Written by Jill

4 May 2011

I've seen what my man has written about our recent adventure. I know he didn't give much detail about the party only the results. So let me fill you in and tell you what happened and what caused all that spunk running out of my holes.

When we got to the house the guys started off as real gentlemen. They invited me into the very smart lounge which was furnished with what looked to be expensive antiques.

I sat down on a large green leather chesterfield and one of the guys, a tall blonde called Robbie asked me what I would like to drink. I could see him looking at my ample breasts which were pretty obviously braless beneath my thin blouse, my nipples do tend to jut out when I'm in the mood for a good fucking.

I asked him if he knew how to make cocktails and he replied that he did. "In that case I'd like a long blonde nipple sucker". "What's that" he asked. "You're blonde" I said, "are you long and can you suck nipples?" With that he unzipped his flies and released a long cock with a massive glistening end to it. I would guess it was about 9" and very thick. I started to lick my lips which seemed to make his cock grow even bigger. I then said can I have a drink as well."What would you really like" he said. "Some of your spunk juice please when you've sucked my tits enough" .........to be continued