Written by Horny

3 May 2011

My wife Jill and I enjoy a pretty good sex life but are new to swapping. It all started a month ago when we were going out to the local pub. We normally catch a bus to the next village and visit the white Horse.

It was obvious to me that jill was in one of her sexy moods.I'd seen her getting dressed putting on her black knickers and suspenders with fairly short laced topped stockings and her large tits hanging free.

She had a short skirt, flimsy blouse and high heels to complete the outfit. Just before we went out she said I fancy a banana and took a smallish one from the fruit bowl. "You wont like that" I said "it's a bit green".

"I will" and with that she lifted her skirt pulled down her knickers parted her legs and shoved it up her cunt. I could just see the end sticking out between her shaven lips. She pulled her pants back up and said "lets go".

The bus ride was a bit bumpy as usual and Jill had a smile on her face all the way.

When we entered the pub the men at the bar near the entrance to the ladies toilet seemed to sense Jills excitement and couldn't take their eyes off of her.

Jill took off her coat and we sat down and had a few drinks.

With her stocking tops showing and her nipples jutting from her blouse I thought my wife looked fantastic, so did the guys at the bar. She kept crossing and un crossing her legs feeling the banana move in her cunt.

After a while she decided she had to go to the loo. To get to the toilet door she had to squeeze through the group. She seemed to pause as she went past them. She was gone a little while but when she came out she paused again and I saw two of the blokes talking to her while another was pressing himself against her ass. She turned round quickly and then he was pressing against her cunt (not knowing she had a banana up it).

When she sat down she told me she had been fucking herself with the banana in the toilet and that was why she had been a while. Now it was my turn to visit the bog. When I came back one of the guys was just coming away from our table.

Jill told me that he had invited us to a party and that they were just leaving. She had agreed to go. So six of us all squeezed into a range rover and drove to a house about a mile away.

The house was in darkness but in we went. It was obvious we were the only party goers. Out came some drinks and in no time at all Jill had been encouraged to take her skirt off. Then off came her pants and she pulled out the banana to everyones amazement and delight. After that it was a free for all and my wife was fucked silly, up her ass, in her mouth and ended up covered in spunk from her face down to the tops of her legs and all over her ass and stocking tops.

Our life changed after that nightand now we swing. I'll post another story soon.