20 Apr 2016

This is a prelude to the third story about Angie and I having fun without the knowledge of her husband Dougie.

Last Saturday, the 16th April, I dropped in on the Angie and Dougie at their home as I happened to be in the area at a local PC World. The visit was unplanned as the need for a new printer was urgent.

I caught the couple in the middle of decorating as they are refurbishing their place in preparation for downsizing.

The two were unprepared for a surprise vista but none the less were pleased to see me.

Both Angie and Doug were in working clothes and until I turned up, hard at it doing all things 'do it yourself'.

In my wishes, I had hoped that Doug might be alone so I could hear his thoughts on Angie and I, Parts 'One' and 'Three' but seeing his wife was none the less a bonus as I her presence always arouses me.

I could tell by Angie's demeanour that she was only in the mood of getting things ship shape in preparation for the eventual sale of the house so there was to be no private chats,

After a cup of coffee the couple took me on a guided tour of the house to show me the progress of the makeover.

We started in their very elegant living room and Angie began to describe her plans for redecorating the room ready for the sale. Sadly, though desperately wanting to show interest, my mind was elsewhere and at another time, as this was the room where most of the 3'some action took place. Even their beautiful furniture seemed in the same place it was all those years ago.

Still under the window was the well preserved chaise longue where Angie once laid on her back, with her stockinged legs wide apart, while I plated her wet cunt as she sucked her husbands cock.

The original oriental red carpet was still in the same position where I laid on my back as Ange rode and writhed away on my cock, again, with her husbands cock in her mouth. Memory tells me that Doug couldn't hold on to his spunk and came. Angie let the cum dribble out of her mouth, down between her tits, over her belly and seep through her pubes to the top of her vagina. Using my spunk as more lubrication she masturbated herself to an orgasm. That visit was the only time I left the their home without coming myself as the two were wiped out from their orgasms. I remember feeling great pleasure from the feeling of not spunking.

The same sofa, though recovered, in front of the TV where Doug and I sat side by side as Angie sucked on our spent cocks in order to get them hard again as just ten minutes earlier we had both urinated and spunked loads of hot cum over her body in the upstairs bathroom. Angie's desire was to get us hard again so we could take it in turns to to fuck her. Her exact words, before she put our cocks in her mouth were "I haven't finished with you two yet!" She hadn't. We got hard again and fucked her we until we managed what spunk we could up her cunt.

I even stood on the same spot near the ornate Victorian fire place when 30 years earlier, Doug had sucked me off as his wife stood guard by the door keeping watch just in case their daughter came down from upstairs.

It was the same in the kitchen. I am sure Angie was telling me about the new colour change but all I could see in my mind eye was her leaning on the kitchen table while Doug was fucking her from her the back. From her lips there was a drop of my spunk as I had just ejaculated into her mouth dribbling down her chin.

It was only when Angie excused herself for a pee that Doug and I managed to exchange views on my SH postings. He whispered that he was a very happy man and is looking forward to part three. I once again asked him if he was O.K. to discover about his wife's cheating, he replied 'Even more so".

Now lets continue with part 3.

It was in the mid eighties. I was consulting for a government agency for the use of public parks for filming purposes. One of the parks I had on my list was up the road from Doug and Angie's home. So on the chance that they might be at home, I knocked on their door. Angie answered. It would seem I had come at the right time as Doug was out and she needed a lift to take a couple of boxes to an address in Acton where she had stored clothing for a business venture.

On the way to Action we decided that, as it was near lunch time, we should pop into a pub and have a glass of something and a sandwich. A couple glasses of wine and Ploughmans lunch later we found ourselves in the ground floor flat where Angie was taking the boxes.

The flat belonged to a relation who lived upstairs. There was a suspicion, around that time, that the family member, who was unmarried, was gay but there was no proof.

