Written by Kandy

17 Nov 2009

I'm a slim, blonde, hot 22 yr old with gorgeous perky 34 f breasts. I'm a real horny girl and fuck my boyf least once day and get v. sexual frustrated if this doest happen! I was v. dispointed when I was told I would have to go on a 4 day conference with work. I packed my sexy little shirts, my figure hugging skirts and my bikinis but in my rush I'd forgetten to bring my vibrator!

After the first day of the conference I got extremly frustrated without my daily fuck. After a hot shower of rubbing my big round tits and playing with mysel, I was just as horny. I was missing my boyfriends cock badly and yearning to be pleased. I took my skimpy bikini and made my way to the hotels swimming pool for a quick dip to take my mind off things. After my swim I slipped into the hot tub next to two of my male collegues. We all began to chat but my mind was wandering else where as my horniess was taking over. My nipples were erect through my skimpy bikini and clearly visable as the hot tub bubbles lapped at my breasts. My pussy was aching for cock and I could barely concerntrate on the conversation. I sat inbetween them all, wandering what it would be like to be 2 way fucked.They suggested we all grab a drink so we dryed off and headed for the bar.

I slipped my tanned body into a skimpy black dress that showed my smooth tanned legs and curvatious tits. Feeling so horny I decided to not wear not underwear. The three of us chatted at the bar, I could clearly tell they were admiring my figure. As the drink flowed they began to say how sexy I looked. My pussy was wet with desire and although my boyfriend was in the back of my mind, the horniness seemed to be taking over. I invited the three guys back to my room to continue drinking.

By this time I was so hot!!! As soon as the door shut I grabbed A's cock and rubbed it through his jeans. I then turned round to the other and did the same to him. They eagerly pulled off their jeans and caried me over to the bed. I began sucking each of their big dicks in turn, loving each second as their hands exploring my body. Each groaned with pleasure!!! This turned me on even more and I begged one of the guys to fuck me. He eased his big dick into my tight, shaved pussy and I squealed with pleasure. As one fucked my pussy the other fucked my mouth, I felt ready to explode the whole way through! I savoured and licked all the pre cum then begged the guy whose cock i was sucking to fuck my ass. As I bounced on the one guy the other began to fuck my tight ass! I loved having the two cocks inside me!! Girls I seriously recommed it! They finished off right in my mouth and over my big tits!

Thankfully we did the next few nights so I wasnt so lonely after all!