Written by RogerSenseless

22 May 2013

After thirty years of marriage we still have an active, and occasionally imaginative, sex life. I don’t have any complaints, but have never made any secret of fancying something a bit more extreme “just to try it”. I’ve posted before about some of my solo efforts but my wife (M), whilst more than happy to fantasise about it to spice up a session, has never shown any interest in taking it any further………until last weekend.

We’ve been having an extended spell of good sex recently (must be the better weather!) In the middle of a particularly good session I whispered in her ear a detailed fantasy about visiting a swingers club. After we’d finished we got to talking about it and I pitched very hard that there is no need to do anything at all with anybody else but it would be a huge turn on just to be in the environment - have sex in the same room as others having sex, watch and be watched and generally indulge in a whole new level of experimentation, but without infidelity. To my surprise, she agreed to give it a go. So last weekend we went to a club, which may well turn out to have been a life changing event.

I won’t go into the preliminaries too much, suffice it to say we were both nervous and had had a fair bit to drink by the time we got there. We went on Saturday (couples night) and had been to introduce ourselves, and for a tour of the place, earlier in the day. We initially stayed (dressed) in the bar area and fairly quickly got chatting to a few people. Sorry if this is boring to you hardened swingers but I found that quite a turn on itself. To talk to more or less complete strangers in an atmosphere so charged with sex, I found really arousing and was a bit surprised at how naturally M seemed to take to it. Whilst she’s a pretty gregarious lady, I’d imagined she would want to stay clear of joining in with any groups for fear of getting sucked into something! Any way we chatted for quite a while to two couples who had swung together before and enthusiastically extolled the virtues of the swinging life. Eventually a move to the Jacuzzi was suggested as a start point, so off we went to get changed.

Again I was slightly surprised at M’s lack of concern at dropping her towel and getting into a fairly full jacuzzi with our four new friends. There was clearly some mutual masturbation going on between the two couples already in there and, I’m sure not by accident, we found ourselves in the middle of the two couples we’d gone in with. The chat continued in a pretty dirty vein and I was gratified to find M really wet when I slipped a couple of fingers in. For me, it was massively arousing to chat to people in a normal civilised manner above the water whilst, at the same time, stroking M’s beautifully slippy pussy (and being gently masturbated by her) under the surface. Given our “us only” deal, I refrained from any stroking of the lady hard up against me on my right, though the invite was clearly there, and M seemed not to have any interest in our new friend on her left. Whilst this joyful little wank fest continued, the talk turned to exhibitionism and I mentioned that M has always been a bit of a show off, being pretty keen to do it in places where we might be seen. I told a story about her spreading her legs for me in a black cab once, having moved to the middle of the seat to be in direct line with the driver’s mirror. As I finished this little tale she said “stand up”. So I duly did, todger sticking out proudly in front of me, and she started giving me a real sucking. A few cheers and whistles from the crowd, some groans of real pleasure from me and a full on porn star performance from her. She was licking and lapping, deep throating and rolling it round her lips with a lovely deep throated purr. The people in the pool were all enjoying the show with one or two of the ladies exhorting her to “go girl” and one particular enthusiast insisting “let’s see him shoot.” So far so good, then came the first big surprise of the night. Looking down to admire her busy mouth I realised that whilst her mouth and right hand were busy on me, her left hand had snaked behind and seemed busy under the bubbles with the cock of our new friend.

Again this probably isn’t big news to you hardened swingers but despite all my fantasies, I was quite taken aback. Over 30 odd years of married life, M has set great store by being a one man woman. She doesn’t even like books or films where infidelity takes place and, as I’ve said, despite being a very naughty girl, has always drawn the line at involving anybody else. Slightly put out I started to sit down, at which our new buddy promptly stood up. Without pausing for breath she just transferred her mouth to his very happy cock! More cheers, though I think one or two of the women could see the shock on my face.

How to describe the sensation!

I’ve written before about my belief that most male mammals are hard wired, well below the level of rational thought, to be jealous and possessive of their females. Seeing “your” woman giving it to another man touches some nerve so deep in the psyche, that it intensifies a hundred fold what is already a hugely erotic experience. It also lights up those areas of the brain concerned with extreme emotions such as anger and fear, sending huge shots of adrenaline into your system. I won’t deny it, I felt slightly sick and was physically shaking with an indescribably cocktail of emotions – all of which was supercharging an already intense sexual arousal . She’d moved slightly into the middle of the Jacuzzi so that from my position I could see every detail of his cock slipping between her lips, and just stared open mouthed……only to be shocked again. She was really into it, eyes closed, totally focussed, when suddenly she opened her eyes and looked straight into mine. What did I expect? Maybe a slight “is this OK?” raise of the eye brow, perhaps a sudden coming to her senses and hurried leaving off. What I didn’t expect was a wink, a smirk, and removal of the cock to roll her tongue round the helmet, all the time maintaining eye contact.

