22 Feb 2016

Since our unexpected group fuck on Friday morning, Paul had left to join his mates at the Spa Darts event. Throughout the day and into the evening, Jane and Di were often alone and talking. Every time I asked Di what they were talking about, she would just smile and say that they were planning the meal for tonight.

Not much happened the rest of the day so in the evening Di and I returned to our caravan. It was no more than 20 yards from the cliff top so we have a beautiful sea view and you could often hear the waves crashing against the cliffs. This particular evening was no exception. Low lights in the caravan, music on low, sound of the sea outside, a morning’s unexpected foursome, all the makings of lovemaking between the wife and me.

I suppose I’m lucky that I found a woman that knows the difference between sex and lovemaking. Experience has shown me that girls tend to develop feelings quicker than men do. If we do, it’s more likely lust and we’re upset that our fuck sessions end.

Anyway, back to the story.

We were back at the boarding house for breakfast next morning (yes, I’ve skipped the nights lovemaking because if your reading this, you want to read about sex. I will just say that we did not get much sleep).

As Jane had told us, the elderly couple had gone. The darts event was due to finish at teatime. This time, Paul left with the other lads. Throughout breakfast, no one had given any indication that Paul had said anything about what happened yesterday.

The girls left at lunchtime to do a little shopping for tonight. I was on my own so watched a bit of TV for a while until the girls returned.

Teatime came but only four of them returned. Paul said that Andy and his brother Phil had to leave early for an emergency. We all disappeared to shower and get ready for the evening meal. Di and I shared Jane and Chris’s private rooms at the back. I showered first because two girls in one shower room would take ages. Especially two of them getting ready together. While I was in the shower, the girls prepared the dining room. This gave me time to shower, shave and change.

I went to find the girls and they were just finishing up in the dining room. I told them the shower was free. Before they left, they said I should be back upstairs in an hour as dinner was at eight and asked me to let the others know. Now I was confused!

One hour on the dot and I was back upstairs to find the girls in tight white blouse and fir where it touched black pencil skirt. It also looked like they had stockings on too, but as there were no tell-tale signs through the skirts, they were not been held up by suspenders. You could see their bras through the white material of the blouses. Di’s was red and Jane’s black. They certainly gave them a cleavage and looked as though they just covered their nipples.

Now both these girls are forty somethings and are no longer the super models they once were; but fuck me, they have bodies you just want to fuck and fuck. I asked them what was going on and Jane replied that as the lads have been coming to their B & B for a few years, she and Chris had decided to give them a treat this year. It just so happens that Chris was not here, but Di and I were! Lucky fucking lads or what? I asked Jane about Paul yesterday morning and she actually blushed and said that she just happened to be putting clean towels in his room and didn’t know he was in the shower and of course, one thing led to another. She had been thinking all week about this evening and with Chris gone, she thought it would need to be cancelled. There was also the fact that she was not sure if she could handle so many cocks by herself.

I looked at Di. This is the first time something like this had been planned and I wasn’t sure how she would react. However, looking at her, sparkling eyes, ready for action, she was definitely looking to be fucked. In addition, there would be five willing men out there that would not be able to leave them alone. I just hope she was up for an all-nighter because looking at these two girls, I was.

Jane had delegated me my job for the night; I was to seat the lads, light the candles, pour the drinks and put the music on. The girls would do the rest.

I went into the bar area (yes, they were licensed too) and asked the lads to take their seats in the dining area. They all had dressed for the evening in shirt, tie and smart trousers.

There were five seats set at the table, candles lit, drinks at the side, music on low. The girls entered with the starters and as every good waitress does, served from the right. A lot of cleavage was on show and the men couldn’t take their eyes from them. You could hear a pin drop. It must have been hard for the lads as they knew that Di was my wife. I just let them get on with it.

