Written by babycake

23 Aug 2011

I woke up in the morning. I opened my eyes and saw Noi sleeping next to me in the middle of the bed. I turned my head and saw Dani was asleep cuddling me from behind, while my boyfriend, Ben, was on the other side. We were all naked, except for the blanket I was in together with Noi. The guys were pretty much coverless. What a way to wake up I thought. I don’t remember how long they went on last night, or when they joined me in the bed. My body was aching so badly. I didn’t want to wake up just yet, but I saw Noi opening her eyes. Then I realized she was awake too. She smiled at me pleasantly. It was such a beautiful sight, that I wish I could wake up with her in bed like that every morning. She whispered to me, “You are so beautiful, and so sexy last night.” And asked me if I enjoyed the night in her company. I told her it was the best night of my life. She smiled and kissed me on my lips. Then she asked me if I was ready to wake up. I nodded. So we looked at each other and slowly got up from bed, leaving the two naked men still sleeping in bed peacefully. It was rather hilarious, but fortunately, the bed was large and there was a good gap between the two.

We walked to the bathroom. Washed our faces while we stood next to each other’s naked body. I gazed at her in mirror while I brushed my teeth. And we had a bit of a girly chat in the bathroom. Shortly after, Dani woke up and joined us. Then I suggested we should go swimming in the pool at the hotel rooftop. Since the day we’ve arrived I have not checked out the pool. So I tried persuading them to join me at the pool. Dani wasn’t heard to persuade as he agreed almost immediately. Noi decided to agree since the two of us were going, but she didn’t bring her swimming suit. Noi was about the same height and size as me. Except her boobs were at least a cup larger than mine. So I had to search for the largest possible swimsuit I’ve brought with me. Luckily I tend to over pack whenever I travel. So I had like 4 pairs of swimwear in my luggage. I managed to find a pair of white bikini in my luggage and handed to her. She put on my bikini top, and her breasts filled up the cups easily, and were almost trying to jump out of it. She looked so gorgeous in my bikini. For Dani, I just pulled out a pair of shorts from Ben’s luggage. Then we all put on hotel bathrobes and took the lift to the rooftop. It was a lovely rooftop swimming pool. The infinity pool with a great view of Bangkok skyline was simply breathtaking. It wasn’t crowded. There were only a few other people and maybe a couple families around. Even then I could feel a bit of oozing eyes on us as we took off our bathrobes and dipped into the water. All three of us have great bodies. Noi is stunningly beautiful and Dani is so charmingly handsome with nicely toned body. I could confidently say I am also attractive looking with long wavy hair. Maybe not as breathtaking as Noi, but I knew I could easily attract men’s attention especially in my bathing suit. So a lot of eyes were on us. But I could care less. We had a fun time in the pool. Dani and I were hugging and kissing endlessly as though we were a couple on our honeymoon. He’s such a nice guy to be with. He’s charming, and has got a good sense of humor. He’s also quite a bit of an extrovert while Noi was a little more reserved, though she was genuinely friendly. We spent for about half an hour in the pool, and we came back to our room.

Ben was still asleep in bed. So all three of us decided to shower together. In the shower, I looked at Noi’s body, and I knew it was possibly the last time I got to see her naked beauty. So I couldn’t help myself, and started touching her all over. And she returned me the favor. We kissed and kissed and kissed so passionately. We licked each other all over, and fingered each other in shower, while Dani wrapped us both in his arms. The lucky guy got to see the close up action inside the shower. I have to admit that I’ve discovered a Bi side of me. We spent about good thirty minutes in shower, and then finally got out. Still Ben was in bed. So I was starting to worry. I went over him and checked out if he was okay, and realized he was having fever. Probably because of the hot steamy night he had without wearing anything on, and slept naked under the air-con thru out the night. He told me to go ahead and do my shopping as we were leaving in the following morning. I was planning to go out to town and have breakfast at a place Dani recommended. Ben said he would follow us when he feels better. So I called up room service and arranged Ben to have his breakfast in the bed. I asked him if he’d mind me going out with Dani today, he said go ahead. I also guessed why not, since he’s already fucked me in front of him. It couldn’t get any worse. Noi kissed him goodbye and I kissed him well, as we left the room and took the lift down to the hotel lobby.