The lady to my right was kind enough to start rubbing my cock but I had to hold her wrist to slow it down as I was already that close. M was still doing that purring thing and really giving a show. She kept her eyes open and locked on my face for quite a while, before half turning to give everybody the best view. That prompted more encouragement from the watchers, including one call from the enthusiastic lady to “show hubby what he’s missing”. I looked over at her on the other side of the Jacuzzi. She was a good looking blonde and she grinned gleefully at me with a rather unpleasant expression of delight. She was well aware of the emotional tornado going off in my head and was getting off on that as much as the dipping, sliding, glistening mouth fuck everybody else was enjoying.

Watching an attractive woman giving an expert blow job from about 3 feet away is a very erotic experience. Watching a person you’ve known all your adult life turn into a different person before your eyes is gut wrenchingly painful but also strangely exhilarating. I’ve always been a jealous man and in a few seconds every suspicion I’ve ever had of her over the last thirty years went through my mind, and became fact, all her denials rendered meaningless by her gleeful sucking of the cock in front of her. At the same time the safe, cosy, slightly conservative woman I’d married became some kind of sexual wild thing. There was a perverse pride and a kind of wonder at the possibilities that her new persona opened up. It felt like she’d crossed some line in her head, perhaps being more honest with herself (and certainly with me) than she’s ever been before about what she liked.

Though it seemed I sat for hours, being cuckolded in the most public way, the whole show probably only lasted about 5 minutes. I (and everybody else) couldn’t help but notice her fingers were busy between her own legs throughout, and some of her moans and wriggles were ample evidence of how aroused she was getting. Eventually she stood up, literally licking her lips, said “where’s the play room” and got out of the water. Me, her new friend and his wife, shot out after her to a few cheers and rude comments from the bathers staying in the Jacuzzi, Mrs Enthusiast directing a knowing “enjoy the show” at my retreating back. A very quick towelling and off to the playroom where there were four double beds, with two couples already at it. On the short walk she held my hand and said” I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny in my life, just fuck me when we get there”. So I did.

As soon as we walked into the room, she leaped onto the bed and spread her legs. She was absolutely glistening with juice and I just dived straight in. Normally I would have tried to slow the whole thing down just to extract every sensation from the moment- the couples having sex on the next bed, her new friend slipping on a condom (obviously hoping to get into her) his attractive wife giving me the eye. I’d naturally try to spin all that out and stave off an orgasm to prolong the whole experience. Not a chance, I was so pumped full of emotion and adrenaline that I just fucked her. Legs open, knees high, her literally screaming, I shoved my cock into her dripping hole and pounded her until I came, emptying, what felt like a litre, of spunk into her.

You know what happens next. Her state of arousal had only been taken up a notch. With legs spread wide, and a river of cum flowing out of her, she was writhing around desperately fingering her clit. Our new friend was watching, sheathed cock at the ready, and in he went.

In my day, I was up and ready again in no time. I think 6 times in a 4 hr session was my record but obviously that capability falls away with age. Not on this night. Despite the fantastic release, I was still on some kind of natural high and my cock didn’t so much as wilt. I couldn’t take my eyes of his pumping backside and, to be honest, probably wasn’t terribly coherent .I certainly couldn’t think too clearly and will be for ever grateful to Sally (wife of Darren, the man fucking my wife - even writing the sentence shoots something into my system) for rolling a condom over my cock and pulling me down into her.

I’m ashamed to say I fucked Sally for probably 10 minutes without taking my eyes of Darren and M. Saying that, M really is an exhibitionist and her cries and writhing, the drumming of her heels on his buttocks, her busy hands and string of obscenities, were attracting more attention than just mine. Others were gently, or vigorously, fucking and watching this woman who was obviously on some sex planet of her own, completely oblivious of her surroundings . It’s a fantastic experience to fuck a woman in that state but staggeringly difficult to do it for long. How Darren managed to keep hold of his own orgasm through the bucking, writhing, screaming orgasm she had, I’ll never know, but he did and they calmed down to a slow gradual pumping.

