Written by Jack and Tracey

8 Jun 2009

On day 2 of our visit to Cabopino Beach, we arrived early at about 9.30 returning to the dune we had the day before. It was an area just past the second bar to those who know the area, mainly more for the gays and couples who are more open with their displays of affection. Both Tracey and myself stripped off in the glorious morning sunshine and as the beach was deserted we went for a naked stroll along the beach, paddling in the water. Tracey splashed some sea water on her body and seeing her frolicking in the water got my prick to rise to full mast. We headed back to our dune and could see that here was one other person walking towrds us in the distance.

Back at the dune Tracey laid on her back and spread her legs and invited me to suck her off. I got down inbetween her legs and licked away at her clit and innner lips. She played with her nipples and within 5 minutes she bucked with an orgasm. She then turned over on all fours and I entered her pussy and fucked her doggy style. I looked to my left and saw a naked bloke walk by, he saw what we were doing but continued walking by. I was pumping away in and out of Tracey's pussy and looked up and saw another male peering over a bush watching me fuck Tracey as her large tits bounced around as I went in and out of her. I told her we were being watched by someone and this made her start moaning out loud. I told her I was about to come, she moved away from me, turned over and told me to come over her tits and belly. I wanked my prick and shot my load over tits. She then stood up and faced the bloke and then rubbed all my spunk over her tits and body. He stood up and I could see he had his trousers pulled down and was wanking his exposed prick, he then came into the bushes, pulled his trousers up and went away. Tracey then went down to the sea by herself and wahed my spunk off her body. She looked great as she walked back, her body shining with sea water and her tits jiggling as she clambered back up into the dune. For the next couple of hours we sunbathed. Every now and then I noticed the odd male clamber up to our dune and walk by looking at Tracey sunbathing with her legs spread open exposing her smooth shaved pussy.

At about 1.30 we had some lunch we brought with us and noticed a few more males hanging around the whole area, they seemed to be checking for naked females and any action to watch or join in. Tracey told me to go for a walk, while she would tease a few of the lookers. I got up and went for a walk along the sea edge. I left it for about 15 minutes and headed back. I got back to the dune and saw Tracey sitting up. She was playing with her left tit and her right hand was inbetween her legs. She was frigging herself off. I then noticed a male lying naked on a towel about 5 foot from her, he was about 25 and wanking. I walked up behind Tracey and sat behind her and cupped both her boobs and played with her nipples. She then said "I think I will call him over, he has got a beautiful cock. Look at it it must be about 8 inches and it is very thick" With that I motioned for him to come closer. He did not hesitate and came and sat next to Tracey. He was Spainish and spoke good English.He asked if he could touch her boobs and she told him he could. Seing another man play with her brought me to an erection. He then started to move one hand down to her pussy. Tracey did not stop him but encouraged him by putting her legs flat and spread them wide so he could get to her honey pot better. I moved to her left side and watched the action. He then started to finger her pussy. She was get very excited. She then moved her hand across and started to wank his prick, with slow long strokes, occassionaly stopping and massaging his balls. She looked over to me and said "Jack, can I suck his prick, then yours and then feel his gorgous member up me?" I was totally gone with sexual excitment and agreed.

She lent over and licked his prick from top to bottom, licking his balls and then taking as much of his prick into her mouth as she could and started to mouth fuck him. After 5 minutes, she sat up, reached over to her beach bag and pulled out some condoms. She opened one and slid it over his prick. She then got onto all fours and started to suck me and indicated to Ramon, to fuck her from behind. He must have thought it was his lucky day. He got up on hos knees and entered her. It was a fantastic sight seeing her fucked from behind, sucking my prick. She then stopped sucking me, lifted her head up, her tits were going all over the place as he fucked her. She started to moan, then she came as he came up her. He then withdrew and I saw he had filled the condom with spunk. I wanked my prick, as Tracey collaped onto her back saying"That was a fucking great fuck, I felt his prick swell up as he came" This brought me off and I shot my second load of the day over her belly. Tracey, scooped it up with her fingers and sucked them clean with her tongue and mouth. She then kissed Ramon, while cupping his balls. After a couple of minutes we all went down to the sea and both Ramon and myself washed Tracey's tits and body and both walked back with erect pricks across the beach back to our dune. Ramon then thanked us, kissed Tracey and walked off. For the rest off the day we had plenty of men looking at Tracey and her exposed pussy and titts, but did not play anymore. Sadley for us that was our last day as we only popped over for a quick break, but have decided to return for a longer period in the late summer.