At first, I thought Noi was joining us, but she pulled my hand and said goodbye as she kissed me on my cheek. I kissed her back on her lips for one last time, as she walked towards the hotel entrance. I wanted her to join us at least for breakfast, but she said she had to study for her lab test, as she flagged a cab and went off. I didn’t quite comprehend what she meant at first, but Dani explained to me Noi was in her second year in Uni majoring chemistry. My jaw dropped as in literally. I was lost for words, and I wasn’t even sure what I was supposed to be feeling. Envy her, or feel sorry for her, I didn’t quite know what to say, as I looked at Dani speechless for a moment. So he pulled my hand, and brought me to the hotel car park. And got onto his bike, and we went off to town as I hugged him from behind. Dani brought me to this really nice place for breakfast. The food was good, but the environment was incredible and really romantic. We sat down and chat over breakfast, and I also found out that Dani was in his first year in Uni. I was so curious to know more about him. So I asked him loads of questions. He told me that he was planning to leave Bangkok for Spain where his grand father lives. We sat down there and talked for quite awhile, before we headed to downtown for shopping. I was really glad to have him accompany me. He’s patient, sweet, and best of all, he speaks the local language. I was so amazed to find out that he’s multi lingual. He speaks Thai, Filipino, Spanish and English! Bangkok is a kind of place where shopping can be very expensive if they know you’re a tourist. So it was great to have Dani followed me around and helped me haggled while I shop. And amazingly he’s good at it. Most guys I knew were terrible hagglers, but he wasn’t. I love discounts! It really helps to have a local guy around me when I went for shopping in town. I managed to buy stuff in less than half the price I would have to pay if I were to shop alone. I really loved him to be with me. We have a great chemistry in between us.

During our shopping, my mobile rang and I thought it was Ben. I answered the phone and realized it was Ronald instead. (Ronald was the photographer who took my nude photographs) He said he uploaded two of my pictures on his portfolio on the Internet. I had almost forgotten what had happened the day before. The thought of realizing my naked pictures were now online for the whole word to see, blushed my cheeks in red. In my head, I was wondering, what kind of images he had put up. I really hoped he didn’t upload the close up shots of my pussy, or the ones that I was looking so shamelessly horny in. It was so embarrassing also. I could hear my heart beating with anxiety. And he continued. He told me he sent some of my photos to the magazine company, and they were very interested to have me featured on their cover. “On the cover?” I asked, and he affirmed me that they wanted to have me for the cover shoot, for an issue coming out in a couple months. I was very thrilled. I knew what kind of magazine he was referring to, but the thought of being on a cover of a large publication is not an opportunity you’d get everyday. Besides, the magazine wasn’t that type of hardcore porn magazines. Their images were taken tastefully by Ronald himself. So it couldn’t be that bad, I thought. But I told Ronald, that I was flying off on the next day. There was a short pause, and he said he would try to see what he could do, as he hanged up. I was so excited by the idea. So I told Dani everything and asked him what I should do. I was a little worried though, especially on what he would think of the women he sees in the magazines. He asked me if I wanted to pose for the magazine. I told him yes I wanted to. He paused for a while, and he told me he would really love to see me naked in the magazine so that he could keep it forever. But wouldn’t want other people get to see my beautiful body. I love the hint of protectiveness he felt for me. I like it when guys around me are protective. I kissed him and promised him that I would send him exclusive shots especially for him. We also took plenty of holiday snaps throughout the day to keep our memories together. And while we were talking, the phone rang again and Ronald told me he could arrange the shoot to be done in the late afternoon, which was within a couple of hours, and he asked me if I would do the shoot. So decided I would pose nude for the magazine, and agreed to meet him at his place.

