Written by Frank & Helen

14 Sep 2017

The feedback for my last posting seems to be generally quite positive, so here goes with the second week of our holiday in Gran Canaria.

Our companions during the first week at our holiday complex had all departed towards the end of our first week there, and we wondered who our new neighbours would be, surely not as exciting as those who had departed. In the event, they started arriving during the night of Monday/Tuesday, the final two couples arriving on the Tuesday morning. They were six couples, four English, one Dutch and one German, who obviously knew each other as they were occupying the other three bungalows, two couples in each.

We didn’t see very much of them on their first day, having travelled during the night, they slept until late in the morning, and we went for a walk along the seafront in the afternoon. When we reached the dunes, we did think about staying for a while but there seemed to be many young men wandering about ‘brandishing’ their equipment, and Helen said she had been fucked by too many young men already on this holiday. I commented that she seemed to have enjoyed it, but she said “too much of a good thing can be bad for you, you know” and we both laughed.

By the time we got back to the complex, the new arrivals had all gone out for an evening meal together, confirming our understanding that they were all friends. So, the first time we really saw them all was on the Wednesday morning, when we introduced ourselves, and chatted to a few of them briefly. We then spent the rest of the day sunbathing next to the pool, taking an occasional dip to cool off. The ladies were all walking about topless, so Helen was comfortable doing the same, and I enjoyed the sight of all those naked boobs on show.

We ate our evening meal in the bungalow that day, during the course of which Helen told me she thought they were swingers. She said she had noticed an English couple from the bungalow opposite us had been chatting with the German couple on their patio, they had all got up and gone inside the German couples’ bungalow, and they came out about an hour later with smiles on their faces. I said “well, you have become quite a detective, perhaps I can carry out my own investigation later on”. The thought of what might be going on about us seemed to have turned both of us on and, when I had washed up, we couldn’t wait to get to bed. We made love for the first time since Helen had been gang-banged by the 5 Dutch lads, I’m not sure whether it was that memory or the thought of what might be happening now in the other bungalows that caused Helen to have a particularly noisy orgasm, and she squirted all over me as I fucked her. Mmmm, most unusual!

The following day was another which we decided to spend round the pool, not wanting to be too energetic. Three of the other couples went out for a trip up into the mountains, leaving the other three round the pool with us. After Helen’s revelations the night before, I was also ‘people watching’ and we noticed two couples, who had been chatting together outside one of their bungalows, get up and all walk inside. Helen and I glanced at each other with knowing nods.

The remaining couple, who turned out to be Dutch, came over to chat to us. The husband, who introduced himself as Max, possibly late-40’s and his wife Lena was a bit younger, perhaps early-40’s. I’m not sure why, when writing stories like this, people feel obliged to give infinite detail of their ages and physical attributes, when the most important thing is attraction. Suffice to say, they were a bit younger than us, similar in size and shape – oh and Lena had the most gorgeous breasts, like Helen’s large but beautifully shaped and it was easy to imagine …… enough of that, calm down!

As we have come to expect, both of them spoke fluent English and conversation with them was easy. Max explained that the six couples had been friends for some years, and they liked to have a week’s holiday together each year. The location varied each year but this year, they had chosen Gran Canaria as they wanted somewhere “hot and sexy” as he put it. He said he had noticed our glances to each other when the two other couples went inside, so he assumed we had realised they are all swingers, Helen and I simply nodded, confirming we had noticed.

We chatted innocuously for about 5 minutes before Lena said “so you aren’t worried about having a group of swingers about you here”. It was Helen who jumped in to reply “no, not at all, we have had some experience ourselves”. This seemed to surprise them as they didn’t reply initially, but then Lena went on “it’s been fairly restrained so far, but you wouldn’t be embarrassed by people making love on the sunbeds”. Helen and I looked at each other briefly before Helen replied “no, not at all, I think we would find it quite erotic”. Lena said “good, I’m glad we have got that out of the way …… I’m hot, I need to cool down in the pool, are you coming Helen”. With that, the 2 ladies got up and walked over to the pool.

