Written by Ray

10 Nov 2011

Wow what a time we had unexpectedly recently at a party that we did not really wanted to attend, but did so...on second thoughts.We are an Asian couple and were invited to a neighbours party,where there were about 60 people generally aged from about late 30 to early fifties...cutting out the small talk... it was party where the only other asian chap, took to my wife,Zindi and started sort of hanging around her and chatting her up.She is in her late 40s,very curvy, petite,about 5' 2" with a really cute rounded and firm sexy arse, and size 38 d boobs and size 12. She was wearing a low fronted black dress, where her boobs were showiing themselves off...it was evident every men and some ladies were bent on giving it a second and third look and lingering their eyes upon her front, while she was in high heeled black boots, her legs too left many lusting after her...After a while, we noticed that there was a asian female with the chap, who had been chatting to someone else, but when he whispered something to her, she looked at Zindi and sort of started getting close as well.After a while the lady realised that Zindi was with me,came closer to me, chatting away.The lights were dimmed as the dances heated up and slow numbers came one after another and the party was slowly getting quite raunchy as booze was flowing quite freely too...,the couple were dancing with each other when they suddenly asked to swap partners with us!We agreed and started dancing with each other's partners, after a few minutes, the lady,Jo got very close and started rubbing her body seductively upon mine [all the other couples were too engrossed in their own sexy acts and dancing, no body quite took notice what another was doing] while the same was happening with Zindi and her husband,Dave.We were in a quiet discrete corner of the seductively dim lighted room, when I noticed the daves fingers, digging into Zindi's arse amd she appreared to be rather enjoying it.As she turned and noticed me , she winked at me as if for approval and I smiled back reassuring her to enjoy it.Jo too noticed that and smiled back, while gently and sexily rubbing her crotch more hardly against my now hardening cock, without any doubt giving the message,that she wanted it!Just then Jo then whispered into my ears, asking if we would like to watch her and Dave fuck?Quite taken aback, I replied,sure why not?At that she said ok , speak to Zindi and we will take it from there...With that she turned around and in a move swapped partners again with Zindi now dancing with me, while she was back with dave!

As we got together and danced closly, I asked zindi, if she enjoyed the fingering,"yes, I did " she replied "it was nice..how about you.."I saw her pussy rubbing hard on your cock...and your handson her arse".I said I did, and would not mind fucking her..".Why dont you ?"I told her what Jo had said,"They want to know if we would like to see them fuck..."" I hope you did not say no.."She responded.I asked, should I have,she responded."..noooo, are you sure that is what they wanted?"

Yes, I am very sure..and perhaps we should tell them so ..just then...Jo & dave danced into us, and she took hold of Zindi's hand, while the both of them danced away leaving dave and me.We started chatting and making small talk, when dave said, I hope you enjoyed Jo, she loves a good cock!Well,which man would not enjoy a sexy women like Jo..and zindi... I replied!He smiled and said,Yes, Zindi has a beautiful arse, I hope you did not mind me feeling it, and shall we make a move from here, would both of you like to come up to our place for a night cap...as the night is young & there is so much to enjoy, if it is okay with Zindi?

Just then Zindi and Jo, in one beautiful sexy move glided right into us...with a hugh smile on their faces ..Zindi looked at me , sort of with an enquiring look to what shall we do...as I gazed back into hers, it became apparent,that Jo had asked her the same question...it appeared we both had no hesitation to see what the invite was going to lead to and of course we also did not want to miss watching another couple fuck..something we had already enjoyed quite a bit with another couple who we used to meet about once a month, but had now moved overseas...and had no such opportunity for about a year now.

As we stood close, we realied we were both excited and rather turned on,when Zindi said , Jo confided to her .." you are good looking,she felt your fabulous cock[she says] and is dying to see what it can do.....and bets it does a lot for me .."before I could say anything more, Jo and dave with a bottle of wine in hand were with us and beckoned us to follow them out.Outside, Jo put her hand around my waist,with Zindi on the other side, we followed dave to a smart car and got in, with Jo in the back with me while Zindi got into the front with dave.

Jo was a gorgeous size 12 ,about the same height like Zindi with a curvy body, rather larger boobs .Oh, did I mention rather medium sized sexy butt...very voluptous looking, and wearing a very tight body hugging dress rather short, showing off her tanned thighs and leaving nothing to imagination around the arse and boobs!

Dave was about the same height like me, about 5' 8" and same built with a good body for a late 49 year old man, the same age as me.

As the car moved off, Jo moved her hand across to my crotch and started unzipping my pants, and pulled out the now rather hard and very erect cock and without any care that dave may see, bent over it aand took it into her mouth!Through the gap in the seats, I saw Zindi's hand was across on dave's crotch area, and she was pulling his zip down and moving her hand slowly up and down.

Jo was by now moaning, making very sexy soft noises and one could hear her sucking my cock with great pleasure...moaned softly; and slowly, gently, but inexorably, began to push my hard cock deeper into her mouth. wet, and sticky..there was no way she was going to stop...neither was zindi's hand, as she played with dave's cock and masturbated him...he was enjoying the pleasure ..and also having the effects of his wife, Jo lissing and licking my cock just behind him.Zindi turned.. and looked at me and Jo,we exchanged amused and excited glances..she knew and it was obvious what Dave wanted....as Jo took in the length of my cock with long strokes of her moist tongue...and enjoying it....as she danced her red hot tongue slowly up and down my swollen and hard prick, while Zindi teased dave with her hand..unleashing his passion but could not do anything else as he was driving...Zindi suddenly boldy encircled the head of his cock with her moist full lips...and he let out a loud wwwoh aaaaahhhh.....as she pulled her head back and let him drive...But the magnititude of the unexpected pleasure seemed to be too much for him to bear, he tried to hold her head down on him, he thrust wildly with his hips,trying to drive his shaft deeper into her mouth, but with steering wheel in the way, Zindi withdrew her head, knowing that she had the pleasure of having driven him wild and lusting!

By now about 15 minutes had passed, we stopped into the drive of a smart detached house.Zindi and Dave got out, and opened the door, while Jo continued to suck my cock...quite oblivious that we had arrived at their house.Dave came back and shut his side of the car door, when Jo looked up and realised that we were at the house, and said,.." ooh. let us go in ..." and we both struggled into the house.

As soon as we got in, Dave and Jo turned on the dim sexy lights started looking for glasses and prepare for the drinks...while Zindi and I , both of us very heated up and aroused, could not wait to get our hands on each other,started kissing and slowly stripping each others clothes off, as she sucked my cock and I licked her beautiful boobs.

We too engrossed with each other,to notice that Dave and Jo too had come back into and were naked at the end of the sofa indulging into hot sex, as Jo kissed around his now erct cock and he was reaching out to touch and play with her arse."Lick my pussy" Jo said to him.." I want to feel all your tongue in my hot pussy.Suck my clit, I want you to make me cum....fuck me she was crying..like Ray is fucking Zindi ...fuck me ..she was crying out as dave fucked her grunting and breathless in joy..

Just then Zindi said to me, "Fuck me hard"Seeing them fuck had obviously aroused Zindi, She pulled her c dress off, and pulled my pants down and guided my cock into her pussy.."oh baby that feels good, fuck me..like dave is fucking Jo..ohhh harder..Oh god that cock of yours feels extra hard.."This stiffened my prick and suddenly we all came together as we all cried out in ecstacy never..known ..nor felyt before as we fucked each other...it was the best fuck we ever had for a long long time..as we all collapsed with our partners..

Next what happens ...wil be for another ...