Now Angie had a set of keys not only for the flat but also for the relations, so prior to my visit, when he was away on holiday, she let herself into his flat to have a look through his belongings thinking she might find something that might confirm the family's suspicion. Boy did she got lucky because at the bottom of a draw, in a cupboard beside his bed, she found a collection of photographs of a young man wearing evening dresses that was part of her new business venture. Angie's first reaction was "Bloody cheek, I've got to sell those garments." The youth was in various poses and in all them showed, holding the dresses up, that he was sporting a huge erection. Thinking he wouldn't miss it or think where the pics had gone, Angie took a few of them to show Doug.

Now she was showing them to me.

As I said in part 1 of this trilogy of stories, Angie in the early part the 3some had re-ignited my cross dressing tendencies by dressing me up in her bra, knickers suspenders and stockings so it was no surprise that the sight young mans lovely big cock poking out from under a party frock aroused me. I obviously sounded out my approval of the find which immediately Angie took advantage of and was soon feeling my hardening cock through my jeans. She then took my hand and led me into the front room of the flat.

The room, like all the rest of the flat, was empty of all furniture and carpets, except for a clothes rail, a stack of boxes and a single chair. It was the chair that on which Angie sat me down.. She undid my jeans, pulled them down to around my ankles, followed by my jockey shorts. LIke in the previous story with the tip of her tongue she teased my already stiffening cock to an erection, she then sucked my balls, licked down the shaft of my cock and rimmed my bell end before slowly taking my cock in her mouth right down to hilt and began to give me one her magic blow jobs.

I thought that it wouldn't be long before I was spunking into her mouth but Angie had other ideas.

Now we had a rule at that time, when alone and fooling around, that there was to be no penetration of cock when Doug was not present This was decided after the early times when I fucked her on the landing and once in the toilet of pleasure boat as it cruised up the Thames. For some reason Angie along the way had decided that it was the wrong thing to do. The new rule was "No fucking" without Doug!

Angie stood up. She turned around bent over and lifted her skirt to show she was bare legged but wearing white French knickers. I could see why she wanted to be fucked as the gusset of the knickers were sopping wet. Bending over more she pulled the leg of the knickers to one side to reveal a very damp looking bush of pubic hair, took my cock in her hands, rubbed in between the lips of her cunt and gently nudged the helmet into the entrance of her cunt.

Now Angie, very proudly, sports a tight fanny. Dougs cock, compared to mine, though longer, is thinner and his foreskin covers the helmet even when erect. My cock, though shorter, is fatter and when aroused the bellend gets engorged so when she was feeding my cock into her cunt it was a tight fit.

Angie slowly lowered herself down to only to the hilt and then slowly rode up and down. Again. as before and why I remember the detail of the occasion because it was the one of the very few times I witnessed Angie masturbating herself during any sexual activity in the threesome.

Now the quickies on the landing of my house were swift but this was a long drawn out affair. I kept warning Angie that I was about to spunk so she would stop riding my cock, this happened few times but i said I couldn't hold out any longer, this gave notice to her to speed up wanking herself. Her moans were becoming louder and I could feel her cunt contracting around my dick. With one long fanny grip she let out a cry and was obviously reaching a climax as the power and grip of her vaginal spasm was sucking up the spunk from my cock and shooting up into her fanny.

We sat there for a moment. I had to let my cock go soft before it would release itself from Angies vagina.

No spunk dribbled out of her twitching cunt as Angie had pulled the gusset tight over her fanny lips and immediately laid of the floor with her knees up. I found this a bit odd but Angie said she was immediately going to have another wank so as to orgasm again and use the cum to rub into her clitoris.

Though I'd spunked and was spent and needed to get on the road to see other parks I waited a few minutes and had the great pleasure of watching my wifes best friend masturbating herself with her hand down the French knickers. Angie muttered that the second one usually takes a bit of time to arrive so I didn't wait for the orgasm so Ieft her frigging away.

My last memory was of seeing my cum squelching out of side of the knickers gusset and dribbling down her bum cheek and onto the bare floor boards.

