Written by marysboy

27 Aug 2008

my wife walked into the living room. She had made her excuses and went into the bedroom showered and perfumed herself and now she was here with only her night gown on.

She had decided that if that\'s what I wanted then she would do it to please me. I wanted to share her with another man for so long. We had gone to bars for over six

weeks and couldn\'t find anyone to her liking.

The one night a buddy of mine showed up.

A friend from the army that I hadn\'t seen in five years. We, the three of us sat around drinking and smoking pot. After awhile my wife asked me to help her in the kitchen. She said that she like my friend Fred. and that she could fuck him, if that\'s what I wanted her to do.

It was then that she excused her self and came out to the living room freshly showered and perfumed. Fred\'s eyes popped open wide as he looked at my wife. The gown was flesh colored. The top was a see through lace. You could see her nipples.They were already hard and erect. My wife didn\'t trim her pubic hair and the dark triangle was visible.

She looked at Fred and said, My husband would like you to share our bed tonight. Would you like to do that? He seemed embarrassed but he replied he would like that very much.

Why don\'t you come over and join us on the couch. she patted the cushion.

She sat between us. I kissed her and said thank you. She then turned to Fred and kissed him. Just a short peck, then a long kiss. While she kissed Fred I played with her breast. She seemed to hold the kiss a long time. I pushed her nightgown down so her tits were exposed.

Then Fred started to play with one and I sucked on the other.

Why don\'t we take this into the bedroom, my wife asked. Why don\'t you guys take a shower before we get started? Fred went into the shower first. My wife asked me again, are you sure you want me to fuck your friend.

By this time I had a big hard on. For an answer I pulled her night gown off and stared to suck her wet cunt.

Fred came out of the shower. He had a towel wrapped around him. It didn\'t hide his big erection. Your next he said and I got undressed, and went into the shower. When I came out Fred was already fucking my wife. She was turned with her back to him and he was in her cunt. His hand was around the front of her. He played with her clit as he fucked her.

No fair, I said, you were supposed to wait for me. My wife laughed and said , we couldn\'t wait. With that Fred came. I got into bed with them I spread my wife\'s legs open and stared to suck her pussy. The taste of her and him mingled together was strangely exciting.

She came as I sucked her. My wife is a squirter. She came in my mouth with load

mixed with his. I wondered why it tasted so sweet. She asked Fred, are you finished for the night. He said no, He just had to rest awhile. She said, let me try to make that thing hard again.

She took his limp cock in her mouth. I watched as she slowly sucked him. His cock grew firmer the longer she sucked. Finally, it was fully erect. For the first time I realized what a big cock he had. As my wife continued to suck him I put my cock in her dripping wet cunt.

I knew how my wife behaved. She was going to suck him to orgasm. As she sucked she began to moan softly. He started to pump into her mouth. He was starting to come. I was so excited I came into her pussy while he came into her mouth. I watched as she swallowed his load and then licked him clean.

We all laid there exhausted, and fell asleep. I was awakened by the bed shaking and my wife moaning. Fred awoke first and climbed on to my wife. He was fucking her missionary style. While he fucked her I reached over and kissed her. I got out of bed and watched as they fucked. Nothing fancy. he was on top fucking her and she was moaning with pleasure.

I made a pot of coffee. In a little while my wife and Fred came out. They were both naked. Coffee smells good my wife said. We sat naked and talked like it was an every day occurrence. After coffee my wife said, I\'m going back to bed. Fred said, me to. I followed them.

We laid with my wife in the middle. I sucked on one tit while Fred sucked the other.

I put my hand on her pussy, but Fred was already there. I played with her clit while Fred ran two fingers up her cunt. She came and her juice trickled down the crack of her ass. Then Fred started putting a finger up her ass hole. Then he wet his fingers and put two fingers in her ass. I had never done this to her. She didn\'t object.

He rolled her over. I watched as he gently pushed his cock up her ass. I laid there and jerked off. In a few minutes he shot his load. Then my wife said, Now, I need a shower. We all do, I said. The three of us showered together. We washed each other clean. The fucking was over for this time. I have a feeling Fred will be back next weekend.