Written by Tony & Karen

25 Jul 2018

I posted the tale on here last year of how my wife and I befriended an older guy while we were on holiday in Spain and how the other guy fucked Karen in our room after dinner one evening. Bob was a widower and was a lot older than us, we reckoned mid-sixties, but he had a very healthy sexual appetite and he even joined us the following evening for a threesome, which both Karen and I had enjoyed enormously – see “Wife gets seduced on holiday” posted 8 June 2017. Unfortunately, Bob didn’t want to stay in touch after we returned home, but the experience encouraged us to start playing with another couple who we met via the internet, the female half of which is black, and we have now swung with them a couple of times.

As I mentioned in my earlier posting, we tend to arrange a fortnight’s holiday immediately after the Easter break when, with a late booking, there are some good deals to be had. As the Easter holiday was quite early this year, we decided to go further south, to Lanzerote. As usual, we went for an all-inclusive deal as we don’t need to worry about any extra costs which you often incur on holiday, and all-inclusive hotels are often quite sumptuous.

On our fifth day there, Karen was sunbathing beside the pool, and I was just coming back through reception, planning to go out for my daily walk, when who should I meet but Bob, the guy who had fucked my wife last year in Spain. I was naturally pleased to see him, although he was a little ‘guarded’. He said that, since we met last year, he had met a widow of his own age group and they had become an item. Their current holiday was to celebrate their moving in together and he naturally didn’t want his new partner, Sue, to learn of his past yet awhile. I told him that Karen was sunbathing by the pool, and I would go back out there to tell her about Bob’s presence in the hotel, and warn her to be cautious about what she said.

Having told Karen about Bob being there with his new partner, I decided Bob might be wary about introducing his new partner to us, so I went off for my regular walk along the front anyway. When I returned around lunchtime, I found that Bob and his lady friend had joined Karen by the pool and they were getting on like a house on fire, so I decided to join them.

Sue was very outgoing, so we were soon in animated conversation. We went to the pool bar for a sandwich and a drink, before returning to the sun loungers for more lively conversation. Sue is a very attractive lady, I would have said many years younger than Bob, but she said she is aged 62. About 5’ 2” in height and fairly slim, yet still having the natural curves of a mature woman, she had seductively grey hair that I found quite sexy. She said her husband died 4 years ago after a long illness and it had taken her a while to become interested in men, but Bob had been a real charmer. She said she had met Bob shortly before we met him in Spain last year, and they had moved in together 2 weeks ago. I noticed a little twinkle in her eye when she told us that, so I assumed Bob had charmed her too.

We met for dinner that evening and had a great time together. When we moved through into the bar, the ladies went off to powder their noses, leaving Bob and I to talk privately. Bob said that Sue had noticed something about Karen’s body language she wasn’t sure about, and he had simply told her they had become friends, without going into detail, and maybe Karen had had a crush on Bob, unbeknown to him.

A band was playing in the entertainments room so, having obtained drinks from the bar, we went through to listen and Karen wanted me to take her up for a dance. When we had danced away from Bob and Sue a little, Karen told me that Sue had been quizzing her for information in the ladies loo. She had noticed something about Karen and Bob’s body language when they met by the pool, and wanted to know more, but Karen had managed to fob her off with general answers about what a charming chap Bob is.

After we returned to our table and chatted some more, Sue asked if I was going to escort her on the dance floor, so we got up to dance. Unfortunately, the band had just started a faster number, so it was a little while before we got up close and personal. As I slid my arm round her waist, it crossed my mind that she is a very sexy lady.

I should have realised that Sue’s purpose when asking me to dance was to quiz me about last year’s holiday, and she asked if it had been easy to get on with Bob when we met. I said yes, he is quite a ladies’ man, he certainly managed to charm his way with Karen. When she started probing further, I decided that all this ‘dancing about’ trying to hide what had happened was spoiling the atmosphere and I should simply tell her what had happened, so I said that Bob had really charmed his way with Karen, and we had ended up as a threesome in our bed.

Sue was quiet for a while, obviously trying to process what I had just told her. I said that, even knowing Bob only briefly last year, I imagined that their being together would include a physical aspect in their relationship. Sue said “well we sleep in the same bed and …… yes …… we sleep together”. I said “well I, or should I say Karen, knows he is rather good at it …… yes?” and Sue looked a little sheepish. She fell silent again briefly, before saying “so you knew about it, you were even involved”. I said that Karen and I don’t have secrets between us, we find it is best for a secure relationship. After allowing that to settle in Sue’s mind, I said that, if you can imagine the fun two people can have together in bed, just think about how it might be better with three people involved …… or even four, as I stroked my hand down towards her bum.

Sue became a little flustered, so I suggested we return to our seats to join the others, I wondered whether I had gone too far in being totally honest with Sue. After a few moments, Sue said it was quite hot inside and suggested we go out onto the terrace, where it was starting to cool but there was a very romantic moon. We had taken the remnants of our drinks with us and, sitting at a table on the terrace, Sue turned to the others and said that I had told her about what had happened on holiday last year. Bob looked a little worried but then he realised Sue was still smiling.

She went on to explain that, during her late husband’s long illness, they had both lost interest in sex, but meeting Bob had re-ignited a spark in her. She said she should have realised he must have bedded dozens of women (well not exactly dozens, he interjected) and she would certainly not have been the first. Sue turned to Karen and said “so two men must be good” and Karen replied “oh, rather”, but was quick to add that it had been her one and only experience with two men, so far that is. By now, Sue was speaking confidently, she seemed to have got her head around the situation. She looked at Bob and said “so are we going to bed all together then, or do you think separately would be best the first time?” Bob replied “well it’s up to you my darling, seeing as it’s your first time …… maybe separately, until you get used to the idea of an orgy”. I’m not sure whether it was the drink talking, but Sue said “ooh yes” and stood up signalling her willingness to go inside.

