Written by robbo8440

20 Mar 2015

Beer and games. That was how we socialised in the Forces, in West Germany, back in the 70’s. Due to no satellite TV or English channels, it was this or music. And no matter how much you and your wife love each other, it was always good to have company to talk and socialise with.

When the Regiment was sent on a tour of Northern Ireland, I was lucky enough to be left in Germany as part of the rear party. We were meant to look after the wives and children left behind, the vehicles and equipment and generally keep things ticking over until the Regiment returned.

Now, as you may have gathered, it wasn’t advisable to leave too many single soldiers on the rear party; not with all those horny, sex starved married women about. After all, their husbands were away for 4 to six months.

This one evening, Di and I had been invited for a drink to one of our friends married quarter. Her husband was away on the tour. We arranged for the daughter of our neighbour to babysit and, crate of beer under my arm, went to Carol’s. When we arrived and Carol had shown us in, Kath was also there. Her husband was in Northern Ireland too. It seemed that they had both started the ‘party’ without us and seemed, to say the least, a little bit tipsy!

Now this was a friendly get together so no one dressed up. Believe it or not, when something sexual happens, it normally isn't planned. It just happens.

Anyway, it didn't take long for Di and me to start on our beers. Carol had put some music cassette on (CD’s and downloads hadn't been invented then), curtains were closed, kids asleep and lights on low. We hadn't been there half a hour when there was a knock at the door. As it was a little late and husbands were away, I answered. Mainly for safety reasons. The Regiment may be away, but there were other Regiments and Battalions in the Garrison which meant lots of highly sexed males wandering around.

I was surprised to see it was Dave, another of my Troop who was also on the rear party. He had brought some mail for Carol (the barracks were six miles away and the wives didn't often get chance to go into the camp so the men delivered their mail).

Carol invited him in and immediately handed Dave a bottle. Night wore on, drink flowing, everyone laughing, the conversation soon turned to sex and the lack of in some cases.

Now if you are a man that spends time with groups of women, you will know what I mean when they start to talk about sex. It fascinates me. No inhibitions, hang ups or embarrassment.

Someone, I don’t know who, suggested a game of cards. We all agreed; why not. I think it was Carol that suggested strip poker. Even though none of us knew how to play poker, we agreed. Two healthy males, with at least two horny women, who wouldn't? And with recent experience with my wife, I knew she would.

Kath suggested strip Jack naked. Cards would be dealt one at a time in turn to each player and whoever received the first Black Jack would lose an item of clothes. I was certainly up for it. Di and Carol were about the same build with C cup tit’s, but Kath’s tit’s were huge and I couldn't wait to see them.

Anyway, game started with me sat on the sofa between Kath and Carol, Di and Dave sat on the floor in front of us. I distinctly remember Di had a dress on and due to the amount of drink she’s had, sat cross legged. From where I was sitting, I could see her knickers stretched over her cunt with a little sight of pubes pocking out from under her elastic. She did shave, but not often (unless she had planned something) but kept the area neatly trimmed. Shaved cunts still hadn't caught on amongst British women back then.

The game started and clothing was lost at an even rate. The sexual tension started to change when the first person (Carol) was in just her bra and knickers. I still had on my jeans and underpants, thankfully, because sat next to Carol dressed like she was had stirred the feelings in my cock. I could see Dave looking too and knew the same was happening with him.

We played on, me and Dave hoping one of the women would get the next Jack. BINGO, Di lost her dress. It unbuttoned all the way up the front. I could hardly believe it when she turned to Dave and asked him to unbutton it for her. Poor lad didn't know which end to start.

Di stood up and turned to face him. He had no choice now but to start at the bottom. He was still sat down and his face was level with her cunt. His hands moved to the buttons and he started to unfasten them. As he reached her waist, he dress was open enough for him to be facing her cunt covered by her knickers. I don’t know whether or not it was intentional by Di, but her hips started swaying, moving her cunt backwards and forwards near to his face. I could swear his tongue came out every time her cunt was near his mouth. I’m sure that Kath and Carol were watching as closely as me because it had gone really quiet, apart from the background music.

It seemed to take ages for him to unfasten all the buttons and I noticed Di move her tits to touch his hands when he was unfastening the buttons over her breasts. When the last button was unfastened, Di took over and slowly removed her dress from over her shoulder and let it fall to the floor. Then she sat back down, cross legged again. I glanced at her cunt area and I could see the juice slowly dampening her crotch.