I finally came to the realisation that I was fucking a new woman of my own. Her delicious trick of scratching under my balls, hard, with a couple of sharp finger nails helped! Trying to channel the emotional tsunami roaring through my head, I started to pay some serious attention. Sally is a gorgeous brunette with beautiful brown eyes, a pert feminine nose and a wide generous mouth. I soon established it contained a strong busy tongue that spoke good French in the only way that matters! Her breasts are a nice firm handful, crested by fantastically erect nipples. It was like two acorns grazing my chest and I was soon suckling them to her obvious delight.

I love the texture of a pussy, but the lovely silky, slippy lips of that wonderful cock sheath, can’t be fully appreciated through a blob, no matter how thin. I was starting to come back to myself and realised there was no need to miss out completely. Cunnilingus is my thing and the thought had no sooner crossed my mind than I was kissing my way down her body -a lovely soft, slightly plump belly, a tramline Brazilian and the most beautifully smooth inner thighs. She had big lips that I really enjoyed sucking into my mouth and rolling round my tongue. Judging by the lovely husky moans she gave out, she liked the full clit lapping but seemed particularly keen on my rubbing the bridge of nose back and forward down the full length of her slit. I finished up having a full facial in her cream and was starting to feel a bit more like myself, when I looked up her body. Greedy Darren had wriggled closer and was feeling her tits whilst continuing his steady pumping into M. Not to be outdone, I pushed a couple of fingers deep into Sally then mounted her again, slipping the fingers into M’s mouth. She was very happy to suck and lick them clean and, with a bit of contortion, I managed to lean over and kiss her. Another surreal experience, licking another woman’s juices off your wife’s lips, her body rhythmically shuddering to the thrusting of another man’s cock, and your own happily lodged in a new and muscular pussy.

Once again it was the eye contact that undid me. Her blue eyes were almost black, the pupils were so dilated with pleasure. My mental tornado took off again but with less angst. I just didn’t know it was possible to get this high on the sex act.

Rising moans off to my other side made me turn round in time to see one of the couples who had already been there when we came in, reaching the end. They were doing it doggy fashion and, as she was a well-built lady- everything was jiggling delightfully with his increasingly urgent thrusts. Doggy fashion is definitely the best, in my view, from the male perspective. You’ve got maximum control, can get real depth and power, and the view is lovely. As we watched our neighbours gasping to their finale, I asked Sally if she fancied a bit of that. She murmured assent (a lovely deep, husky voice) and we were soon in position, which had the other great advantage that I could take a good look round.

The couple who had just cum were cuddling and watching us. M and Darren were still giving it “slow, comfortable screw” in the missionary position and another couple at the end were into some kind of tantric thing, both sitting up with her straddling him……. and not moving. More spectacularly, a couple that had just come in were standing near the door watching. I’d guess they were both in their late 20’s and obviously worked out – a lot. He was all pecs and 6 pack and she was truly gorgeous, think Pamela Anderson with dark hair. As they watched she was absent mindedly wanking both of them, left hand busy between her legs and right hand casually rubbing his length. I caught her eye and gave Sally half a dozen powerful thrusts, which earned me a naughty smile and blown kiss.

I went back to focussing on what I was doing. Sally’s tits were jiggling so wonderfully that I had to keep leaning forward to knead them, feeling those lovely hard nipples as I cupped them pulling her back into me. As we fucked, the couple who had cum lay watching us. I don’t think the lady had cum properly as her fingers were busy and she couldn’t seem to tear her eyes off my cock. She had an attractive, open face with very full red lips. I asked her if she needed a bit more and she said happily “oh yes, I’ll be getting a lot more”. Her husband gave her a big smile and a bit of a cuddle. To be honest it didn’t look like it would be him that would be giving it to her but they both seemed very happy.

We were having a really good fuck. I was alternating a dozen or so shallow strokes (with simultaneous deep arse finger) with a dozen full on savage thrusts. She seemed to love it, anticipating the change in rhythm and issued some truly profane instructions when I went on too long with the helmet dipping. Darren meanwhile had flipped M over and was fucking her from behind but lying flat. Her eyes were open and her hand underneath her body sufficient evidence of her busy finger. I love her face when she’s really horny. She has an expression that can only be described as debauched, a sort of total sluttiness, all wet lips and unfocussed eyes. She saw me watching her and grinned, absolutely away on a sexual cloud 9. “Having a good time “ I asked, and got a purred “mmm…” and a lascivious licking of the lips.

