Written by Jonorb13

31 Jul 2007

A few years ago we decided to travel to the UK and Europe before settling down and doing the baby thing. Nina and I come from Melbourne, you may know what I mean when I say we travelled so far away from home that we felt free to release all the barriers that held us back from swinging at home. We had skirted with swinging at a few nudists clubs here in Oz, but didn’t. So Nina had only ever had sex with me and was curious to see what other men would be like.

At that time Nina was a 27YO, shy, Size 8, brown eyes & hair with a girl next door face. You will have to believe me when I say that Nina’s ass and body is impressive, even if her tits are on the small side, they go with her slender youthful body. I’m 5 years older, really pretty average (body/height), hairy chested, white collar kind of guy.

One hot humid August night after a day out visiting London Tower, I asked my wife to visit Rios in Kentown. By UK swingers club standards it is basic and modest, at the time we really had nothing like it in Melbourne, our clubs tended to be disorganised and/or far away from the cities. When we arrived, we undressed in the change rooms, put on the supplied towels and had a drink at the bar.

We moved around from area to area, everyone was very friendly as you can imagine with a wife that looks like Nina and eventually found ourselves in one of the spas. There was Nina, myself and 4 British blokes. All making chit-chat asking us questions about where we were from, etc… The spa was quite crowded and what I didn’t know until later was that one young Brit (mid-20’s) named Robert sitting on the other side of Nina was fingering her quietly, expertly and had her getting quite excited. Nina didn’t say a word to me in the Spa (which is in keeping with her shy personality), didn’t give anything away above the water and at the time I was being distracted by 3 other Brits asking me all kinds of inane questions about Australia. We sat there for about 15 minutes and given the lack of leg room and action (wrongly assumed), I suggested to Nina that we leave the spa, so we did.

We went upstairs as I was curious to see what action was happening and found all of the rooms were empty and a little run down. Whilst upstairs my wife told me about what happened in the spa and I asked her if she would like to take things further, she said yes and with Robert as he had given her such a good fingering. We made our way downstairs and I found Robert changing in the Mens room, when I explained Nina’s interest in going further and a few ground rules like using condoms, he couldn’t get undressed quick enough.

We met in one of the private back rooms, where my wife went down on Robert at first and then laid back on the bench. Robert climbed on top and started pumping her gently but firmly. I was happy watching my wife for a while, my heart was thumping pretty hard as you can imagine, being my first swinging experience.

Eventually my wife grabbed my cock, pulled me closer and started wanking me. Then Nina turned her head and started sucking on me while she was being humped by Robert. There was my wife of 4 years (partner of 9 years) having sex with another man for the first time ever, it was surreal to say the least. After a while Nina let out a solid guttural orgasm, 1 minute later Robert came and Nina got up on all fours, I entered Nina from behind and pumped her hard and slow, the way she likes it. Nina played with Robert’s cock but it wasn’t coming back to life. I came in about 3 minutes, we cleaned up, said thankyou to Robert and he disappeared.

It was pretty late and we were worried about how to get back to our hotel in this strange city, so we left the club. We found the Tube station closed and got on a bus, ridding through Piccadilly Circus, I admired all the girls in their short-short dresses and grinned ear to ear that after 5 years of reading swinging heaven in Oz, we had finally had our first swinging adventure. It was the first of many experiences that started in a small mild way in London, moved on to be more interesting in the UK Midlands, Southern Germany, Cap d’Agde and eventually finished with a bang in Paris.