Written by Jack and Liz

7 Nov 2010

We arrived at the restaurant. Liz in a clinging, low cut dress, with an uplift bra so as she walked her tits wobbled. No knickers and the dress ended half way between her bum and knees. Frank was already waiting at a table in the corner of the restaurant. Liz sat next to him and I sat opposite her. We exchanged small talk while we order our food and a couple of bottles of wine. During the meal Liz was knocking back the wine. As we were finishing our main I noticed that Frank was shuffling about in his seat and Liz's right arm was by his lap. Liz had unzipped his trousers and exposed his prick and was rubbing him. I looked down and saw that Liz had pulled her dress up and was sitting with her legs apart, her smooth pussy was on display and Frank was fingering her. Even when the waiter returned with our desserts they did not hide what they were doing. My prick went hard watching her with slow hand strokes going up and down his shaft, exposing his glistening bell end as she wanked him. We finished the meal. Frank put his member away, Liz pulled her dress down and we left the restaurant, after Frank paid the bill.

Frank suggested we go back to his apartment as he had a nice roof top terrace with a couple of sun beds on. Liz was quite merry and walked in between Frank and me. Frank pulled the top of her dress down so her tits were exposed and bounced up and down as we walked along. I put my hand on her bum and pulled her dress up. The dress was now just a band around her stomach, her bum and pussy fully on show as we all walked along. Liz then commented that it should be fair and that we men get our pricks out. We entered Frank’s complex and he said his apartment was on the other side of the grass area in front of us. Liz stopped walking and slid her dress down to the ground and stepped out of it. Frank wasted no time and he stripped off. I quickly followed. Both Frank and I were sporting erections. We picked up our clothes and followed Frank to his apartment, which was a duplex, living room and kitchen downstairs and bedroom and bathroom upstairs with stairs leading to his private secluded roof terrace. Frank asked what we wanted to drink and told us to go up to the roof terrace. I followed Liz up the stairs. It felt great being naked in the warm night air under the stars. Liz stood by the roof edge looking out over the golf course to the sea in the distance. I stood behind her and my prick found the crack of her bum cheeks. I pushed her forward slightly and she spread her legs. The end of my stiff prick found her moist slit and I eased it into her cunt. I proceeded to gently fuck her as Frank came up with the drinks on a tray and I saw he had half a dozen condoms on the tray also. He put the tray on a small table beside the sun beds. He told me to continue fucking Liz and went over to a cupboard on the side. He opened it and pulled out a rolled up mattress, which he unrolled onto the roof floor. I pulled out of Liz and she went over to Frank. She said “I want to thank you for paying for the meal tonight”. She then knelt in front of him and took his erect prick, which was hard up against his stomach in her right hand. She pulled it down and took the end into her mouth and moved forward so she took as much of it as she could deep into her mouth. She then slowly went up and down on it giving him a mouth fuck. With her left hand she cupped his balls and gently massaged them. She kept her right hand on the base of his long prick as she gave him a blow job.

I poured out some drinks, vodka and coke for me, Bacardi and coke for frank and Liz. I got onto the mattress and put their drinks on the floor, along with some condoms, as I watched the two of them. Liz let Frank’s prick escape from her mouth and then proceeded to lick it like a lolly, up and down his shaft. He was giving her encouragement by saying,” Yes, baby, your hot” “I like it, suck me more”, “You look wonderful naked in the moonlight”. Liz then stood up and they both came over to the mattress. Liz took a gulp of her drink and lay on her back, with her legs apart and knees bent. Frank did not have to be told and went down in between her legs straight to her pussy. He used his hands, to pull her pussy lips apart and exposed her swollen clit. He then licked away on her clit, making Liz moan. She had her eyes closed and was playing with her erect nipples. She came with loud moan. Frank reached out and found the condoms. He knelt up, opened one up and rolled it on to his prick. He then took hold of Liz’s legs by the ankles and held them apart as he eased his prick into her moist cunt. She whinced as he slid it right up her cunt. I was amazed that it all went up her. She said” That feels great. I can feel you right up me. It feels great. Fuck me hard with your monster”. Frank started to fuck her, pulling his prick out , leaving about an inch inside her and then ramming it all back into her. He did this for about 10 minutes. Liz was shouting out with pleasure with each thrust. He then pulled out of her and told her to get on all fours. He then entered doggy style. I moved round to her head and knelt in front of her. She took my prick into her mouth and went up and down on it in time to Frank fucking her. It was great seeing her being fucked and her tits swinging backwards and forwards with each thrust. After 5 minutes I came in her mouth. She swallowed all my hot come. I then went over to the sun beds and poured my self another drink. Frank was pumping away at Liz. He was a man who could last. He brought her to another orgasm. He had been fucking her for 15 minutes when he came, along with Liz again. She told me later it was a great sensation feeling his large prick swell even more as he came. They walked over to me and both had a drink. Liz then pulled Frank back to the mattress. They both stood there and kissed each other. Frank’s prick had not gone down and was slapping against his belly. They kissed for quite a while and were whispering to each other. Liz then got back onto all fours and Frank picked up another condom. He rolled it on to his prick and got down behind Liz. He then spat into her bum cheeks. I got up and went over to them. I watched as Frank eased his monster into her arse hole. Liz was moaning and saying “Oh fuck, oh fuck, that’s painful” frank asked her if she wanted him to withdraw but she told him to keep going. Liz and I had never had or even talked about anal sex and her she was letting a man she had only just met take her vaginal arse hole in front of me. Frank got about 5 inches of his massive thick prick into her arse, when he pulled back a bit and then proceeded to fuck her arse. Liz stopped complaining and appeared to be enjoying it. My prick sprang back to life as I watched her being fucked in the arse. After 5 minutes Frank came at the same time as Liz. He withdrew from her. He went over to the cupboard and got out some blankets. I slept on a sun bed and let the two of them sleep together on the mattress. We went to sleep and at about 7 in the morning I was awoken to the sounds of Liz been fucked again. Frank was on top of her, pumping away. He came and as he stood up I saw he had no condom on. Liz looked me and said”Its alright, I wanted to feel his prick and hot sperm shooting up my pussy. We all showered and had a light breakfast. We agreed to meet in a couple of hours and go to the beach together. I will continue with Liz’s exploits on the beach later.