“If you don’t mind me saying, your wife has some gorgeous tits,” said Phil. “And you should know,” I replied. That made Phil a little speechless and the rest all looked at him. At this point, the girls came in to remove the starter plates. All eyes turned as both woman had removed their blouse and skirt and were only wearing bra, thongs and hold-ups. Talk about not knowing where to look. I was as awestruck as the others were and could not believe what was happening.

As Jane reached over John to pick up his soup dish, her other hand moved down to his crutch and quickly massaged his cock through his trousers. Di had done the same with Phil. Out the girls went, only to return minus their bras. This time Jane gently stroked my cock, Di had Brian. On their return, this time with just hold ups, lucky Gavin had the pleasure of two hands rubbing his cock.

The main meal was served in just hold ups. No further sexual contact was made. Brian asked me what I meant about my earlier remark. I looked at Phil and told the rest an abbreviated version of events from yesterday. We both got comments including lucky bastards, wish I had been there etc.

Now I wasn’t too sure if they were a bit slow on the uptake, but as the girls were totally nude, did they need it explaining to them what was going to happen.

Back came the girls and they cleared everything away. Jane asked me to remove the candles and leave them on the side. We were going to have special afters apparently.

The girls returned and asked us all to stand. John and Phil one side of the table, Brian and Gav the other. Me stuck in the middle. Jane started with the rules. She explained that this was a one-off event and that Chris is aware that this is happening. The girls will take the lead and if at any time they say stop, then it’s stop. If anyone does not want to take part, now was the time to go. No one moved. Jane knew that all were married so trusted that they were clean and that condoms were available if they wanted them; however, the girls and of course Chris and me, didn’t mind.

We were told to remove the chairs to the back of the room then stand back around the table. Jane moved in front of Gav and Di in front of John. There was no messing with these girls. They undid the lad’s belts, slowly pulled down their zips and reached inside to pull out two hard cocks. Di and Jane wrapped their hands around these two new cocks and slowly pulled back the foreskin to reveal throbbing, deep red knobs. I could already see some pre-cum about to drip from Gav. Jane spotted it too as her tongue came out to lick the per-cum from the end. As her tongue touched Gav’s very sensitive knob, I saw it involuntarily jump, as men’s cocks do. As Jane opened her mouth to take Gav’s cock, the rest of us started undressing. I turned to see Di with John’s trousers and boxers around his ankles and she was running her lips from his balls to the tip of his cock. I knew what that felt like and could imagine that John’s cock was now ruling his head. The girls moved along one place. Di now had Phil in her mouth and Jane had Brian’s cock. They hadn’t let go of John and Gav. With their other hands, they were slowly wanking them. I could hear the moans coming from all four lads. I was slowly wanking myself. I didn’t feel left out. I knew my time would come. And as it happened, it did.

Jane and Di let go of the other cocks and turned to me. Two sets of lips were running up either side of my cock. I had a hand gently stroking my balls and another slowly stroking my cock where the lips weren’t licking. A mouth would take my cock inside while the other would suck my balls. The feeling was fantastic and it took lots of control not to cum there and then.

The girls stood. Jane went to one end of the table and Di stayed where she was. They climbed up onto the table in the doggy position. Head to cunt. The sight in front of me was beautiful. My wife’s arse, raised in the air. Shaved cunt, lips red and glistening with her juices and slightly puffed open. It was waiting to be fucked. I bent forward to run my lips along her cunt but Jane stopped me and pushed me back. “You can have your wife later. Let the lads enjoy her first,” said Jane. I moved back as Brian took my place at my wife’s cunt. As he lowered his tongue to her cunt, I heard her give out a moan. Early sign that she was close. Gav had gone to Di’s head and I could see him thrusting his cock in and out of my wife’s mouth.

Most of you fellas will know that no matter how many times you see a strange cock in your wife’s hand, mouth or banging into her cunt, it’s like a new experience every time. I was happy to sit and slowly wank for a while. I knew Gav wouldn’t be long.