I called up Ben to check if he was getting better. He said he was okay, but wanted to stay in hotel for the rest of the afternoon. I didn't tell him about the shoot though. I told him to have a good rest. And I tried spending the rest of the afternoon with Dani. I wished I could have a little longer time to spend with him. I knew that our times being together were running short. We exchanged our contacts and promised to keep in touch with each other. Dani said he would let me know if he ever visits my country. I remember telling him that he could come and stay at our place. I really treasure the moments with him. If given a chance, I might possibly date him for real. He was so nice. We went sightseeing around Bangkok for about an hour together, until it was almost one o’ clock in the afternoon. We decided it was time, and Dani gave me a lift on his bike to Ronald’s place. When I reached the destination, I got off from the bike, and looked at Dani. I started become so teary. He looked at me dearly and pulled me back into his arms. I couldn’t control anymore. I wept and wept inside his arms. Even though we said earlier how we would visit each other in the future, deep down in our hearts we both knew that was the last time seeing each other. Reunion was close to impossibility. It was heartbreaking for me, as I had grown so much feelings for him even in the very short time we spent together. I was already so emotionally attached to him. I wasn’t sure why. Was it because we had sex? He was so quiet. It was also unusual to see someone so cheerful like him being quiet. I appreciate that he did not try to comfort me by giving me empty promises, when we both knew these wouldn’t happen. I wanted to tell him that I love him, but I wasn’t sure if I should. So I kissed him, gathered all my strength left inside me and said goodbye to him. He looked at me. I saw his eyes were also teary but he quickly put on his helmet to hide, and took off on his bike. I stood at the platform and watched him disappeared from my view. I stood there alone for a while, trying to stop my tears.

Then I rang the bell, and Ronald came to open the gates. He saw me and asked if I was okay. I told him I needed a rest, and sometime alone before the shoot, as I stepped into rather familiar lawn. So he ushered me to one of the guest rooms in his house, and told me to have a good rest. He arranged his maid to bring me some fresh fruits and drinks into my room. How considerate of him. As the maid left, I locked the door from inside. I took off my underwear. I knew Ronald didn’t like me to wear them prior to shoot. I put on a bathrobe I found hanging in the room. I lied down in the bed as I tried to stop myself from thinking of Dani, and then I fell asleep.

I was awake by a knock on the door. I got up and glanced at my watch and realized that I fell asleep for almost two hours! They must have been waiting for me for at least one and a half hour! So I jumped up and opened the door. There were two ladies, one of them was the makeup artist I met the day before. I was quite happy to see her, because her work is fantastic. And the other one I realized later was a manicurist. The makeup lady said something in Thai, which I could not quite understand. She then gestured me to the chair in the room, so that they could do the make up in the room. So I sat down in a chair as they prepared me for the shoot. The manicurist cleaned up my nails as she made a classic French manicure on my nails, while the MUA went for the similar clean and elegant look she had for me yesterday. It was really boring as I couldn’t communicate with any of them. They were talking to each other in Thai, leaving me out. But then their English was very limited for me to chat with. Luckily Ronald came up shortly after to check if I was okay, I told him I was and also thanked him for the arrangements. And then he went back to prepare for the shoot. Then another guy came to join us in the room and started working on my hair. I realized the shoot was going to be huge. From my past experience, most mid-budget shoots could not afford a manicurist. And usually makeup artists would have to double up the job on the hair as well.

Afterwards, yet another woman came into the room. She was the stylist as I soon figured out after. She was rather an old and peculiar looking woman. Very particular and with a bit of sharp tongue, she speaks some broken English. She told me to take off my bathrobe, so I took it off and stood there naked in the room while she examined my body from head to toe. And she said something to the MUA in Thai. The makeup girl came and put on some make up and some glitters on my body. The woman then looked at my crotch and told me to get it shave. I was quite turned off by her behavior and felt she was so demanding. I had never shaved my pussy, and never wanted to. But since it was a paid photo shoot assignment, I had no power to bargain with her. So I left them shave my pussy. I sat on the edge of a small stool and spread my legs open. One guy came and applied some shaving cream. Luckily he was gay, so I didn’t feel so bad as he worked so closely on my pussy. And fortunately, he was quite careful and gentle, and seemed to be experienced at shaving pussies, contrary to his looks. Soon after, he was done and my pussy was completely shaved. I felt even more naked without my hair. Although I have to admit he did a great job down below. And finally the stylist woman passed me what I had to wear for the first part of the shoot. I almost screamed in joy. It was a really really beautiful rhinestone lingerie. It was so gorgeous that I almost forgot everything that happened earlier. I was always fascinated by shiny stuff, and the rhinestones were just simply breathtaking. I put them on quickly and I wished I never had to return the outfit. I looked myself in the mirror. The rhinestone bra was beautifully going around my breasts, but completely exposing them in the middle. They made beautiful crosses at my back. And the panties were made by little strands of rhinestone stripes stranded in front of my freshly shaved pussy, while totally revealing my round ass. The rhinestone earrings and bracelets are complementing my overall outlook. And finally a glittering pair of four-inch heels. The heels were a little larger than my feet, but I put them on without a complaint. I was ready for the shoot.

