Written by My wife and I

23 Apr 2008

We had been to the hotel bars around the town and are now back at the Golden Tulip.

The night had been very pleasant, not too hot and the beers at the Rovers return had been good and cold. During the evening the conversation had some times been a little sugestive but nothing too obvious. Now we were in the elevator back up to our rooms that were on the same floor, it was quiet as we two couples rose upwards. I broke the silence asking if coffee\'s in our room would be in order. My wife glanced at me, she well knew the fantasies we had told each other in bed.

After a short silence a reply came that coffee would go down fine, so soon we were in the room, as our two rooms were ajoining it was decided that we would change out of our outside clothes into something cooler. So it ended up with us two guys in shorts and the two girls in loose dresses. Dave and I were watching the lights out of the window when I felt your hands move around my waist and slip inside the waistband of my shorts and move down to carress my hardening cock, I glanced sideways to see if Dave had noticed and to my shock I saw my wife Dianne with her hands in side Dave\'s shorts, I watched spellbound as she lowered his shorts, releasing his cock to both her hands. At the same time my shorts were tugged downwards and I was also hanging out and free being stroked by Daves wife Karen. Dave and I were both turned around by our opposite wives and at the same instant your mouths closed around our by now as hard as ever cocks.

I was treated to the sight of Dianne stoking and sucking Dave whilst Karens mouth was hot on me. You both seemed to be working in unison I could feel the orgasm building in me as I could see you bringing Dave to the brink, as his cock swelled as he was about to cumm you moved your head away so that when he came I would see his cumm shoot across the gap into your mouth which closed again over the head of his cock and you wanked the rest of his cumm into your mouth.

This was too much for me as Karen pulled me deep into her mouth and I came like never before filling her mouth.

This was the first night!