I love lookign at him while I'm fucking his bird.

after about 15 mins I could feel myself getting close. I bent her back and put her legs onto my shoulders and started slamming my cock into her. she was screaming like mad and I could really feel the friction on my 8 inch cock. I said I'm gonna cum in your pussy. she started stroking my face and said shoot it into me baby. with that I came from my toes and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her tight little pussy.

i then pulled my cock out and she sucked me clean. just as my cock was going down I heard the backdoor go and someone come into the house. who's that I said? Oh my god she said, put her dressing gown on and ran down stairs.

I got out of bed and stood by the door listening. While nervous I was also excited too. she was shouting downstairs and eventually the door slammed. she came back upstairs laughing and said it was my 16 year old son bunking off school. I sent him back she said and we both laughed.

by now my cock was hard the thought of almost being caught fucking. i threw off her dressing gown to reveal and fantastic looking creampie pussy. my cum was rolling out of her pussy and down her legs. I moved her over to the bedroom window, bent her over and started fucking her again from behind as we watched people go by from behind her ney curtain. I looked behind me at the pic of her and her fella and gave him a wink as i fucked the arse of his bird again