I know she loves this position as it gives both of us (or should I say, her and whoever is fucking her) easy access to her clit. More importantly it fits in with her favourite fantasy, which is that she’s sunbathing naked, face down, on a deserted beach. Feeling horny she starts a little wank, when a noise behind her alerts her to the fact she’s being watched. A slight spreading of the legs, and tilt of the hips, is sufficient invitation and she is entered, fucked and left, by a man she never sees or even speaks to. I thought she’d probably asked Darren to get into that position (a stirring suspicion in itself) though for the life of me couldn’t figure out why she’d want to fantasise when every possible fantasy was visible by looking round.

While this was going in Mr and Mrs Body Beautiful had been joined by friends and were writhing around next to the tantric couple in a marvellous spaghetti of toned flesh. There was no sign of any condoms so I assumed they knew each other and while I watched they moved into something that they’d obviously done before. One of the guys (not Mr Body) lay on his back and was instantly straddled by Pamela (face) and the other lady (cock)facing each other. Mr Body stood between them dipping his cock in out of each willing mouth. Pure porn film, and happening about 6 feet away. To my surprise the thought flitted across my mind that I’d like to shuffle over to join them sucking his knob! Now I’m not gay, or bi, but suddenly the concept of sucking cock became enormously attractive. This probably just goes to show it’s possible to reach a level of sexual excitement where any sex act appeals, no matter how far away from your existing sexual norms. It was a comforting thought that that might have been what happened to M.

Whilst the porn film image was in my mind I noticed something else about the whole environment. In filmed orgies the sound track is all moans and “oh yeah, fuck me baby”. I could hear M moaning and almost talking to herself, with only the occasional dirty word being audible. The couple who’d cum were talking quietly, she particularly providing a running commentary on the attributes of Mr Body. I could hear Sally giving lovely little gasps over the loud slapping when I was in pounding mode. Mr Body was giving the girls instructions as to speed and depth and the girls themselves were making lovely sucking, slurpy noises, with Pamela occasionally abandoning his cock to focus on rubbing herself up and down the face at her fanny, making some lovely little gasps as she did so. Mr and Mrs Tantric weren’t moving or talking but both looked ecstatic. Must be some muscle control thing? Over and above was a dim hubbub from the bar and Jacuzzi, and occasional dim shrieks from somebody enjoying themselves in another room. Every bit as erotic as a porn film but somehow more personal. I liked it.

It’s also undeniable that a fair bit of surreptitious size comparing goes on in this environment. I’d already done a bit of undercover cock assessing and of course had had the opportunity to examine Darren’s in close up detail, while it slipped in and out of M’s mouth. I was gratified that mine wasn’t quite the embarrassment you might think if your experience of other cocks is only informed by porn films. It’s a fraction under 6”, fairly slim and dead straight. Though I say it myself, it’s not a bad looking thing when rigid, with a nice firm helmet. It was by no means the most impressive in the place but also not the least. Darren’s I’d guess was marginally shorter but a bit thicker and had a little bend at the end. Mr Body, needless to say, was slipping what looked like a police man’s truncheon in and out of the greedy mouths of his little harem.

All good things must come to an end. Some lovely moaning from M told me she was getting close again and Sally’s hand had snaked up and was busy on her clit. I brought my attention back to the job in hand and, to try to make up for my earlier rudeness, focussed on bring Sally off. M and Darren came to a noisy, if slightly muted climax (that position isn’t great for a really energetic finale) and lay back to watch while I worked Sally’s arse and quim. It’s difficult to judge the right timing with somebody you don’t know but eventually she started gasping “now, now” so I went for it and hammered another lovely orgasm into both of us. To my immense delight Mrs Enthusiastic walked in more or less at exactly the moment. As she registered Darren and M watching my pounding, I was able to give her a big grin and shoot my load into Sally’s lovely shuddering body.

We all collapsed into a heap. To be honest I could have stayed and watched until I was ready again (or at least long enough to put Mrs Enthusiastic off her stride – nice body though)) but we were all so thirsty we had to leave in search of drinks and, as it turned out, that was the last action of the evening.

So where does that leave us now. The week has passed in a bit of a blur. I seem to have a nearly permanent hard on and we’ve had some great sex but, bizarrely, I keep waking up wondering about incidents that are decades in our past. M is adamant that the blow job that started it all was a one off - a combination of drink and extreme arousal. She’s equally adamant that the incidents I’m talking about (all part of the history of our marriage and argued over many times) didn’t happen. That said she’s certainly not closed the door on a repeat (we’re in touch with Darren and Sally but unfortunately they live a very long way away) and is much more open to discussing things in a way we’ve never done before. She’s even expressed a desire to see me suck! Now that would be moving into a different world! Who knows!