Written by Tony-123

24 Apr 2011

Not so much a story as a reminiscence. Older readers may remember Forum Magazine which was published in the 1960s-1980s (I think it has long gone out of business). It used to print articles on a variety of matters connected with secual enjoyment and health and was aimed at a broadminded adult audience. One of the mag's attractions was the 'personal' column where people placed ads seeking friends etc. You know the sort of thinsg: 'Adventurous couple, thirties, AC/DC would like to meet similar others, Sussex/Kent. Can travel/accommodate'. And so on.

For several years during the 1970s and early 1980s my wife and I replied to many ads and through luck made a number of good friends. In addition to the private ads (which of course are now very common via the Internet) the Forum mag also encouraged Forum Societies up and down the country where like-minded people could get together on a more formal basis. Several of us in our region decied to set one up - mainly for the Sussex and South Downs area, roughly from Wothing to Hastings along the coast and inland. Ring any bells, anyone. Over the years we organised some excellent parties in private homes, mainly partner swapping but also some with free-for-all swinging activities. Great fun, but it all came to an end more or less with the AIDS scare.

Ring any bells, anyone??