28 Jul 2018

We have just returned from our latest club experience. My wife is a lot younger than I. She is a brunette with the best body you could wish for, large 32D boobs, a slim waist and really tight pussy with a clit that tells you everything you need to know. She loves being with women at least as much as men.

We started the evening with dinner and a couple of bottles of wine. We arrived at the club about midnight and had a good look around while drinking cocktails. There were a variety of rooms including dungeons,a dark room and a communal soft cushions area. Couples were in a variety of states of undress, fucking, wanking, but very little interaction between couples.

We decided to enter the dark room and started playing with each other. My wife was already wet and my long cock was rock hard. I was getting ready to fuck her when we were joined by another couple to our left. My wife wanted me to wait before I put my cock inside. The reason soon became clear. She had her hand on the cock of the guy next to her and he was playing with her clit. My cock was against my wife so I could feel his hand next to her pussy as her caressed her clit and then slid fingers inside her tight, soaking pussy. She was playing with his balls then stroking his shaft. It was not long before his cock was wet with precum. At the same time his partner had a vice like grip over my cock and was rubbing it up and down, getting quicker by the second. My wife then moved toward the guy as if to kiss him but opened her mouth and let out a gasp, a sure sign she had just cum. Her pussy was soaking with cum and her hand was now soaking with his juice.

We were then joined on the other side by another couple who started fucking away. their hands were all over us with hands and fingers now being confused between the three couples. I was not sure who was wanking me or my wife but there was wet pussy , erect nipples and hard cocks wherever your hand wandered.

After about 30 minutes everyone was exhausted and departed the dark room. The great thing was that we could not recognise the two other couples outside the dark room! Neverthless we fucked our way through the rest of the break telling each other about what we did and felt during the whole experience.

We are looking forward to our next experience in the UK or abroad. Recommendations of the best clubs would be appreciated!