Written by franknan1964

2 Mar 2011

It had become natural to post requests on the net for interested males to help spice up our holidays and Tenerife was no exception. He had agreed to meet even though I had explained that she rarely succumbs to penetration on the first date. She had amazed me over the last twelve months as she had become more and more adventurous, She was now far more ready to make new friends - couples or single males - and had even played cautiously with another woman.

The conversation flowed in the Irish Bar, as did the alcohol. As she sipped her fourth G&T, I smiled at him knowingly across the table. This could be an interesting evening. A resident on the island, he regularly entertained visitors and delighted in meeting mature women. Quite a handsome guy with sparkling eyes, heavy tan and lithe body due to working out regularly.

As Ann popped to the ladies I mentioned that an invitation from Ann to join us back at the apartment for coffee was a clear sign that she was interested in sharing pleasures with him. If I invited, then there were still some reservation. Returning, and if as on cue, Ann wasted no time in inviting him back for coffee.

Giggling like teenagers they snuggled close together as they made their short way back to our apartment. He with his hand on her bottom and she pressing herself against him. My cock twitched as his hand slid down to her thighs and then eased its way up her skirt. I hadn’t realised that she had removed her panties in the loo – but he had now!

As I struggled with the key , I glanced back to witness her hand coaxing a growing cock inside his straining pants, she was moaning with pleasure as his tongue writhed in her throat,and his hands sought her breasts.Her skirt was now up around her waist leaving nothing to the imagination.

As they struggled through the door, she knew what she wanted and she was going to have her way. She was hell bent in showing him what a mature woman in her sixties was capable of doing. This was to be her conquest. She led him directly to the bedroom where the scramble continued until they were both naked on the bed. His mouth now buried in her increasingly moistening pussy and a steady slurping noise accompanying her growing whimpers and mounting desire. She sighed contentedly as his tongue drove her crazy, and her clit exploding as she danced to his rhythm of his probing fingers. Sitting up she manoeuvred herself until he was eating her shaved pussy as she ground herself against his hungry tongue and lips. Her juices gleamed on his lips and cheeks, as he hungrily devoured her offering.

Glancing sideways she gasped at seeing his massive cock. He had claimed to be very well endowed but she was amazed at the thickness of a stallion born to please. She wanted him, and wanted him badly. Maintaining her dominance, he seemed helpless beneath her. She slid expertly down his body until she hovered above his phallus. Grasping his straining cock she skilfully manoeuvred so that he slid effortlessly inside her. She smiled as his hips rose and she felt his whole length throbbing against her womb and his girth stretching her as she had never been done before. As he thrust she moved to meet him, their bodies united in pleasure his throbbing enormity sending quivering pulses throughout her boy as she sensed his heightening satisfaction.

He lay there contentedly, as she swayed and rotated her hips stimulating him even more, first slowly and then with increasing ferocity. Their pleasures heightened as they shared a lovers’ fervour, demanding, thrusting, exploring and writhing in mutual gratification. The tempo increased until she threw back her head in triumphantly as his hips rose. He roared as his cock erupted time and time again. She gasped as he throbbed inside her, spunking endlessly into a now gurgling and saturated pussy.

Now it was her turn to be satisfied. Her hips augmented their writhing against his diminishing manhood but she knew what she was doing. His cock was now aligned with her clit and as she twisted and turned it stimulated her uncontrollably. She demanded more until she screamed as she emulated his outpouring of joy. Body shaking vigorously she poured, and poured. Her hot juices drenching his balls and thighs. Truly she was satisfied, or was she?

Together, they lay entwined, exhausted and mutually satisfied. She was enjoying this and was ready for more. In spite of protests about not being ready, her hand slid down to gently stroke his manhood. He tried to escape but she was having none of that. Before long her eager lips were nibbling at his reawakening cock and her tongue tidily slurped and tasted their united juices. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes his rigidity was soon resored and she teased him about her need for more.

Tossing her aside he forced her to her knees, her buttocks in the air gleaming under the meagre light. His tenderness now changed into a manly ruthlessness which first alarmed and then pleased her. A stinging slap echoed around the room as he left a print on her bum. ‘Now do what I want’, he demanded as he roughly forced fingers and then hand into a dilated pussy. She squirmed as he forced himself upon her, yet feeling a growing excitement as now she had become the subservient . She could feel his fist opening and closing inside her and she felt speechless as he enquired ‘How’s that baby?’

She came for a second time and trembled uncontrollably with pleasure as she wondered what might be next. Withdrawing his hand he replaced it with his immensely restored cock, and his body slapped nosily against her cheeks as he commenced a satisfying pattern of pleasure. Inward and upward he thrust like a powered piston. Her body shook and writhed beneath his dominance and she whimpered only interrupted by a pleeding of ‘Oh Yes’. ‘Please don’t stop’. This was what she had waited for, and this is what she was getting. With each thrust she rocked forward expecting to be split asunder any moment, her knees rising off the bed and head crushing against the pillows. But stop he did.

A momentarily respite was broken by the sensation of an exploring knob . She gasped as she realised what he was doing, something she had not done before, but often wondered. Now she was going to find out, but how could she accommodate this monster?

He ignored any protest as he bathed her anus with their juices before gently assessing the tension with his fingers. She struggled to free herself but there was no escape. She was tightly enveloped by his demands. ‘No’ she begged ‘You are too big’ as he paused her anal door . Ruthlessly, pressing and easing knowingly, he ignored her cried as he opened the virginal door. Excruciating pain wracked her body before his weapon teased and then eased and penetrated a curiously willing passage. She tensed as he stumbled his way within, and then relaxed as they both gained in confidence and the pleasurable rhythm left them both gasping for more . She gurgled with satisfaction as they steadily increased in motion and depth until her whole body begged for more. He groaned as he felt his excitement heightening and encouraged her to cum with him this time . In total agreement they rocked together, as he thrust, she bore down on him . Bodies united, they expertly exploded together, uniting in total ecstasy. No single winner this time just two contented lovers. Collapsing on the bed, they lay entwined, bodies covered with perspiration and the spoils of their endeavours.

He will be visiting us at home in two weeks time and I have little doubt that they will be eager to build on their experiences. And me, the edited movie is now complete and truly awesome, and preparing for ‘Awesome 2 ‘