Written by robbo8440

19 Mar 2015

First let me apologise for what some of you may think is a little long winded. For the story to be told as it happened, you need to know the kind of life a soldier, especially married, had whilst serving abroad.

This will be the first of a few stories and if you enjoy this, I promise the others won’t be as long.

British Army Over The Rhine. A wonderful place for wives, husbands and single soldiers. Living and working in a close community in foreign lands and in a country as sexually liberated as West Germany in the 1970’s goes a long way to reducing any inhibitions you may have had from being raised in Britain.

Swapping partners, group sex, MMF, FFM happened often but in those days didn’t have names as they do now

Both Di and I had affairs early in our marriage. We were young, she was surrounded by about 800 single soldiers and being a soldier myself, able to take advantage of the liking for men in uniform by some of the German girls.

However, this took a slightly different direction when Di and I decided to discuss our fantasies. The look of shock on her face when I said I wanted to see her fucked by another man was something to see; and so was the verbal ear-bashing I received. I only mentioned it once and let it go for her to think about.

A few weeks went by and as was the ‘norm’ in Germany, we had a friend, Steve, round one night for drinks. No satellite TV then, or English TV.

Now Steve and I became close friends since the day he joined the Regiment, before I was married. When my new wife flew over to Hannover, he was waiting for us both to get off the bus to take us to our married quarter. He never left from that day. We made a small trio that plenty of single soldiers were jealous of and we were accused of having sex together to the point that our first child was his. But I can assure you, no sex happened. Not then anyway.

After a few years Steve was posted to the Outer Hebrides and three years later returned with a wife of his own. Once he was back, it was as if he had never been away; except his wife, Terri. Try as she might, she never became part of our little group.

Anyway, this night Steve came round for a drink. He didn’t even tell his Terri. We listened to music, had a few beers, laughed about old times and to be truthfully, picked on his wife. The longer the evening went on, the tipsier we got. Not drunk enough to not know what we were doing, just so inhibitions were lowered.

So, unknowingly, to me and Steve anyway, the scene was set. Lights low, Barry White on the stereo, a few drinks and a gorgeous young woman. And from Di’s point of view, 2 cocks.

We were all sat on the settee; Steve at one side, Di in the middle and me at the end. Di was dressed in a loose fitting blouse and a wrap-around skirt. No stockings or tights. Di had her legs across Steve and was laid back over me. Without any warning, she pulled my head down and kissed me deep, tongue straight down my throat. My hand was on her knee and it immediately started moving up her smooth thigh; then I remembered Steve was at the other end of her legs and would be able to see everything I was hoping to feel. I stopped my hand before it went too far But Di just bent her leg up and whispered don’t stop. Then I knew what was going to happen and my cock was rigid immediately, harder than it had ever felt before. Di carried on kissing me, holding my head down to her face and my hand slowly continued on its journey.

Di’s legs and thighs were silky smooth. She must have gone to town while I was on duty. As my fingers found their way to her knickers, I could also feel that there was no hair under those either. Di had never shaved her cunt in all the years I had known her. Trimmed, but not shaved. I came up for breath and glanced at Steve. His eyes were transfixed to my hand on my wife’s pussy. My fingers were slowly rubbing her lips through her knickers. Looking down, I could see a damp patch where he juices were running.

Di’s legs parted a little and she moved my hand to her tits. Lovely firm 36C’s. Just the right size to play and suck. “Are you going to just stare, Steve, or do you want a feel too?” Di said to Steve. Without answering or even looking at her, Steve moved his hand to her knee. He then began to move his hand slowly upwards, Di’s legs moving a little further apart, she slowly sliding down towards his advancing fingers until they were covering the gap in between her legs. Di softly moaned.

Thoughts started running through my head. I knew Steve wasn’t larger than me; we’d often seen each other naked and we were both average size. I know how angry I was when I found out about her affairs. Will I be angry if this goes further? After it’s all over, will things between the three of us be the same?

My head said one thing but I could feel my cock saying another. And like most men, the cock won!

Anyway, my cock said. This isn’t an affair. She isn’t off fucking someone you don’t know. He’s your best friend, and married, so won’t tell anyone. Good old cock. I could see his reasoning.