The tension was at a high now. Di spoke and suggested that we add the second Black Jack. Whoever got the first had to wait for the person to get the second. The second Jack gave them control over the first Jack. They could either choose for them to remove an item of clothing of their own choice, or they could be given a forfeit. Failing to carry out the forfeit would mean removal of all remaining items of clothing (to begin with). No one argued.

So there we were. 3 women and 2 men; me in jeans and underpants; Dave the same. Di and Carol both in just bras and knickers and Kath still in Jumper, skirt and, I presumed, underwear. Di dealt the first round. The Jack landed in front of Dave. The second, Di. It was all quiet, wondering what Di would get him to do. I’m sure she was dying to see his cock. But no! He had 30 seconds to kiss any or all of the exposed flesh on Carol. He wasn't allowed to use his hands. Dave moved over and started at her ankle. He slowly moved up her legs, lightly kissing each leg in turn. As he got to her knees, Carol’s legs gave way at the knees and they opened, allowing Dave to kiss up the inside of her thighs. As he neared her cunt, Carol’s eyes were closed and her breathing was heavier. Kath and I were transfixed and then Di called time.

Dave dealt the first Jack once again to Carol and I got the second. I just wanted to see all the women naked so told Carol to remove Kath’s skirt. Kath stood and moved over to Carol. This meant she was stood in front of me. Carol reached to her waist and unfastened the button, then pulled down the zip. She reached up to Kath’s waist and really slowly pushed the skirt over Kath’s beautiful arse and it fell to the floor. Revealing, right there before my eyes, a very neatly trimmed cunt. Shaved around the lips, but trimmed neatly elsewhere. Kath wasn't wearing knickers. Why did this shock me when I was already anticipating how the night was going and that I may be fucking these two gorgeous women on either side of me soon, as well as seeing my wife fucked by another cock again.

It was hard not to reach out and feel those slightly puffed lips, the first signs of her juices causing the lips to glisten.

The rest seemed to follow until everyone was naked.

My cock kept rising and getting harder and harder sat between Kath and Carol. Dave wasn't any better off sat next to my wife. We both had hard, throbbing cocks just waiting for hands, soft lips or to fuck. I think I did brilliantly not to feel either of those juicy cunts next to me or place my lips on one of the 4 tits closest. Up to this point, no cock, cunt, arse or tit had been touched by someone else.

Now Di changed the rules; just a little. First Jack was still the ’victim’ but the second Jack chose a card from a separate pile that had the ace to four. That meant that if the ace was chosen, then the second Jack chose one person to play with the victim. If 4 were chosen, then all 4 played with him or her (and I will say at this point, Dave and I refused to play with each other and the women accepted). 30 second time limits and NO intercourse. Yet. I asked Di how we knew at the end of the game, if there was and end, who the winner was. She said it was simple. The first person to cum wins and chooses how the game ends.

My turn to deal and Dave received the first Jack. Di got the second. Dave chose the next card, a two. This was a chance for me to indulge in wife watching. Dave was told to lie on his back. His hard cock pointing up towards his belly button. All of us could see it throbbing. I told Di she had 30 seconds to make him cum and Carol was to put her cunt over his face. Di took hold of his cock and gently pulled his skin up and down, slow wanking him while Carol stood over his face and, legs apart, lowered herself onto Dave’s mouth. I started the time. Dave took hold of Carol’s thighs and pulled her harder onto his mouth, tongue shooting straight into her cunt. She threw her head back and moaned loudly. Di had hold of his cock, holding it at the base while her mouth moved up and down his shaft. Carol was moaning and moving her hips and Dave was just beginning to thrust upwards into Di’s mouth when I called time. It was close between Carol and Dave, but both held out.

I was dealt the next jack and Dave the second. I chose a two also. I was to stay seated where I was and Kath and Carol had the job of trying to make me cum. They both got on their knees in front of me. I looked at Di. This would be the first time she has seen my cock in a woman’s mouth, let alone two of them. She moved back to give the girls room and spread her legs. I thought for balance until I saw her move her hand down to her cunt and start to gently rub her clit. I didn't get much time before I felt a hand pulling back my foreskin, another holding my balls and two pair of soft, warm lips running up and down either side of my cock. God, I didn't think I’d last 30 seconds. My cock was throbbing and seeming to grow even harder. I opened my eyes to see Di resting back with Dave in between her legs, licking her cunt lips and using his tongue. I saw two fingers disappear inside my wife’s juicy cunt. But I didn't care, I was in heaven. Someone called time; I’d no idea who but it was a lucky escape for me. Glancing at Di, I could see that she was close too.