At the other end, Phil was already in Jane’s mouth and John was fucking her for all he was worth. From where I was, I could see Jane’s arse cheeks bounce in the air as John’s cock thrust in as deep and hard as he could. Moans from the girl’s were like in stereo. They were both getting loader and loader. As Brian stood and placed his cock at my wife’s entrance, he gently pushed and I watched his cock disappear as my wife’s cunt opened to let him in. That did it. She took Gav’s cock from her mouth, raised her head and pushed back with her arse as she came with a scream. I could actually see more juices streaming from her cunt, being forced out by Brian’s cock and running down her leg.

This set Jane off as she also came loudly. It’s a good job the dining room is at the rear of the building, although the way these girls were reacting, they wouldn’t mind a few more.

I don’t know if anyone said anything or what, but as one, the lads moved around. Gav was now about to fuck my wife. He climbed on the table and placed his legs either side of Di. He bent his legs until his knob was just parting Di’s lips, them slowly bet his legs further until he was balls deep inside my wife. Brian was now thrusting into her mouth. Phil had took up the same position behind Jane with John having his cock sucked. I moved to the other end to watch Jane getting fucked. With the lads fucking the girl’s in this position, I had an excellent view of their cocks stretching the girls cunt’s. I could see Jane’s clit pocking out, small and hard. I couldn’t resist. I moved behind them and put my thumb on her clit and gently rubbed. It was like lighting a touch paper. She started to thrust back onto Phil’s cock. I lowered my head and used my tongue to lick along the top of her cunt and down each side, making sure not to touch that hard cock. I continued rubbing her clit until with one hard push back, she came, nearly pushing Phil off the table.

I moved round and did the same to Di. It had the same effect on my wife. This time, her thrusting back caused Gav to cum. And did he, he came inside her then pulled out. He stood and aimed his cock and a few spurts landed in the middle of her back, with the final ones on her arse.

I was about to take his place when Phil got there first. No messing, cock deep inside my wife as Brian took Phil’s place fucking Jane. John was face fucking my wife.

I placed my cock in front of Jane and she just wanked me. No sucking. Something was happening and I didn’t know what.

After a few minutes, Phil and John swapped. Now all four had fucked my wife. The most cocks she has ever had in one night. All three left were close. Brian and John were going hard at it. Both leaning forward, thrusting down with their cocks into the girl’s cunt’s. Harder and faster they went. Both were gripping Di’s and Jane’s hips to steady themselves until with a final thrust they both came together inside the girl’s. As they continued to thrust, I could see the cum being forced from my wife’s cunt. I heard a groan and turned in time to see Phil shoot into my wife’s mouth. Di didn’t stop sucking. She swallowed every drop and licked Phil’s cock clean.

As the lads moved away, exhausted, Jane pulled me onto the table by my cock. By now it was sensitive and wouldn’t need much to push me over. I was on my back and Jane lowered her head until the tip of my cock was inside her mouth. She closed her mouth and I could feel her gulping. Jane moved her arse round until it was near my head. I could now play with her cunt. It could feel how swollen it was and soaking wet with the lads and her cum. I had my eyes closed as I felt another hand near mine. Di had scraped some of the lads cum from her body and her cunt and was gently smearing it around Jane’s arse. She was using one, then two fingers to push some inside.

“Jane and I have been talking,” said Di. “This is your treat for letting this happen tonight.”

Jane turned and straddled me across my cock. She took it in one hand a gently applied some more cum. She opened her legs wide, placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her arse and slowly lowered, bit by bit. Fuck me, it was tight. I’ve never had anal sex before and never questioned not doing it with Di. But this was something else. Slowly, Jane sat all the way to my balls. She didn’t move for a short while until her muscles relaxed enough. But when she did move, I was gone. This was the quickest I had ever cum and the hardest. As Jane pulled off, the cum started leaking from her arse.

I looked to the back of the room to see five lads all sat wanking with hard cocks once again. Five? I looked again, and there was Chris. Holding his cock and wanking with the others. It wasn’t going to take too long for my cock to be ready again so it looked like the night wasn’t over.