I walked down to the set, wearing only the lingerie. I couldn’t put on the bathrobe though I’d wanted to. But because of the rhinestones, I would have trouble taking off the robe. So I arrived to the set practically naked. It was a huge set as I expected, with total of seven people there, with six of them were guys. It was close to a large window with white long curtains, and in the center of the set was a beautiful bed with white bed sheets. So I knew the theme was going to be white, classy and clean look. I said Hi to everyone, embarrassingly, as Ronald introduced me to the crew, while I stood there with all my body exposed. One of them was the magazine editor. Two of them were the same guys who assisted Ronald for the shoot yesterday. They greeted me eagerly, as I smiled back at them. Before he started shooting, Ronald brought me to his computer and showed me the pictures that he uploaded. In the first picture, I was topless standing in the lawn, and my boobs covered in my arms. It gave the impression of my cleavage bigger than it actually is. I liked that picture a lot, and glad that Ronald chose to upload it. But the other one was a shocker, in which I was lying completely naked in the lawn with the shot taken from my front. It’s a full frontal nude shot! Both my breasts and my unshaved pussy were clearly exposed leaving nothing for imagination. I had one hand in my hair while the other was in the grass, and my face looked stunning. I loved my expression in it, rather sexy and alluring. But it was revealing way more than I wanted to. The pose was elegant and it wasn’t rude. But I was so embarrassed that my entirely naked photo was now on the Internet. Each image has a counter, and I saw there were almost three hundred views each with several comments under my photos (and that was within less than a day from when he uploaded, I couldn’t imagine!). Three hundred people have already seen me in my birthday suit. Most of them saying how beautiful photos they were, and how stunning I looked in them. And they were pretty much compliments on the photographer and the model. Rather thrilling to know that more people would log on to Ronald’s website and see me naked. Felling half pleased, half embarrassed, I stood next to him quietly.

Then he asked me if I was ready for the shoot. So I walked onto the set and started posing, trying to be comfortable being naked in front of seven people. Which wasn’t as easy as it sounded especially all guys on set had their eyes fixed on my nude body. A couple of them were blatantly starting at my ass and my boobs. I tried not to look at them. Ronald started by shooting from top of a ladder, while I lied in the bed. But it’s actually quite fun working with Ronald as he gives clear instructions, and he’s very nice. And knowing the quality of images he can deliver, I was ready to give my best. He shot me from the top for good 70-80 clicks, and then he came down the ladder and shot me from around the bed with me lying and kneeling in bed. Then he made he stand next to the window as I stood there posing for him. After that, he told me to loosen my rhinestones, and one of his assistants came and removed the bra and panties from my body. So I was then bare-naked as I continued posing wearing only the accessories and glitter heels. My tits were completely hard, and my bald cunt was on display for everyone in the room to enjoy, at least for all the guys in the room. It was actually very arousing to be naked in front of so many people though. To be honest, I must admit I kind of like the feeling. The thrill and excitement were just incredible. And I love the attention. Yesterday, there were only four people, and now the numbers almost doubled. I felt like as though I was giving them a private strip show. It was probably even better than that for them, because I didn’t get to move quickly like erotic dancers. So well, I performed naked in bed for their viewing as Ronald continued to photograph me. It took almost an hour and then Ronald decided to move on to the second set.

Ronald told me to go change and prepare for the next part of the shoot. He also mentioned that the next theme was going to be something sexy and seductive. So the stylist and MUA ushered me back to the room to change, as I followed and walked across the house without any clothes on. As I sat down in the room, the MUA removed my make up as the manicurist totally clean up my nails. I was thinking what a waste it was, cos I loved the entire look I had. Then I noticed the make up this time was a lot darker and my nails were all now polished red. I normally don’t put on red nail polish, cos its not really my type. But somehow they did it very nicely and I loved the way it looked, and it really matched well with the red lip-gloss they’ve put on me. And then the stylist woman passed me over a pair of knee high leather boots. And some leather wristbands with metal rings and something, which looked like a slave collar that I wore it around my neck. They’ve made my outlook totally provocative and sexy, very contrary to the previous outlook I had earlier. My entire body was bare. I was wearing only the accessories and the boots, in a very provocative look. Maybe a bit slutty. But then we all went back to join Ronald at his second set.

