Written by amy's man

9 Feb 2007

It all started a year or so back.....like most fellas i really wanted to share amy with another man!!! We had often talked about full swinging but she could never get her head around me with another lady!!! But this never worried me.... Deep down i really wanted to see her with another man and myself......having fun and being fucked senseless!!!! As we made love one night i teased her with the idea, I slipped my fingers inside her wet pussy as she sucked hard on my cock.... I then said.... if you have my cock in your mouth,,,, who the hell is fucking your pussy? She waited for a few seconds and said,,, its your fingers..... No Amy, imagine its a cock, i said! As we made love i could see her relax a tad,,,, Then out of the blue, she released my cock from her mouth and said,,,,,Daniel is fucking me as i suck your cock, and i love it. Daniel is my neighbour, and although i knew amy got on well, and liked him, HIS name was never a name i imagined her to come out with!!!! But as she said it i felt myself grow harder and harder!!!! I changed from two fingers to three and slid them inside her with more vigor... I also noticed that her sucking and carressing of my lower parts grew stronger and stronger..... Amy came over and over again and i have to be honest, I shot my come deep into her throat far earlier than a normal wednesday night!!!! As we both lay in bed, I asked her if the idea of two fellas turned her on.... At first she was a little surprised or shocked but the more she sucked and imagined a hard cock inside her she admitted the more turned on she got!!! Over the next few months this fantasy was a regular thing during our love making.... Now she has finally asked if we could do it for real....... With Daniel i asked..... Maybe not she said, I really would like my vet to join us...... I must tell you our dogs vet has been a friend of ours for ages and is a total ladies man, he is single and knowing trevor, he would love it! Lately trevor has become the name she calls out as we make love with our imaginary partner...... I know it will happen and really want it too,,,, Will approach the subject when off to Rugby this weekend with him............ Results to Follow!!!!