The next ‘victim’ was Kath. Judge, Di. Number, 3. Kath had to lay on her back and hold hr huge tits together with Dave’s cock in between so that he could titty-fuck her. I had to eat her cunt and Carol, along with Kath, had to lick the tip of Dave’s cock every time he thrust towards her mouth. Kath would never last the 30 seconds. She was breathing heavy sucking my cock.

We all got into position. My nose was just pushing into her cunt lips, my fingers pulling her lips wider, showing how red her cunt was inside. Wet, juicy and warm.. The smell was making my hormones lose control of my senses. Dave was sat across her, his hard cock held in place by Kath’s tits and both Kath and Carol, heads together and tongues out, waiting for Dave’s cock to appear and hopefully his cum.

Di started the time. I could feel Kath’s body moving as Dave pushed in and out with his cock along hr cleavage. I pushed my tongue deep into her cunt. It tasted as good as the smell. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled hr hard onto my face, tongue still deep inside. I could just reach her clit with my finger. I rubbed this hard while giving her a tonging. Just before Di called time, Kath thrust her hips up from the floor and screamed loudly. I felt the warm fluid run over my tongue into I swallowed it all. Kath had cum first so had the choice of how to end the game.

We all returned to our original positions, catching out breaths. The girls laid back, legs open, cunts red, swollen and covered in their juices. My cock and Dave’s were still pointing towards the ceiling. Kath and Carol stroked mine slowly while I had a finger in each of their cunts, moving them in circles. Di and Dave were in the same position.

We decided to give Kath 15 minutes to think of the End Game and took the chance for a smoke and another bottle. The atmosphere was still highly sexual as only Kath had had some release. But it was more relaxed, no tension or expectation.

Kath announced that she was ready. She said that we were all going to fuck until we had all cum. No stopping, but the 30 second rule applied.

The girls were to get on their knees and lean forward over the chair of the sofa, cunts in the air, ready to be fucked doggy style. I would start behind Carol on the right and Dave with Kath on the left, Di in the middle. Dave and I would fuck the girls we were with then move to the left after 30 seconds. This meant that each of the girls would be fucked for a minute by two cocks and then has a 30 second rest. We could touch, feel and finger the cunt that wasn't being fucked at the time, should we want to. I thought that Kath had too much faith in Dave and me holding out too long. I asked who was timing. It was to be the one waiting to be fucked.

I positioned the tip of my cock just inside Carol’s cunt, parting the lips. Dave was in the same position with Kath. Di was to start us.

On the word go from Di, I pushed the full length of my cock straight into Carol. She let out a small scream. I immediately started thrusting in and out, quite fast. Her cunt felt so warm, soft and moist. It seemed that I had no sooner started than Di shouted now. I pulled out of Carol, my cock wet and slippery from her juices. I pushed straight into Di. She too was warm wet and ready to be fucked. In and out I thrust, balls slapping her clip, my hands gripping either side of her arse. Kath shouted now and I moved again, this time to fuck Kath.

I would be lucky to make another round if I wasn't careful. Somewhere. in the distance I heard Di give a loud scream as she came. The first ones tonight would be strong with the hours of teasing and foreplay we had. The alcohol had played its part in dulling my senses, but not enough for what my cock had gone through tonight.

Kath had an orgasm just as Carol shouted. She didn't have time to relax before Dave was plunging his cock deep inside. I was back fucking Carol and she immediately had her first orgasm. I slowed, enough to catch my breath. I wanted to reach Kath least. I heard Dave groan loudly. I looked across just in time to see him pull out of Kath and Di grabbed his cock and aimed it towards her mouth. She took a load of cum and swallowed, the rest hitting her face and tits.

With her mouth still full of Dave’s cum, she managed to shout now. I moved to her and began fucking her fast. I don’t think I could remember what day it was. I was concentrating hard on not coming. I vaguely heard someone shout now and again I plunged my cock into another waiting and welcoming cunt. I couldn't hold back any longer. I started ramming into Kath’s cunt hard and didn't stop, didn't pull out. I shot my load deep inside her. This triggered another orgasm for Kath.

Empty, I fell back on my knees, just as my cum started dribbling out of Kath’s cunt. All three girls were resting in the doggy position. All three cunts red, wet, swollen. My cock and Dave’s were now limp, fully spent.

Eventually, we rested, more beer, and talked about what had just happened. Before leaving, Dave was sworn to secrecy on the promise of another event. To this day, as far as we are aware, he kept quiet. It may have had to do with the long affair he had with Kath until his posting back to the UK. Di and I didn't repeat something like this with Dave involved again. Now Kath, Carol, Steve and some others, will raise their cocks or cunts in our direction again.

Keep watching for more.