I walked hand in hand with Karen across the ground floor area, Bob and Sue following us but, as the lift doors closed, Sue moved over next to me, Bob putting his arm round Karen. It crossed my mind that he was going to take my wife off to have his wicked way with her, and I would not be there to watch, but then I remembered I had to give my attention to Sue and her delectable sexy body. When we got to the floor for our room, Bob and Karen stepped out, Karen turning to us to say “2 o’clock sound alright for you”, Sue said “sounds good”. They looked up and down the corridor to check the coast was clear and, putting an arm round each other, set off towards our room. I looked at my watch to see it was 10.45 pm, Sue said “plenty of time to make it last” and pushed the button for two floors up.

When we got inside their room, Sue turned to lock the door and put the chain across. She then came straight across to my waiting arms, and we kissed, initially quite softly but she eventually started nibbling my bottom lip. That felt very sexy, so I started rubbing my hands over her back and hugging her to me. Sue asked if I wanted to get our kit off quickly, so I said no, let’s do it slowly, stripping each other slowly makes for better foreplay.

I resumed kissing her, holding her head between my hands and kissing her gently on the lips, before sliding my hands down her front and over her ample tits. I stopped briefly to see it I could feel her nipples through her clothing, but her bra was obviously quite thick, so I continued down to her waist, where I grasped her firmly, pulling her tits against my chest. I think she could feel my cock stirring inside my trousers, because she said “Mmmm, that feels nice” and kissed me more passionately. We then started to peel each other’s clothes off, slowly one garment at a time, until I was down to my underpants and Sue her bra and panties – no stockings or tights, the weather was much too warm.

As I reached round to release her bra, she said I might not like this as her boobs were a bit saggy. I said let’s keep the bra on then, and began scooping her tits out in the open, leaving the bra on to support them. I knelt in front of her to lick and suck her nipples, Sue murmuring her appreciation, which turned to a gasp when I bit one of her nipples between my teeth. I slid her panties off and suggested it was time to get on the bed, reaching behind her to sweep the duvet onto the floor. We then rolled onto the bed together, and we began mauling each other’s bodies.

Sue pulled my pants down and sucked my cock, which by now was largely erect. With her sucking my bell end and wanking me gently, I was soon very erect and I had to roll her onto her back before I wasted myself over her tits. Sue’s pussy was very hairy, she said she had always had it that way but Bob was trying to get her to at least trim it. Having combed a parting down the middle with my hands to uncover her pussy. I plunged in with my tongue, which made her gasp out loud, adding “oh fuck” when she started panting. I think I have said before that the lady’s pleasure is always my priority during foreplay and, with Sue on her back and at my mercy, she was quickly orgasming.

Having brought her to orgasm, she was soon demanding that she wanted me inside her and, having regained my composure from her oral attention, I felt confident I could satisfy her wish. She spread her legs wide and, with a look of anticipation on her face, I started probing to find her special place. Sue reached down to hold here pussy open, but she was very wet so, as soon as I found her cunt, I slipped inside. I would like to say we fucked in all positions, but Sue was clearly very aroused and she was soon demanding that I fuck her harder, which was good because she became more vociferous.

Sue pulled her knees up high, holding them there which enabled me to penetrate her deeper and she really liked that. I wondered whether Sue would want to change positions, I do like doggy, but she was quickly reaching another orgasm and she wrapped her legs around my waist and told me she wanted it inside her, which dispelled one of the thoughts that had gone through my mind. With my head alongside her head, kissing her neck and the side of her head (I seem to have found one of her erogenous zones quite by chance) I built up the pace and her orgasms seemed to melt into one long gasp, as I started to feel the sap rising.

When I finally ejaculated, Sue was holding me tight in her arms and letting me know very clearly how much she was enjoying it. Karen and I had not made love for the previous two days as she had caught the sun a bit and her back was a little sore, so cumming inside Sue was ‘extra special’. As we calmed down, I dropped over onto my back and then rolled onto my side so I could play with her tits. She said please be gentle, my nipples are very sensitive after sex, so I rubbed my hand over her tummy a while, venturing down to slip a couple of fingers into her sodden pussy. She gasped and said “yes I’m very sensitive down there too”.

I looked across at the clock to find it was still only 11.30, plenty of time to go again if she wanted, I was certainly hoping so. After a while, Sue said she just had to clean up the mess down below as it made her feel uncomfortable, and she went off to the bathroom. However, she came back to me smelling all nice and fresh, and it crossed my mind I would look forward to making another mess later.

We fucked again about an hour later, this time enjoying the variety of different positions. While Sue was sat astride me, I managed to persuade her to let me undo her bra, her tits are a little saggy, but it was nice having them hanging down in my face so I could suck her nipples while she satisfied herself on my cock.

My phone pinged with a text from Karen on the stroke of 2.00 am, asking if we were ready to swap back, so I replied in the affirmative. I passed Bob in the corridor on their floor, and we exchanged quick ‘see you at breakfast’ comments. When I got back into our room, Karen looked quite exhausted, she said Bob had obviously taken one of his ‘little blue pills’ and he was insatiable. However, Karen had made sure she did not clean up her pussy, because she wanted me to do that for her, which I was happy to do.

The following night, we stayed in our own rooms, Karen said she needed a good night’s sleep and Sue agreed with her. The next occasion, when we played all together, will have to await part 2.