13 Apr 2016

The great thing about writing here on SH is that i can be nostalgic about the past with my best friend Doug as he is an avid reader of the site. In fact Swinging Heaven is his sole stimulus for when he masturbates.

In the 70's I was in a threesome with Doug and his wife Angie. We had the most amazing fun and dirty times. It was the first time I realised that men got off by knowing other blokes had sex with their wives. Doug is a bona fide 'Cuckold'.

For reasons to do with business and family commitments the threesomes' petered out but in later years and still now, Doug and I have began to discuss the experience and getting off on them and even have a little thing going between ourselves in the way of me occasionally sucking his cock and swallowing his spunk, usually when he's popped around a chat about old times. In fact he's turned me. I am now a Cuckold, albeit an unfulfilled one. I would given anything to see another man's bollocks hanging from my wife's cunt especially Dougs!

I written on here before about our experiences and if you are up for it and have the time take a look at these links



The biggest turn-on for Doug is to hear about stuff that I got up to with his wife without his knowledge. I had always assumed that Angie shared our experiences as a couple, with her husband but wasn't until years later, when I started to write on SH about them, that I discovered that she'd had kept our 'twosome' liaisons to herself.

For instance Dougie didn't know, until I sent him a draft of the second letter in the link above, for to post on here, that when he and his family visited my home, I would fuck his wife on the landing of the house where we lived in the time.

What would happen, was towards the end of their visit and just before Doug, Angie and their young child were due to go home she would make an excuse to look at how decorating was progressing on the top floor of our home as we had only just moved in.

We'd both go up stairs chatting about the price of paint and wallpaper but as soon as we reached the top floor of the house, and without a moments hesitation, Angie, after a quick snog, would be down on her knees hastily undoing my files of my trousers, taking my cock out, quickly sucking it hard to a stiffy, standing up, lifting up her skirt, pulling her knickers to one side and putting my prick up into her soaking fanny. In those days I didn't take long to cum so it wasn't long before, at her request, I was filling her cunt with spunk. When regaling this moment, which Doug does often, what really turns him on is the fact that as I was fucking the wife of his wife she was resting her arms on the bannisters while looking down the stair well to the ground floor to see if anyone was coming up.

In those days, in my head anyway, I always imagined that when the couple were on the way home, when their daughter had gone to sleep in the back seat of the car, Angie would finger in her cunt and put them under her husbands to smell the spunk from the freshly made cream pie and tell Dougie was had happened. It seemed she didn't.

Another moment Angie didn't share was when she used to pop into my office in Soho London, just before we had lunch for a quick blow job and a swallow of my cum. she used to call it her 'hors d'oeuvres'.

A little bit about Angie and Doug before I carry on.

Before we were married, my wife and I met the couple, who were not married either, on holiday in Greece in the early seventies. A holiday friendship developed that carried on when we returned home. Over the years we became closer friends, spending time together maybe once a month. In those early days there was never a hint that one day that I would end up having sex with the couple. Then one night. when my wife was away, it happened. I could carry on here but it would take a long time so if you do have the inclination find out go to the first link above.

Angie was, and still is, a very attractive and sophisticated lady and would be the last person you would think could get up to the things she did. At the time, when the 3some was in full throttle, she was working her way up through the ranks of accountancy and finally ended up as a financial director of a leading fashion group. I have a few friends, who are ex-colleagues of Angie, who would be in total shock if they knew Angela (As she is known professionally) was so dirty. (I hate the word 'slut' but the things she got up to in those days it would not be an unfair description of her behaviour.)

Doug is a very straight forward speaking man. He was the first adult male I met who told me he still had a 'Barclays' (Rhyming slang for 'Wank') Up until then I thought I was the only bloke it the world who still did masturbated over the age of sixteen. Doug gave the impression that he was very protective about his wife and the idea that he would ever get off on the idea that she would sex with someone else would have been the last thing that came to mind.

The threesome, on at the surface, was encouraged by Doug but it was Angie who was in control. While her husband led the way it was his wife who had all the ideas. We tried about everything, even water sports, It was Angie who re ignited my desire to cross dress by putting me in her bras knickers and suspender belts. It was Angie who encouraged me to suck her husbands cock. It was Angie who got me into being spanked. She was the boss and in Doug's and myself fantasy world still is

Now back to the story in hand.

I assumed the brains hard disk had exhausted all those stolen memories of Angie and myself but now temporally sleeping in another bedroom, away from the marital bed, as the wife is recovering from a painful joint operation and me suffering from a mild form of insomnia, I find myself, in early hours of the morning, thinking about the past. A few weeks ago, while thinking of the threes-up situations, up popped a memory that I am sure that Doug was not aware of. So I thought it would be fun if he read about them here for the first time.

I have alerted my friend that I am going to reveal to him the dirty details of his wife's deceit here so if you are reading Doug, I expect your cock to be out and ready for action.

The first meeting with Angie to tell about was well into the days of our 3some when she was at the time working in the middle of Ealing for a well known manufacturer. Angie had arranged a lunch with a colleague called John. It was a bonafide meet up as he wanted some info from me that might be of use in the pursuit of his career.

We went to a pub called The Grange on the edge of Ealing Common. Lunch went well and John got all the information from me that he needed and left early as he had a meeting to attend away from the office. This left me to get Angie back to work.

At the time I had borrowed a VW Beetle from a friend while my other car was in for service. It was parked just up from the pub along Warwick Road that dissects the common in half.

We got in the car and I could tell Angie was a bit frisky when she put her hand on my thigh and asked if "Was I alright' in such a way that to me it was a sign to me that she was up no good. This led to deep and long snog and feeling up of each other. Angie was wearing stockings and no knickers, so while we kissed each other's faces off, I put to put my hand up her skirt and forage around for her always sopping wet fanny for a bit of very wet finger.

Warwick road was busy so a passing car might have noticed what was going on but that didn't deter Angie as she soon had my cock out and was giving me one of her first class blow jobs. I have to say at this juncture that I have had my prick sucked many times by both sexes and if there is a gold medalist for cock sucking Angie would be regular on the podium.

As hard as I tried to hang on to my spunk it seemed like only seconds that my cock was heaving chunks of spunk into her mouth. Angie doesn't let go when she's got cum in her mouth and she drains every last drop and swallows it.

With trousers zipped up and Angie readjusting her clothing the Beetle was soon on its way up the Uxbridge Road to drop her off at the office. Angie was strangely quiet on the journey and when I drew up and stopped outside her office I discovered why! When Angie lent over to kiss me on the mouth I tasted the unmistakable taste of spunk, the dirty cow hadn't swallowed a drop! She proceeded to transfer my spunk back into my mouth and then sucked it back again into her own again without a word hopped out of the car and made her way towards the buildings entrance and when she got to to the revolving door opened her mouth to reveal she still hadn't swallowed a drop of my cum.

Now that readers is what we call dirty girl. (How was that for you Doug?)

Part two to follow.