I watched Steve’s fingers move under the elastic. He was now feeling my wife’s shaved cunt. Before me. But I was mesmerised, watching another man’s fingers slowly rub the now wet lips of her cunt. I moved my hand and started unbuttoning her blouse. Two buttons open and her cleavage was fully on show. Steve moved closer and leant over and planted small kisses between her tits. Di was moaning softly, eyes closed. I heard her gasp. I looked down towards her cunt to find Steve was pushing two of his fingers in and out of her cunt. I moved a hand of mine and pushed her knickers to one side, revealing for the first time her perfectly smooth pussy. Steve’s two fingers were pushing in and out, glistening with her juices. Her lips were a pale coloured rose from her excitement.

My finger moved towards her clit and started to gently rub. Another gasp; louder this time. I rubbed to the rhythm of Steve’s fingers going in and out, in and out. Like we were taught in the Army, work as a team.

Di’s eyes remained closed. Her breathing and moans became louder. I could see the signs. She was licking her lips and I saw her neck and cleavage area start to turn red. She was coming. Her legs were wider now and she was pushing back on our fingers. Without warning, Di let out a loud scream and pushed down hard onto Steve’s fingers as she had her first orgasm for the night.

As she calmed down and opened her eyes, Steve removed his fingers and he looked a little embarrassed. “I think we’d better all go upstairs,” Di said.

She sat up and took Steve’s hand and led him up to our bedroom. I took my time, making sure that everything was locked downstairs and that the kids were sleeping soundly.

When I reached the bedroom, Steve and Di were on the bed, he in his pants and Di still with her underwear on. They were locked in a passionate embrace, not even aware that I had come in. Steve’s hand was moving between arse and her tit, having a good feel at both. For a second, a pang of jealousy went through me, seeing Di being groped by another man, but this didn’t last long. I stripped. Totally. In seconds. My cock was ramrod straight, throbbing with the blood pulsing through its veins.

Di’s back was towards me as I climbed on the bed behind her. I lay along her back. She was now sandwiched in between me and Steve. Her leg rose as she opened her legs to allow Steve access to her cunt. I again heard that familiar moan and I knew Steve was again playing with her cunt.

I unclasped her bra and slowly pushed it away from her tits, gently squeezing and pinching her nipple. Her head went down on Steve’s shoulder as she came again.

Her bra was now off and her tits were free. Things were going too slow for me so I moved my hand down and started removing Di’s knickers. She had come twice and I hadn’t even had the chance to have a good feel inside her cunt, which by now must have been running.

Di still hadn’t even acknowledged I was there. She raised her hips to allow me to push her knickers over her arse. I left them there while I explored her pussy. It was warm, wet and felt beautiful between my fingers. I pushed one, two and finally three fingers inside and at the same time used my thumb to rub her clit. It was so hot and wet inside, so full of her love juices. As I started moving my fingers and rubbing her clit, Steve’s had one nipple in his mouth and his hand squeezing her other tit. Di’s head was back, eyes closed. Her hand came round and grabbed my throbbing cock. She didn’t move it, just held and squeezed as another orgasm hit her hard.

Di moved onto her back. As she did, Steve moved down her body, kissing and licking it as he went. I watched as his hands pushed her knickers down her legs until they were off and thrown across the room. Di opened her legs wide and Steve got between them. He moved his mouth to the top of her thigh, just below her now puffy red cunt lips.

His tongue flicked out and gently tasted her cunt. Di moaned. She loves being licked. She still had a hold of my cock and started to pull me up to her head. Di took my cock and gently licked my swollen head, sending shivers and sensations all the way along my shaft and deep inside my belly. She took me in her mouth and caressed my cock with her lips and tongue. Her other hand was gently squeezing my balls.

Steve was now busy licking, sucking and tongue fucking my wife. Her hips were thrusting back at him. Di suddenly reached down and brought his head hard into her cunt as yet again another orgasm ripped through her. Steve had already removed his pants and it looked as though his cock was as hard as mine. He started moving up Di’s body; to me it seem in slow motion as for the first time I was to see another man’s rock hard cock enter my wife’s fully exposed, wet and ready cunt.