The set was this time very red which matched my makeup and the entire outfit. It had beautiful large wooden doors and panels. And there was another bed with scarlet sheets and a really beautiful golden bed frame. It looked very majestic and sexy. Ronald pointed me to start in the middle of the set, so I stood there and started posing again. After about 50 shots, Ronald came over to me. And he asked me if it was okay to tie me up in chains from my wrist. I realized what the rings on the wristbands were for. I told him to be gentle, so he asked two of his assistants to chain me up. Within seconds, I was standing in the room with both of my arms spread and raised up in the air chained to the ceiling leaving me to stand in my birthday suit. Ronald continued taking my photos. Later he asked the crew to move me onto the bed, and made me kneel in it, while both my arms were still raised in the air, but tied together. Ronald asked me if I was okay, I nodded my head as they continued. Though it wasn’t painful, it was very much uncomfortable with both my arms hanged from the ceiling for about half an hour. Every time I changed my pose, one of the assistant boys would have to come help me, as I could not move myself comfortably. He was rather a bit touchy as he helped me reposition. He would touch me here and there. Especially my legs, thighs and my bare butts as he helped me position them in bed. I began to realize how vulnerable I was. With my hands tied up and my entire body stripped down to nothing. I knew the crew could do anything they want to me at that moment. I was completely defenseless. Not even a friend present at the set. That thought stressed me out, but at the same time it was so arousing knowing how exposed I was, literally. In a way, I loved the feeling of being tied up somehow, and knowing the vulnerability where many guys staring at my naked body with my hands tied up. My pussy started getting so wet. I couldn’t finger myself this time. But I was so thrilled, and I started enjoying the moment while I continued posing. Then Ronald asked me to give him a seductive look. So I tried looking at him as seductively as I could. And I started toying with the idea of him inside me while I was being tied up. I wondered shamelessly how big Ronald’s cock could have been. I have never seen a cock of a Caucasian guy. But I guessed they must be bigger than the ones, which have entered my pussy. He was photographing me quite closely, so I looked at him in his eyes. I started fantasizing him in my head. My body language became very flirtatious and suggestive. And at one point, I was fantasizing him hard and I went totally into my own world, and my cum started to drip. Ronald saw it, and in front of all people, he inserted his index finger inside my cunt and wiped my cum off the pussy. Everyone in the room was looking at us. I've just got fingered in the middle of the set! I think eveyone (including myself) figured out that I was about to get fucked by the end of the shoot.

He was also getting really flirty with me. He started calling me differently, like “Honey, please look a bit to the right”, “Baby, chin up, please”, “Over here, love”, “Honey”, and so on. He called my name throughout the day yesterday, and it must have been because of Ben’s presence. Now with my boyfriend falling sick at the hotel, and me sitting on the bed stripped naked and my cum dripping onto the sheets, he was really getting flirty. I wasn’t complaining that though. In fact I was the one started it, since yesterday. I enjoyed eyeing him, and looked him into his eyes with alluring looks, while I spread my legs for him to take photos of my wet cunt. Even though we did not make any physical contact throughout the shoot, I felt we were starting to have a connection within. I couldn’t believe myself that I was feeling so horny, and I wanted him to enter me already. It must have been close to about half past six when he called it a wrap, and the crew united me from the chains. But I was tired. Really tired. And also I really didn’t want to dress up just yet. I wanted to spend some more time with Ronald, naked. Afterall I knew he was just gonna fuck me soon after. So I decided to rest for a while, pulling the blanket over my body and lied in the bed, while the crew packed their stuffs. The editor thanked me. And the team left the location within half an hour. They teased me to have a good time with Ronald. It was really embarrassing though, when everyone knows that I'm about to get screwed. Then everyone left the place, leaving only Ronald and me in his big house.