Now you may ask how come I could remember in such detail about something, that was most likely the best sex we'd enjoyed without her husband but also happened so long ago.

One reason might be and I can't remember if she did say this, but Annie might have asked me to keep the meeting a secret. Don't know why she would have said that but that thought lingers in the mind.

The other reason is that I am gifted with a strange photographic memory, which is weird as I have trouble remembering names or numbers of any sort, and much to the wife's dismay, forget important birthdays and important anniversaries.

It seems that if my mind is stimulated with an old thought like those I get in the early hours of the morning, I can slowly piece together the images that pop into my head as they happened. Weird but true.

For instance why would forget the only second time I fucked Dougie's cheating wife while she masturbated and orgasmed as I spunked into her tight cunt? Well it must have been the image of when Angie lifted up her skirt, bent over to reveal the already soaking gusset of her French knickers. It was the sight of the dark tell tell tale of fanny dampness that I worked the events around that moment. I even managed to remember the job as it was for a famous politician who was to walk around a municipal park talking bollocks! I'd completely forgotten about that!

A bit of a post script here about Angie's and Dougies current relationship with myself.

As I noted in part one of my SH contribution that Doug and I still engage in the odd blow job and phone sex while regaling about what happened all those years ago. Also as I said in part one, the bugger has even turned me into a cuckold, albeit an unfulfilled one, as I yearn for my wife to fucked by someone else especially Doug. I usually cum, when wanking at the thought his hairy bollocks hanging out of my wifes even hairier fanny and how I would love to drink his freshly discharged spunk out of her cunt!

But what about Angie? Well she has become a bit of an enigma. I just don't know what she is thinking. Nor. do I think, does her husband Doug.

As a couple, both my wife and I see the pair about two or three times a year. We go always have a lunch somewhere nice in the summer and sometimes attend charity evenings together.

Over the last few years I have spent time in the company of Angie on my own as I advise her on internet technology for another business she has set up since retiring from the fashion business.

In latter years. for me anyway, there was always and air of sexual tension when was alone with Angie but nothing untoward ever occurred and as time went by since our threesomes she'd become very business and even a bit prudishness when anything suggestive crept into the conversation. When on occasions, I've asked her to buy me stockings for to wear for my CD sessions it was always done with a bit of reluctance accompanied by little disapproval.

That was until a three years ago when alone with her at the couples home.

We were chatting away about her website content, when Angie, out of the blue, asked me in the way she used to in the old days, if had I been behaving myself. This took me by complete surprise. In reply I didn't mention that I was now a keen 'cottager/cruiser and sucking cocks big time but I did mention that I met a woman who was keen to start a friendship with 'benefits' which was true.

Angie mood changed and with just a bit of sternness in her voice that she wouldn't like that to happen.

Bemused by her response I asked why would she feel so strongly about me having sex with another woman when I could't have it with her. Her reply shook me somewhat. "Because you are ours." and went to say that I belonged to her and her husband Doug and didn't want to share me with anyone else especially another woman.

All this took me by surprise. We then had a the most intimate conversation we'd had for many years. I asked her if she had any regrets about what had happened in the past which she said didnt in anyway. We't talked about her masturbation habits and the frequency and what she fantasised about. 'Kinky thoughts' was her answer but wouldn't divulge but I do remember be told them, that in the early days of their marriage, her and Doug thought up the most outlandish fantasies so they must be 'Kinky'? (She did joke once that she wandered what it would be like to have sex with a dwarf! maybe she wasn't jesting!)

This change of mood made me feel very like I wanted something to happen so I took her in my arms and kissed and cuddled her this led to a very intense snogging session. I took her hand and placed it on my now stiff cock in my trousers to show her that something between us still worked. Again time was against my presence at the house so I leave but still wonder what would have happened if I'd stayed.

Doug knows all about what happened as I told him. Like me, he was disappointed that I didn't end fucking his wife right there in the kitchen.

