8 Jan 2016

I don’t class what Di and I did in the army as swinging. It wasn’t really heard of then, or if it was, I hadn’t heard of it. Group sex, wife swapping, or whatever is what it could have been called. But to us, it was just having fun. Whether I was a ‘new man’ before they were invented, I don’t know. I didn’t class Di’s body as mine, it was hers. Now if she decided to just go off and fuck someone, to me, that would be different; outside of marriage. But that didn’t happen.

So no, we weren’t swingers in today’s sense. In fact the few exploits we had were the only ones. And they weren’t planned. They were spur of the moment; something to be enjoyed and remembered.

So, what do a married couple who enjoy sex do when they leave the army? After all, it wouldn’t be the same in Civvi Street. In the army, Di was, as were all the married women, the centre of attention at Battery or JNCO’s events. All those single fella’s just waiting to have a sneaky grope on the dance floor. But in Civvi Street, the young hard, rampant cocks weren’t on tap. Or so we thought. Until we were finally introduced to Boarding Houses!

I was 31 and Di 29 when we left the army. Due to having our kids young, by our early 40’s we were free to enjoy ourselves. Di’s favourite seaside town was Brid. So we ended up buying a static caravan and spent a lot of time there when my job allowed.

Spending so much time there, we seemed to get to know a couple who ran a small Boarding House and although not a favourite place for stag and hen parties, they had their share of small groups of each. They also had their regulars that booked year after year for events at the Spa. Particularly a group of six young men. Their ages ranged between mid-twenties to mid-thirties.

Occasionally during peak periods, Di and I would often volunteer our time to help make their guests stays comfortable and enjoyable. We like to think that this helped Chris and Jane keep their regular bookings. This meant we also got acquainted with the regulars.

Anyway, this one season, they were booked in from the Wednesday until Sunday. Chris had asked Di and myself if we could help from breakfast on the Friday as he had to visit his parents from the Thursday and wouldn’t be home until late Sunday.

Besides the lads, there was only one other couple in who were quite elderly.

The usual routine is that after breakfast, clear and clean away dish’s etc and the lodgers vacate rooms by 1000hrs so that their rooms can be cleaned. The girls were busy cleaning the rooms and I was just finishing the dining room. Di can rushing in and said that I was to follow her quietly. She led me to Paul’s room and motioned for me to keep quiet and to peek through the gap in the door as it was slightly open. Jane was on the bed, face buried in a pillow, on her knees with her arse in the air. Her knickers were dangling from one ankle. Her dress had been pushed up around her waist. This was to accommodate the large cock ramming in and out of her shaven cunt. This cock belonged to Paul. He was leaning over Jane, stood up with his legs apart, so our view wasn’t restricted. We could watch his cock all the way out until the head was just inside Jane’s cunt lips, then watch it plunge back in, all the way to his balls. Every time he pulled out, you could see Jane’s white juices covering his cock.

We hadn’t been watching long when I felt Di’s hand unzip my jeans. She pulled my cock out and took it between her lips. Occasionally, she would turn her eyes back to Paul and Jane’s sex show but then put my cock back in her mouth. Feeling those soft lips around my hard cock, her tongue licking and flicking around, I wasn’t too far from cumming. I warned Di and she stood up and said not yet you’re not.

Without letting go of my cock, she pushed the door open and pulled me inside the room. Paul and Jane were too engrossed in what they were doing to even hear us. The first they knew that we were there was when we were right behind them and Di reached out and stroked Paul’s balls. If I wasn’t so sexually aroused, I would have said that his reaction was hysterical. He jumped backwards and stood there, hands trying to cover his rock hard erection. Di looked at him, moved his hands away and pulled hid cock to her mouth. His face was a picture. He looked at me with terror in his eyes. I just smiled and winked at him to let him know everything was fine.

At this point, Jane was still unaware. She probably thought that Paul was just going to change position. I took the opportunity to knell behind her and gently move her arse cheeks apart and lick around her cunt lips, tasting her juices. She was soaking. It was beginning to run out of her cunt. The tops of her legs were wet with it. I licked and sucked her clit and Jane still had her head buried in the pillow.

You may have read our past adventures and noticed that I never mention the size of cocks. There’s no need for this. To most women, a cock is a cock. A 12” cock that cums as soon as it enters a woman’s cunt is just as good as a 5” cock that does the same. I suppose it’s good to feel filled, but to orgasm, a cunt doesn’t have to be. This is probably why Jane didn’t notice any difference for a while.

Jane was moaning and pushing her cunt onto my lips. With one hand, I pushed my jeans down and used my feet to remove them, then removed my shirt. I looked across at Di and Paul. She was still sucking him and massaging his balls. Di had also begun to undress. Her blouse was off and her other hand was up between her legs. I knew she would be rubbing her clit through her knickers and I knew how wet they would be. For her age and after 3 kids, Di still had a fantastic cunt that was fairly tight and muscles that could wank a cock while it kept still inside her. I also knew she was playing with herself because she didn’t think that Paul would last too long once she had his cock inside her.

I turned back to Jane. I had been using two fingers in her cunt and rubbing her clit while undressing. I now stood behind her in the same position Paul had been earlier. I aimed my cock at those gorgeous lips and gently pushed. There was a slight resistance and then they opened to let my cock glide inside her all the way to my balls. Her cunt was smooth and warm and I could feel her muscles throbbing around my cock as Jane could probably feel my throbbing cock deep within her.

I moved backwards and forwards slowly until the sensation to cum became easier to control. Jane was moving her head side to side and moaning loudly. I leant forward and reached round to put my hands inside her dress top. I found one of her tits and gentle squeezed, rubbing my thumb over the nipple. It was erect in an instant.

This was when I heard Jane take a sharp intake of breath. She had probably felt what I had. I glanced over to my left. Di was laid on her back and Paul, who had spent the past few minutes using his mouth and tongue on my wife’s cunt, was leaning above her on one arm, the other holding his cock with the tip aimed at Di’s cunt. In one go he pushed it’s full length deep inside my wife. There was no resistance. Di let out a loud moan and arched her back to meet him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and using her feet, controlled Paul’s thrusts inside her.

I looked down at Jane. She was facing Di, eyes open, but hadn’t made a move to stop me. I started pounding into her. It had been years since I had fucked another woman. Control wasn’t an issue. I just wanted my spunk out of my body and into this juicy, wet, warm cunt. Jane was pushing back at me with each thrust. I didn’t know if it was Jane or Di moaning. One of them said fuck me harder. I didn’t know if they meant me or Paul. Either way it didn’t matter. I could feel my spunk rising. It felt like my cock was getting thicker. The throbbing became unbearable. I think all four of us screamed together as four people at the same time had an orgasm.

I didn’t pull out of Jane. Her legs gave way as she sank to the bed. My limp cock still inside her as I sank with her, arms still holding her tits. I glanced across at Di. Her eyes were closed, a smile on her face, arms holding Paul around his head. All of us were breathing hard.

After we recovered we dressed. All of us went downstairs and we made a drink and sat at the kitchen table for a chat.

Jane explained that she and Chris had an open relationship so he knew what she did. As long as she gave him details about it, he was happy enough. The same the other way around. Chris took the opportunity to fuck some of the guests if he got the chance. It seems that this is one of the reasons that they had ‘regulars’. When this group of six were here, they often arranged something special for them before they left.

As Chris wasn’t here, Jane asked if Di and I would help her on the Saturday night. There would only be the group in as the elderly couple were booking out later that day.

We agreed. And, as it turned out, this would be the first time something had been planned for us! We were also introduced to modern technology