Then he looked at me. We both knew he was about to fuck me, and, yes, I was gonna let him in. I did not plan to hold back since I was already so aroused. I was in fact, touching my pussy under the blanket, and it was dripping. Then he came and sat at the edge of the bed, and told me how beautiful I looked, especially with the sexy makeup on. I didn’t know what to tell him, or how to initiate it verbally. Even though I was so horny, I was still a bit shy to make the first move. So I just told him I was very tired, and I really was tired. So he offered to give me a massage. I was like awesome! And then he told me to wait for a while in bed. I didn’t get to enjoy Thai massage for this Bangkok trip, and it was something I wanted badly, especially after a long photo shoot. So I was really delighted when he offered a massage. Shortly, he came back with some scented candles and he dimmed the lights, so that the room became so romantic and cozy. He’s a photographer, and he sure knows how to play with light. So I was in mood more than before. He then removed the blanket revealing my naked body underneath. He looked at me for a moment, and told me to lie on my stomach. I did as I was told and I rolled over and gave him my bareback. And he then applied some massage oil over my body as his hands rubbed me gently from my back. It was really nice and warm, and I loved it. As his hands moved over my naked body slowly, and he started by caressing my ass. He must have got a really good view from behind. And then his hand went around my thighs and started touching my pussy. I started to moan and spread my legs a bit wider for him to enter. His fingers were gently fondling my wet cunt and then in and out of it. He told me that I have a really cute behind. Well, he’s got all my nude photos so that he can appreciate my naked body anytime, I told him. He said he was going to share it with the world. And I was like, go ahead. I know that I started enjoying being an exhibitionist. He continued fingering me in my cunt. He also added that my cunt looked prettier without my hair, and reminded me that the whole world was about to see my unshaved pussy within months. It turned me on, a lot! He was good at talking dirty. And I was like getting crazy in bed. I moaned and moaned. Then he pushed another finger up my arse. It was a strange feeling. It didn’t hurt much as he lubricated his finger, but it was uncomfortable at first. But he slowly pushed in and in and in, while I continued to moan. And I started to like the anal foreplay. It was somewhat really new to me, as nothing had ever entered my arse. Ronald was doubling me up using two fingers; one inside my cunt and the other in my anus. I felt dirty, but it was really good. I came to orgasm within a few minutes as he used his fingers masterfully on me. I was waiting all day long to cum like that actually.

Then I turned around and told him to stand up. I took off his shirt, and pulled his trousers all the way down. I couldn’t wait to see what he has to offer. With full of excitement, I pulled his boxers down, revealing his massive cock. Unmistakably, that was the biggest I’ve seen in my life, till today, with at least 8 inches easily. (I know it may not be the world’s largest cock, but at least for me, it is!!) I couldn’t wait to toy with it. I was also a bit the same time. I wasn’t sure if it was going to hurt when he pushes it all inside me. Anyway, I started playing the cock in my hands, as I slowly rubbed him all over his shaft, and I fondled the balls as he started to groan. Then I pulled him into the bed, and started giving him a blowjob. His massive cock wouldn’t go all the way into my mouth, but I tried to swallow as much as I could. I knew I had three cocks entered my mouth in less than 24 hours, and I felt really filthy about it. Ronald was grunting as he held and played with my hair, while he watched his penis going in and out of my mouth. It went for a while, and then he asked me if he could tie me up to the bed. I was in game for everything, so I told him I was all his. And let him tie me up to the bed frame, with both my hands stretched out like spread eagle. He did not tie my legs and I liked it that way. It gave me freedom to move my hips and my legs. He asked if Ben was going to be jealous with my cunt on display to everyone. I couldn’t answer him, as I was crying in pleasure as he played with my clit. Ben could have killed me for all I cared. He then started kissing me on my face, and my lips. Then he toyed my breasts and sucked my hard nipples, and slowly he moved his way down. And then he started licking my pussy. I had never received a blowjob with my hands tied, and it was mind blowing. I was totally submissive. The feeling was intense especially that I couldn’t do anything while a man goes all over me. I was screaming as he toyed with my shaved cunt. He went on licking all over me for a while, until I was totally crazy screaming. He went on for about fifteen minutes. Then he finally stopped and took a break.

