Written by NuWedCuck

26 Apr 2009

I was all fired up reading a post on page 364 re 'Wife at Camera Club'. It brought back memories of a near-identical experience I had with my wife, about three month after we married,some years ago. And I'd like to point out that this is not fantasy,by the way:it actually happened.

My new wife,(I'll call her Maureen) got a new job as a waitress in a night club. I was against this at first,knowing what these places can be like,but we had just got a new flat and so on,and we were up against it for cash. Maureen said it would only be temporary, maybe for a couple of months or so, until she found something better. I was a bit anxious, because she was quite good-looking (38D boobs,shapely legs,dark hair cut pageboy style. She promised she'd always wear her wedding ring, so as to put off approaches by men.

At this time, I had to work occasional nights at my job,too,and I worked a whole week at the same time that my wife started her night waitressing. All she would tell me about it was that it was 'going OK'. Now, I know when she didn't want to tell me something, so I decided(unknown to her) to visit the club myself on my next evening off. My imagination was running riot of course.

The next night, about two hours after she went off to work,I arrived at the club and took a table near the back,in dim lighting,to watch proceeding where she couldn't notice me.

She HADN'T told me about the uniform she had to wear-it was a short, thigh length satin dress (Majorette type) in red, red hi heels, black STOCKINGS (not tights) and a red satin maids. cap. She looked so fantastic and sexy..I could hardly believe it. She was so restrained at home. All the waitresses weredressed like this. In between the music playing, I then started to pick what some of the male customers were saying to her like: thanks darling,great boobs,love to suck on em' and sexy thighs, gorgeaus what panties are you wearing? can I see em when your'e off duty? and such like. Now,for a few minutes I felt bloody furious, but then noticed I had a raving hard on. After about an hour of this, I home and had the best,juciest wank ever of my life. When she got home, at about 4 a.m., I 'woke up' and offered to make her a cup of tea. I asked how the night had gone, and, as usaul, she just said OK. I asked if any of the men customers ever made remarks to her, 'Not really,she said, and tried to change the subject. Then I told her I'd been there to see for myself. She was first, then I showed her my big 7 and a half inch stonker, and said, that's how I feel about men talking to my pretty young wife like that. I then told her what I'd overheard. I asked her how SHE felt about it, she relplied 'I thought you'd be upset'. I pushed her leg gently to one side and saw a damp patch on the front of her panties (she was half undressed for bed). She flushed bright red- needless to say,we had a terrific fuck, the best of our marriage. After that, I'd go regularly to watch, or ahe'd come back and tell me all the dirty things they'd said to her. Then she'd wank me off and/or we fuck-she'd tell me what they said as we fucked. That was terrific! Especially when she said her wedding ring actually attracted men-a couple of men even suggested they fuck her while I watched (that was after she'd whispered to them that her husband was turned on by the dirty remarks to her.

About two months later, she was persuaded to enter a local beauty contest by a waitress friend. I would not have allowed this before, but saw it as a good opportunity to mingle with the blokes in the crowd and pick up the comments.

In the event, she actually won it (!) There were a few crude remarks from the guys (I.d like to fuck that- or,get a handful o' them,mate. I actually asked a guy next to me how fuckable he thought she was,pointing out I knew she was married. He said,'I'd like to drug her hisband,then take her in the toilets and stick my nine inches right uo her gorgeous sexy arsehole'. I nearly came off in my pants,there and then! Afterwards, at home I told her all about it and licked her now-creamy fanny out :she came three times, imaginig those men fucking her in the toilets-than I shafted her hot wet cunt until we both came in a lather of orgasm. But it went further...a week later, letter came via the Contest committeee form a photographer asking her if she would be intrested in doing a few poses. It was this that led to the most sexiting times in our married lives and which made me a multi-cuckold. I will continue this story soon, and readers will not be disappointed!