Di opened her legs even further, waiting and welcoming this new cock to her. Steve rose and pushed her legs further back to gain easy entry. The tip of his cock was now at her cunt, pushing her lips open. As he pushed more, her lips opened and he easily slid balls deep straight away as Di was so wet. My cock was in her hand and she gripped me tight as she took the full length of Steve’s cock. It was nearly too much for me and if Di wasn’t squeezing my cock I would have shot my load over her face.

Di was more lost in the sensations that must have been shooting through her body as Steve pulled out and thrust hard inside her. Again and again, ramming in hard. Di just held on to my cock, giving me chance to calm down. Di on the other hand was screaming as she came yet again.

Steve slowed the pace so she could catch her breath. I think at this point she realised that she had another cock in her hand and took me in her mouth again. I asked her to suck slowly; I didn’t want to come yet. Not until I’d had my cock inside her cunt.

Steve pulled out and moved up towards her head, offering his cock to her mouth. It was hard and shinning with the juice from Di’s hot cunt. I moved my hand down and put two fingers inside, feeling how wet she was. Steve was lightly rubbing her clit, both of us keeping her on the edge while she took turns in sucking our cocks. I needed my cock inside her.

I asked Di to get on her hands and knees. Steve stayed at her head as she continued to suck him. Her cunt was a beautiful sight, wet, red and swollen. I licked lightly up and down her cunt lips before thrusting my tongue as deep into her cunt as it would go. She tasted exquisite. If this is the taste of her cunt after she has had another cock inside her, then I wanted more. All my early concerns had gone.

I raised myself to my knees behind her, my cock hard in front of me pointing straight at Di’s cunt, as though it knew where it wanted to be. I placed the head at the entrance, Di’s swollen cunt lips parting and seeming to try and suck my cock in. I could feel the warmth from her on my cock’s head. I stayed like this for a short while, knowing that once inside, i wouldn’t have long. But Di had other ideas as she pushed back and took me inside her fully.

I had no choice. My cock could feel Di’s cunt contracting, ready to for her orgasm. I could hear the tell tale moans and noises she makes, even though she had her mouth full of Steve’s cock. I started thrusting in and out, getting into a rhythm i knew wouldn’t last long. Di’s moans became louder and Steve held her head and thrust into her mouth, matching me. It was too much. My cock was throbbing hard, Di’s cunt was squeezing my cock and I could see my wife with my best friend’s cock pushing in and out of her mouth. I rammed her cunt hard, shooting my cum deep inside her, feeling like my balls were following. I didn’t stop until Di came too. Her cunt squeezing me hard enough to keep my slowly sinking cock inside her. It felt like her cunt was milking every last drop out of me.

I looked up in time to see Steve thrusting deep inside Di’s mouth as he came too. My wife swallowed all his cum. This was the first time I had seen her do this as she never let me come in her mouth.

Steve moved to one side as Di collapsed on her stomach, breathing hard. Her legs were wide open and my cum was oozing out of her cunt. Some of Steve’s was dribbling from her mouth. Steve and I fell either side of her, exhausted.

I told them both that i would go and fetch us some beers to refresh before Steve went back to his wife. When i returned to the bedroom carrying three bottles, I knew our night wasn’t over.

Facing me was Steve on his back, my wife on top, legs wide open with Steve’s now hard cock thrusting in and out of her cunt.

I began to feel the stirrings in my cock, but just sat at the bottom of the bed to watch. For the next half hour I watched my wife fucked hard in various positions until Steve finally shot his load deep inside Di. By this time, my cock was hard again. As Steve pulled himself out of Di’s cunt, I entered her. The feeling was sensational. The feel of the inside of her cunt on my cock of her cum juices and Steves would have had me cumming straight away if i hadn’t already cum earlier.

We fucked hard, harder than ever before since we had been married. When we both came yet again, we were definitely done.

Di lay there, recovering. Steve said it was time to go, Terri would be wondering where he was. Di asked him what he would tell her. He said the truth, having drinks with us. He dressed, gave Di a final kiss while he again pushed his fingers into her still red and swollen cunt, then left.

Di and I stayed in bed and drank our beers. We talked about what had happened and both decided that we loved every minute. I was hard again, discussing it and remembering seeing Steve’s cock enter my wife’s cunt. Unfortunately Di’s cunt was a little tender, but she did suck me off and swallow my cum. We both fell asleep. It was after 6am and the kids would be up soon.