I was catching my breath in bed, when he went up to do a quick wash-up. I closed my eyes as I leaned over the head frame, breathing heavily. I wanted him to come inside me as quick as he can. I was hopelessly cock hungry. Then he came back and told me to open my eyes. As I looked over, he turned his monitor screen and showed me one of my pictures he took yesterday. I was with my legs wide open and fingering myself by the pool. Even my pink pussy walls were clearly visible as I spread them wide with my fingers while I was playing with it. I didn’t understand why he showed me the picture. Then he told me, it was online. I couldn’t believe what I’ve just heard. Then I realized that the image was on an internet browser. That image of me masturbating was visible and downloadable to the whole world! I was astonished. I didn’t know what to say. I was really blushing knowing how embarrassing it was. Then he came up onto me, and kissed me all over again. He whispered to me while he kissed and caressed my body, and he asked me how I feel displaying my horny cunt to the world. That turned me totally wild and thrilled. Two days ago, I was toying with the idea of a photographer seeing my body nude. Now thousands of people are going to see me shamelessly fingering my own cunt. It was nerve-wracking. While I was all getting aroused with all these thoughts, he slowly pushed his penis inside me. It was so big as I gasped. It pushed my vigina really wide open, as his massive dick found its way inside. He wasn’t wearing a condom. But then I was in no position to turn him away. My hands were tied and my ankles were spread wide inside his hands. He was going to do anything he wanted with me. I was like a mere slave to him at the moment. He’s just uploaded a picture of me masturbating onto the internet, and fucked me unprotected, and I was tied up. He pushed his penis deep inside me. It actually felt really good as his big cock entered all the way up my vigina. I was screaming all my lungs out as he pounded me hard. He was the only other person (beside Ben) whom I had an unprotected sex with, till today. But I loved the feeling of a naked penis, rather than some lubricated latex inside my vigina. He’s quite a strong man, and he showed it so much different from the boys I had sex with. And he was rough when it comes to sex. Not that I’m complaining. And he’d talked dirty while he fucked me inside. He fucked with my mind too. He asked how I’d feel posing for a porn magazine, with his penis thrust inside me. And occasionally he’d called me a porn star as he screwed me all over. I must admit kind of liked it, and it turned me on. He also called me a slut cheating on my boyfriend. I knew I was turning really slutty, but couldn’t help myself. I started enjoying sex more than before. I had multiple sex partners, stripped naked in front of many people and posed nude for an adult magazine. I was called a porn star, and it was relatively true. Picture of me masturbating was now circulated on the internet. Well, I came a couple orgasms during sex with him as I gushed. It was hard to believe all these things happened within a short period of two days! Then he grunted, and slowed down. So I knew he was about to come. Then he pulled his penis out of my pussy and wanked it right in front of my face. He asked me to open my mouth. I felt dirty, I felt like a whore, really! But I listened and I opened my mouth as he instructed, to let his spunk in. Then he jerked off and sprayed all his spunk onto me. It went all over my face and some inside my mouth. I didn’t swallow it though. I didn't actually want his sperm inside me, even though I knew a bit could have gone inside my cunt when he fucked me unprotected. Then Ronald collapsed onto me as we both tried to catch our breath.

We rested in bed for a while, and then he untied me and hugged me in bed naked. Afterwards, we walked outside the house and skinny-dipped inside his private pool. He said it was where I fingered myself in front of him the day before and it turned him on, and asked me to get on my all fours. And then he inserted his penis inside me from behind and began to fuck me again. I wasn't expecting it, and very surprised how fast he recovered. Earlier in bed, my cunt was so wet and it was already dripping. So letting his massive cock inside was great and smooth. Even that hurt me a little, and I think I was already torn a bit since then. But after resting in bed for a while, my pussy went dry and that gave me a huge problem. So when he fucked me for the second time, it began to hurt me more than it gave me pleasure. His cock was actually too big for me, and I realised it way too late. I actually wanted him to stop, but instead I had to just let him fuck me. He didn't look like he was about to stop anytime soon either. He really clutched both my hands from behind and fucked me hard while I was on my knees. And pushed his cock all the way inside me. I couldn't really move as I felt his hands were stronger than the chains that tied me earlier. He was really rough when it comes to sex, and very dominant. I screamed and screamed mostly in agony this time. He fucked me at the pool side for quite long until it went totally dark. And then to my shocking, he shot his load inside my unprotected pussy!! I could feel my pussy stretched open and it was really painful as he withdrew his cock out of my cunt filled with his cum. I wanted to cry looking at his spunk dripping out of my pussy. I didn't want to go that far. Finally we came back to the house, and showered together in his bathroom. And then I saw myself bleeding. I was torn literally! He asked me if I was okay. And then I really started crying. Ronald apologized to me, but I knew the blame was on my own. I was the one who started it. I enjoyed having sex with him, it was mind blowing. It was pleasurable when he fucked me in bed and I liked it. But I really regretted that I let him enter for the second time. But second time was rather a mistake. His cock was a bit too much for me to handle twice in a row and I did not anticipate him to ejectculate inside me. I tried to gather myself and got out off shower quickly.

