Written by Gee

25 Feb 2008

Over the years, Helen, my wife, has had a few affairs, which I eventually became aware of, and a fair few fucking sessions, mostly with me present, which would usually last for a couple of hours.

The fuck sessions were occasionally in our house, sometimes at the guys place, but nearly all were in the back seats of cars.

Helen is an attractive, sexy, fit, and flexible 46-year-old brunette, with great legs, a firm arse (from all her step classes), and a fantastic 38dd set of jugs.

She\\\'s very easy going and, apart from anal sex, she’s game for most sexual activities.

I started the ball rolling with Andy in a chat room. After showing him some of her pics he told me he wanted to take her for a meal and fuck her afterwards, which I was ok with.

I informed Helen she had another admirer, and she agreed to meet up with him in a local pub to see how they got on.

I dropped her off at the pub, and, waited for her in the car park.

About 2 hours later she walked over to the car with him. Andy, who was wearing a jacket, tie and black pants, which she finds attractive, stood back slightly as Helen leaned into the car. I asked her what she thought.

She told me he was a nice guy, very sexy, was the same age as her, and he was going to take her to a hotel, wine and dine her, and fuck her all night, without me present.

Andy walked over to me and said, “ Hi nice to meet you at last. The pics didn’t do her justice; she’s lovely. Helen’s too nice to just fuck quickly. I\\\'ll treat her well, because I want to spend time working on her. O.K?”

Not what I expected to hear at all. Although it made me horny to think of her out all night without me

They had a quick snog by the car and then Andy left

Andy arranged the hotel and on the day (wed 20th Feb. 2008) at 1810, I took her to the meeting place where he would pick her up.

Helen got into the car with him and they put on a show of passionate kissing and groping for me before he whisked her away.

Helen was wearing black lace top hold up stockings, open toe ankle strap 4-inch stiletto shoes, French knickers, a black lace Lycra body stocking, a black knee length skirt, and a tight low cut v- neck black woollen top, that exposed her cleavage.

I received a text message from her at 1920 telling me that they had arrived at the hotel, that she was fine, and they were going to have their meal. It also said she would ring me about 2200 ish, when he was beginning to fuck her.

2200 came and went and finally at 2220 she rang. Her first words were “ Hi darling, he’s just put his cock inside me and he’s sucking my nipples.

I could hear her breathing heavily and the sound of him in the background murmuring how lovely her tits were. Suddenly he said loudly “Im gonna fuck her well for you tonight, and she’ll be back about half 10 in the morning” with that she said “Goodnight darling, I’ll see you tomorrow ”

A she switched her phone off. I heard her say to him “Harder”

The next morning she arrived home looking tired but happy “Hi” she said “You’d better get upstairs quickly, and see what I’ve got for you.

I ran upstairs ahead of her and stripped off quickly, sporting one of the biggest erections I\\\'ve had for a long time

She followed me into the bedroom removing her clothes. Skirt first, then her top

As she turned around I noticed writing on her back, just under the back strap of her bra. It said, “ She is one great fuck and I’ve filled her with cum, (again), for you”

As she’s still fertile and not on the pill, (I’ve had the snip), this was a revelation to me

“When did he write that?”I asked; she replied with a smile “This morning at 7, when he woke me up by shoving his cock in me “.

“How did he manage to write on your back?”

“ When I got on my knees after 10 minutes “ she said” And as he was fucking me doggy style, he wrote that for you, why what say?”

I told her, and I then asked her how many times he’d cum in her.

“Well just after I phoned you he shot inside me, then he rested for 10 minutes while I licked his cock, Then he fucked me for an hour and shot his load again. He fucked me about 1 o’clock and shot inside me, then 3, and at 7. So I’ve had 5 lots of his cum inside me.

Only 1 other guy had cum inside her other than me, and that was only 3 times over a 9-year period when she was having an affair.

She told me to lie on my back, because she wanted to sit on my face and make me taste his cum, if there was any left, but first she needed a pee.

Helen sat astride my face and I looked into her obviously well fucked pussy

I felt a trickle of warm liquid drip into my mouth. Pee or cum? I couldn’t tell until a flood of warm water gushed into my mouth, and I began to struggle to swallow it all. It was either drink it all or get the bed wet.

After she finished emptying her bladder into my mouth she asked me if I could taste any cum. Unfortunately any cum that had been present she had flushed away with the stream of piss into my mouth

Helen continued to ride my face as I tongued her to an orgasm. Before she finished shuddering I threw her off me and onto her back

I grasped her ankles and pulled her legs apart, then roughly slammed my cock into her wet, swollen, well-fucked pussy. I gave her a fast hard fucking for just over 10 minutes before finally filling her with my cum

I slid out of her, and watched my cum begin to seep from her red and swollen cunt, before I decided to clean her up with my tongue, bringing her to another orgasm before we both lay back and fell asleep

Andy will post his own version of the events that took place at some point and im sure he will fill in all the details of exactly what happened so I cant wait