Max said it could be difficult when they had ‘civilians’ around when they wanted to party, and he appreciated our understanding. He said we would be welcome to join in if we wanted, adding that he was quite attracted to Helen. Our attention turned to the two ladies in the pool, they were standing together, shoulder-deep, talking and then I noticed hands just below the water line fondling breasts. Max and I looked at each other and smiled. Helen and Lena both had their eyes closed, I guessed they had begun stimulating each other’s nipples, and then I noticed Lena’s hand go deeper underwater and a look of surprise on Helen’s face. I assumed Lena was inside Helen’s bikini bottoms …… Helen released Lena’s breasts to grab hold of her head and kiss her passionately on the lips.

Something was said between the two ladies, and they both began to get out of the pool, Helen pulling her bikini bottoms back up when she realised she was ‘exposed’ down below. Lena got her towel from their patio and they stood beside Max and I dabbing themselves dry. Helen said, “we’re going inside, give us 10 or 15 minutes” before the two ladies went inside our bungalow. Max said “I knew if we left it to the ladies, they would work out how to get started”. After a few moments of virtual silence, Max said “I assume you are OK with me fucking Helen …… if she is agreeable of course”, to which I replied that I thought we were both ‘up for it’. He then said that, among their little group, they did not use condoms, they all liked the natural feeling of bareback sex. I said I was sure we would both be fine with that.

When we eventually went inside, we found Helen and Lena in a 69 on our bed eating out each other’s pussies, and both orgasming noisily. We stood watching, mesmerised by their sheer enjoyment of each other. Max was the first to make a move when he dropped his shorts to reveal a circumcised cock which was quickly growing to attention, with a little assistance from his hand. Lena, who was on top, rolled off so they were lying on their sides, both still stimulating each other’s pussies. I had dropped my shorts too, and Max took the lead by lying down behind Helen and reaching round to grope her tits. I quickly dropped my shorts and joined them laying behind Lena, who reached behind herself to grasp my cock, while at the same time continuing to lick Helen’s very wet cunt.

Max shuffled himself down slightly, so I could see him trying to line his cock up at the entrance to Helen’s love tunnel, he was struggling slightly and I watched as Lena grasped his cock and guided him to where he wanted to be. He then gently thrust his hips forward and I was treated to the sight of his helmet stretching Helen’s pussy lips, then steadily disappearing inside. I shuffled down in readiness to enter Lena. Helen helped me into position, and I gently slip into Lena’s very wet pussy, while I continued to maul her tits. I slid gently in and out of her pussy, occasionally feeling the touch of my wife’s tongue as she continued to lick Lena’s clit. Lena gasped whenever Helen licked her, encouraging her to ‘return the favour’, watching Max’s cock sliding in and out of my wife’s cunt close up was such a new experience for me.

Needless to say, both Helen and Lena were keen to tell us how well we were doing, in between their oral stimulation of each other and the occasional gasp as one of us thrust our cock fully inside our partner. All of a sudden, Helen started demanding “make me cum” repeatedly, to which Max responded by fucking her ever-more vigorously, I could hear her pussy ‘squelching’ as he thrust into her. I responded by doing the same to Lena and she was telling me “that’s great …… fuck me hard …… give me your seed …… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”. I was the first to reach my climax as I thrust deeply inside her and could feel my sperm flooding her cervix, Lena having sucked my wife’s clit between her lips which sent Helen into a very noisy orgasm. Finally, I saw Max thrust inside my wife’s cunt and hold himself there as he pumped his spunk into her.

As we slowly relaxed and calmed down, it was Lena who was first to speak when she said “oh fuck that was good”. We slowly disentangled ourselves, the ladies being keen to lick up the excess that was leaking out of the other’s pussy before they separated. I continued to fondle Lena’s tits, and she turned round to kiss me on the lips, where I could taste a mixture of Max’s sperm and my wife’s love juices …… Mmmm, lovely!

It was Helen who suggested we have a dip in the pool, so we all walked out to the pool naked. The group who had gone to the mountains had all returned and I heard one of the ladies remark to Lena “that sounded good” to which she nodded and said “yes, very good”, so they all knew we were prepared to join in. I wondered, with some trepidation, what the next few days might hold for Helen and me.