Written by popeurban

7 Oct 2011

We live abroad, but we always make a point of visiting Rio's when we're in London. We went again a couple of weeks ago.

I love that place, especially on the Saturday couples night. I prefer it to a normal swingers' club full of clothed people. I love the sensuality of all the naked bodies in the big jacuzzi, and the sense of anticipation, never knowing how the night will end. Even when nothing much happens and we just lock ourselves away in a room and have sex with each other, it's incredibly erotic - though idiot single males knocking on the door after midnight, when singles are allowed in, can be a bit of a distraction.

And what's best of all is when we meet a couple we really hit it off with. it doesn't happen very often, and my wife is very choosy, so if the chemistry isn't right she'll often politely decline. But not this time.

We went upstairs and ended up in a tiny room with two other couples. It was cramped, but exciting. A very pretty blonde woman wearing only a red t-shirt and red bra sat on the bed and played with my cock and that of a very well endowed guy beside me. Meanwhile, her partner luxuriated in one of my wife's five-star blowjobs.

"This is getting very crowded," I said. "Can't we move to one of the bigger rooms downstairs?" But they told me all of the rooms were occupied.

I ended up sitting with my arms round Red Bra Woman, masturbating ourselves and each other, and coming in huge spurts.

Later, we sat downstairs with her and her partner, and introduced ourselves. Her name was A, and his was J. They were very likeable, and after a long chat we decided to go back for seconds. So we locked ourselves away in a downstairs room, and were soon engaged in hot, sweaty, passionate sex with lots of kissing - often a taboo in swingers' clubs.

Actually the sex between me and A was a bit odd - she kept squeezing me out. But she was incredibly affectionate, and I just love fucking a stranger and watching my wife beside me being fucked by another.

The best bit came at the end, when we'd all come. We just lay around for a long time, exhaustedly fondling each other and laughing and chatting about previous experiences. This is one of my absolute favourite fantasies - a bunch of naked people being very loving to one another - and a recurring theme in my dreams.

I also did something I'd never experienced before: I asked A and my wife to form a sandwich with me as the filling. What a spectacular end to a spectacular evening.