Written by My Wife and I

24 May 2008

I was awakened by your nudge in my ribs, we were in the sauna in the Movenpik Hotel, I had dozed off in the heat.

I looked at you and then followed your gaze to the man sat opposite us on the bench seat. His hand was under his towel and it was obvious he was stroking himself whilst openly gazing at your cleavage visable over your towel. I looked back at you and was amazed to see you smile at him and sensualy open your mouth and run your tongue around your lips. His hand movements quickened, you let the towel slip from around you and your body was in plain view.

I watched as you leant forward, loosened his towel and reached for his cock,you began stroking it with him. He removed his hand and you put both of yours on him pulling his skin up and over his cockhead and then down to reveal the shining and swollen head. You lowered your head to him and slowly took him into your mouth, your tongue swirling around the head as your hands steadily wanked him. His body stiffened and his cock jerked as he was about to cum, the cum spurted into your mouth, you released him from your mouth and let the cum fall back onto his cock which you wanked to a foam. He spurted more and more as you continued to wank him until he was finished, you looked across at me, smiled and squeezed a last drop of cum from his softening dick you dipped your head and took this last drop with the end of yout tongue, turning to me you put your mouth to mine,thrusting your tongue deep into my mouth and slipping your hand under my towel to my rigid cock, as you slipped your tongue from my mouth you said, \'Lets take this upstairs and see what you can do\'.

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