Written by scotia

8 Jun 2015

Well we did it the whole idea had been building up over the last few weeks lots of flirting and a instance of a heated snog last week between my wife Pauline and mark while mary (marks wife) and i looked on.

So when Mary called on friday asking us to come round for a bbq today(sunday) both girls blushed as they talked especially when Mary said to pauline mark asked you to wear your denim dress this dress buttons down the front shows a lot of cleavage and leg depending on what buttons are done/undone. When Mary added as she left it is just going to be us 4 the kids are at there granny's and the neighbours are away while there was still some pretence it was clear a swap was on the cards. As mary walked down the path pauline said you ok with this i asked are you she did not look at me and just nodded her head.

We did not speak about it on Saturday but my heart missed a beat when i seen her iron her denim dress and then go on to look through what she calls her Naughty undy drawer any lingering doubts that she was keen on something happening were removed when i walked into the bathroom to find her in the bath razor in hand with her pussy covered in shaving foam.

So this morning i watched her put make up on naked with her bare smooth pussy drawing my eye i then seen her dress in a sheer see through black thong and then put on her denim dress (no bra)she experimented with the number of buttons she done up in front of the mirror i was rock hard watching.


We walked in silence to Mary and marks house just as we got there house Pauline said you wont get jealous will you and everything is OK Mary told me Mark has had the snip the pretence on pauline's part clearly gone she expected Mark to fuck her.

The first hour was all very convivial and a bit tense once we had ate there was minute of silence i was looking at Mary and mark at pauline who by now had undone another button and was showing a lot of leg and tit.

Mary made a motion to mark and he got up and walked into the house(we were in the back garden) after a few minutes pauline got up and walked into the house Mary immediately came and sat on my lap quickly i found myself in a passionate snog my hand up Mary's skirt to find she had no panties on and she was absolutely soaking Mary then paused and said listen i raised my head to hear the unmistakable sound of pauline saying oh yes and moaning and the accompanying rhythmic sound of a energetic fuck on a bed i was listening to pauline being fucked.

i seized the moment and pushed Mary over she obliged and opened her legs pulling her skirt up round her waist i quckly unzipped and dropped my trousers and climbed on mary giving an lout mmmm as i entered her she taking hold of my bum cheeks urging me on. it did not take long at that pace of fucking for me to get to the edge mary must have sensed this and said into my ear cum in me i duly obliged in short grunting thrusts mary helped her self to completion fingering herself unashamedly in front of as i slid out of her.

There was now silence mary on her back breathing fast her legs wide open . I went in to the house to use the toilet to find Pauline walking down the stairs naked her left boob having two clear love bites her stomach slippery with what i assume was marks cum once i used the toilet Pauline went in to the bathroom turning on the shower i looked up the stairs to see mark standing naked his cock looking semi erect slippery from there recent fuck.

shortly after Pauline re appeared red faced but now dressed Mary had pulled her skirt down but it did not hide the damp patch on the back of her creased skirt mark shook my hand and gave pauline a polite peck on the cheek and i too Mary strange when you consider half an hour before we had fucked each others partners

another silent walk home followed by a energetic fuck on the lounge floor what a day.