Since then nothing like that has happened with the exception of a quick snog while Doug was up a ladder painting the front of the house. There is one little thing she does and at my request, is that when we we go out in a foursome, she signals that she is not wearing any knickers with a wink.

Doug would love something to ignite again (Wouldn't you old boy!) I was around the house the other week to discuss IT needs. Doug stayed clear from the kitchen where we were working as he told me later that was in the hope that I might have the opportunity to put my hand up her skirt. Both Angie and I were most in each others space as we were both looking at the screen of a laptop and she didn't seem to mind when I put my arm around her in affection. At one stage I went to the living room to talk with Doug and she came in and joined us but soon had a reason for me to leave and go back to the kitchen to show me something on the PC. Again we were peering into the screen and I couldn't resist feeling her bum and it felt like she was not wearing any knickers. I asked if she was or not and her reply was non committal and carried on clicking of the PC mouse.

I have had an idea.

Many years ago Angie told me that she can only reach penetrative orgasm by putting something long up her vagina as it seem to touch a spot that brings her to an orgasm when masturbating. This must be the G-spot that neither her husband or myself ever reached. Angie said she didn't use a dildo but a long metal smooth object. Now she did tell me what it was but I can't exactly remember what it is as I never saw it so can't be sure of its origins. Digging around in the memory I think it might have been a big cigar tube belonging to Doug. Perhaps Doug will know. Again I think she never shared with her husband that she used an object to satisfy needs.

This is a thought I would like to share with Doug.

I have a local wank buddy called Jason who works in a local supermarket. I've written here on SH about him but never in context of discussing my past with Ange and her husband, so Doug, who doesn't normally read men on men stories, would not know about my relationship with Jason.

Now Jason is a cross dresser like myself and also unfulfilled cuckold as well. He's shared pics of him dressed in suspenders and stocking and he has supplied pics of his wife tits for me to masturbate over. He knows my wife by sight and really fancies her so I've supplied him with panties belonging to her which he wears for photo sessions and spunks into and returns them so I can put them back in her knicker draw. As my wife usually just grabs any pair of panties to wear in the morning without checking the gusset Jasons dried cum spends the day nestling against her very hairy fanny.

Now Jason has a big cock. It' a tad under 10''. No word of a lie. I've measured it. (He said it was just over seven inches but when we once put our stiff pricks together his seem to be much longer, so on our next session I bought a measuring tape and from the top side to the tip of his bell end it measured nine and seven eighths.

It is the biggest dick I've sucked. It's wonderful!! It also pumps out the biggest load of spunk I've ever experience. It's the perfect sperm load that all us cum lovers yearn for. Thick and lumpy in parts and tastes divine. (I've got movies and pics to prove all this!)

Now my idea, which I am sure will most only ever be a fantasy, is for me to tell Angie that I've got a 'wankkk buddy' who's got huge cock which on occasions I suck, to which she might not mind as it's the thought of me with another woman that makes her cross. I could show her pics of Jason's massive cock and ask her if she would like to experience what only the cigar tube has managed so far and that is the G-spot being massaged by a swollen helmet of a just under 10 inch cock.

This bit is for Doug.

Just imagine dear friend. You and I having the pleasure of rubbing the bell end of Jason's cock along the lips of your wifes wet cunt and sliding it in just like you used to do with my average size effort, then we could both watch as it slowly forces it's way in and listen to the moans of pleasure as he thrusts his nearly ten inches in and out of her fanny and eventually unleashing a massive load of spunk for us to watch slowly drip out and into our ready mouths. It could happen mate. Jason is up for it as I've asked him if he would like to fuck a lady while her husband and I watch.

I'm sure it could be organised and pulled off if you all excuse the pun.

What do you think? Sure the SH members would enjoy to read about it"

Readers I would like to thank you for time and patience it took to read these stories and I know that those genuine cuckolds out there would like to know what Dougs reaction was to the revelation of his wifes infidelities with me all these years ago.