Ronald offered to buy me dinner, but I refused and told him that I needed to get back to Ben. And I didn't want to have dinner with Ronald. I was pissed off. I didn't know whom or what I was pissed at, probably myself the most. But one thing for sure, I would not dine with him. So I put my clothes on, said Ronald goodbye, and left his house. Oh before I left, I told him to remove my explicit picture off the net, and he did. There were already more than 100 views and the stats shown it was downloaded several times before it was taken off the net. FUCK! And he issued me a cheque. It was actually for the photoshoot, but somehow I felt like a whore receiving her payment after sex. I learnt a lot of lessons that night. Since then I was very cautious to submit myself to a stranger completely. And making sure my casual sex partners put on condom before entering. He knew I was pissed, and he really apologized me all the way to his gate. Like I said earlier, I wasn't pissed with him that much. I took it as an expensive lesson. I was stupidly naive, and I let him take total advantage of me. Luckily managed to get a cab really quickly and got on my way back. I cried in the cab. I held my pussy and it was really painful physically, and mentally too. I was also so worried about the possibility of conceiving a child, and STDs. Thank God, I didn't get a child with him that night!

Only after a while, I managed to calm myself down. And then took out my phone to call Ben. I saw a couple text messages. They were both from Dani. One was telling me that he was going to miss me badly. And the other one was him asking me if I’d like to have dinner with him. I wanted to. Truly, madly deep down my heart, I wanted to see him again. But I made a decision. I called Ben and as I had guessed, he was waiting me for dinner, and still not yet recovered from fever. So I dropped by the city, bought dinner and headed back to hotel. I replied back to Dani’s texts, telling him exactly how I felt about him. And made an apology for not being able to meet him for dinner even though I really wanted to. I needed to take care of my boyfriend, who was unwell. No matter what I’ve done, or whom I had sex with, I know my heart belongs to Ben. I knew I cheated on him. Something I wasn't proud of. But even if I couldn’t reserve my body fully for him, I wanted to devote my heart only for Ben. I could not believe myself how much this trip has changed me, and I was now becoming a sex addict. I was making all my fantasies into realities, even to the point that I even cried at my own decisions. I planned to tell him everything that happened when we reached back home the next day or so. I really hoped he would forgive me for what I’ve done and what I have become. I love Ben more than anything in the world.

(p.s. The next morning, we packed our stuff and checked out from the hotel. I took one last look at the room before I left. So many unexpected things happened in our short stay there, and it was so sad to leave. We flagged a cab and headed for the airport. Once we reached there, we pushed our luggages on the airport trolleys and went inside, and towards the check-in counters. Then I saw the person I so much wanted to see! Dani was there standing with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. I gasped, as I darted towards him and gave him a good hug. I almost jumped onto him; I was like the happiest person on earth. He said he wanted to see me just one more time. I was almost in tears. Then Ben came to us, and chatted with Dani. Ben invited him to visit our country and told him how much I was fond of him. He also told Dani that I would be over the moon if he ever visits us. I was blushing, but again very happy to see the men I loved were really cool with each other. Then we finally said our goodbyes to Dani, as he shook hands with Ben. I kissed him one last time on his cheek and then, Ben and I checked in, and went inside the immigration counters hand in hand. And we headed home. I planned to tell him everything when we reach home.)

.. Do let me know if you want to hear what happened after we got back home...