Written by Jerry

2 Jan 2019

For the last thirty years I have been trying to get my wife, Angie to at least wank another man. Angie was a virgin when I married her. She is 53, with 38DD breasts, a nice shapely figure with a shaved pussy. Years ago I had been to a sauna in Kent. It had an indoor pool, a sauna, steam room and two Jacuzzis. Angie has gone naked on beaches in Spain, but always put her bikini bottom on when walking to and from the sea. A couple of weeks ago she finally agreed to try the sauna out but made no promises that any hanky panky would take place. I decided not to go on a couple’s night but go in the afternoon on a Saturday. Hopefully more chances of single blokes for her to look at and possibly play with. We arrived at about 3pm. We went to the locker room and stripped off. We then walked into the spa area. Angie had her towel wrapped around her. There were a couple in the pool. They were the only other couple there. There were about four blokes in one hot tub, two in the other one. We hung our towels up and showered. The blokes in the hot tubs had a good view of Angie’s naked body. We went into the sauna and there were three blokes in there. I got Angie to sit with me on the top seat, giving them a good view of her large tits as she climb up. I whispered to her to spread her legs and let them view her pussy. We made small talk to the blokes and I noticed two of them looking at Angie and wanking their pricks to full erection. I was getting excited and my prick started to swell thinking about these blokes going with my wife. Angie was not put off by them wanking and continued to talk to them as they wanked in front of her. I noticed that her nipples had become erect, a sign she was sexually aroused. We stayed in the sauna for about 15 minutes and then went for a dip in the pool. I asked if she had seen any pricks she fancied playing with. She said she had seen one in the sauna and as we spoke, a male walked in with a large prick hanging between his legs. Angie watched from the pool as he showered.

The large hot tub was empty, so we got out of the pool and got in the tub. The bloke with the large prick followed us in. We had a chat with him as I played with one of Angie’s tits. Her nipples were still swollen. I moved my hand down and found her swollen clit and played with it. Angie started moaning and I gestured to the bloke to move next to her. As he moved over his prick was semi erect. He sat next to Angie and played with her other tit. I saw her move her hand and she played with his prick, wanking him to a full 9 inch erection, with a large swollen purple head. I am only 6 inches erect so Angie had a handful of prick. We were then joined by another bloke who already had an erection as he entered the tub. I told him to sit next Angie as I moved out of the way. He stood in front of Angie showing his erect prick off to her. She reached up with her other hand and cupped his balls and told him to sit next to her. She was now wanking two blokes. This was much more than I expected her to do so early in the day. I then asked her if she wanted to go to a private room with our new friends. She nodded yes. All four of us went one of the private rooms, after I had got some condoms from our locker. We locked the door. Angie sat on the bed as the two stood in front of her. She bent forward and in turn sucked each prick. Angie’s first venture of sex with other men. I sat on the other bed and watched. To my surprise Angie took control. She lay on her back and told one to suck her clit while she sucked the other one’s prick. She came in 5 minutes and told them to swap over. She came again in 5 minutes. She stood up and got two condoms. She rolled one onto each of the erect pricks. She then got on all fours and told them to fuck good and proper. They wasted no time and took in turns to fuck her. She came one more time as the bloke with the large prick came up her. The second came and they thanked her for being a sexy lady. We then all went to the showers and showered. We went for drink and something to eat.

We returned to the spa area to find we were the only couple left with about 8 single blokes. We showered and went into the sauna followed by 6 blokes of varying ages and prick sizes. Angie wasted no time in sitting on the top shelf with her legs apart giving them a good view of her pussy. She then played with her nipples. All 6 were now wanking their pricks. Angie moved to the bottom seat and indicated for them to stand around her as they wanked and felt her breasts. They all soon came, shooting their spunk over her large breasts. When the last had come they all thanked her and left the sauna. We went out and went into the shower area. I washed her tits and fingered her pussy in view of 2 blokes in the hot tub. We were the only 4 left in the spa area. I took Angie to the second smaller shallower hot tub. WE stood in it and I bent her over towards the two blokes and fucked her from behind. They both stood up and were wanking as they watched me fuck Angie with her tits swaying as I pounded her. I came up her and pulled out. The two blokes came spurting their spunk towards Angie, but it landed in between the two tubs. We showered and called it a day. Angie told me on the way home that being naked in a nice warm area and with other naked people she lost her inhibitions. She really enjoyed looking at the other men’s pricks and felt special that they got erect looking at her. She enjoyed being the centre of attention and enjoyed playing with their erect pricks and being fucked by another man.

She said I would have to wait quite a while before we did anything like that again. I’m hoping she has got the bug for pricks and will play very soon.