Written by Brian

21 Jan 2010

This story continues the memories I started posting in January and continued until April last year. To read the background simply search for 'Winter 1976' which was in three parts and 'Becky and Geoff' in two parts. I left off last years memories having described how Rosemary and I started swinging in 1976 and continued when we moved to Surrey. Of course we didn't think of ourselves as 'swingers' at the time and we certainly didn't use that word, but nothing is changed by the use of a different description. We were just having fun before we had a family and settled down. In due course we had a family but we never did settle down, but more of that another time.

My last story ended just after Rosemary had revealed that she had fucked Geoff and I admitted to fucking his wife Becky on the same night. Rosemary proposed inviting them to dinner the following Saturday.......

Rosemary called Becky in the evening, but unfortunately they couldn't come on Saturday as they had family commitments. Becky had sounded genuinely disappointed and eager to arrange something at the earliest opportunity. As it turned out things kept cropping up, so we couldn't agree another date for about a month, by which time August was looming. The weather was glorious and set fair for a week or more. Rosemary called Becky and suggested a barbecue in our garden on the following Saturday. Becky jumped at the chance and said that Geoff would be delighted too. Game on!

My excitement levels rose over the next couple of days and by Saturday morning I could hardly contain myself. I kept flashing back to Becky's lithe little body writhing beside me as I drove home from the cinema. I stared blankly into space as I recalled her pink nipples and white skin, her smooth softness - and the warmth of her tight pussy. We had not been able to enjoy each other properly on our first date and I was determined to explore her to the full as soon as I could. I knew her to be free thinking, flexible and creative. I really wanted to see what might happen if we got together with no time restrictions. I tried to imagine how it might feel with our bodies locked together, skin to skin, my prick clasped deep within her. Damn, the clock moved slowly that Saturday!

Saturday dawned bright and clear. The sun beat down from a cloudless sky. Rosemary is always positive, but that day she seemed especially bright. I danced around the subject several times and finally plucked up the courage to ask her if she intended to let Geoff fuck her that evening, to which she replied, "Of course not.......well definitely not before I've fucked him!"

"Do you think they've told each other what really happened on the night I took Becky to the cinema?" I asked.

"Oh yes. I called Becky back the other day and asked her in a roundabout way what she knew about that night. She said that they'd told each other everything, in full detail on their way home. It seems that they'd been talking and fantasising about expanding their sex life for some time, but the opportunity hadn't arisen. They were too nervous to meet strangers through a contact mag, though they had considered it. On reflection I think Becky and Geoff might have broadly planned the 'night of the cinema' beforehand. Anyway, they're really excited about tonight and as far as I can tell they're up for almost anything." I thought my prick might burst. I made a grab for Rosemary, but she deftly evaded my grasp.

"Don't spoil dinner by snacking in the afternoon" she grinned.

Becky and Geoff arrived spot on the appointed hour of 5 o'clock. Geoff brought in two bottles of wine and 8 cans of beer.

"Bloody hell mate," I laughed, "with what's already in the house we've got enough booze to drown a Bishop!"

"Can't have too much" he replied. "Besides it's going to be a long night and a hot one by all accounts." I assumed he meant 'judging by the weather forecast', but I wasn't entirely sure. We went through the kissing ritual, walked through the lounge and stepped out of the patio doors into the heat. We were excited and all talking at once. Becky had brought a tempting strawberry gateau, which she passed to Rosemary. She was wearing a little pair of white shorts and a pink blouse that wasn't fastened with buttons but tied in a knot beneath her breasts. I couldn't take my eyes off her! I desperately tried to determine whether she was wearing a bra. Rosemary had chosen her short yellow sun dress. Her erect nipples made it very apparent that she had dispensed with her bra. I wondered if she was wearing panties.

As always at a barbecue, the men took charge of the cooking though Rosemary had prepared all the ingredients. Becky helped her carry everything from the kitchen. Geoff and I sipped beer as we cooked, while the girls settled back and started into the wine. We ate at the patio table. Our conversation was wide ranging and light hearted, as dinner conversations usually are. Becky was on my right and Rosemary on my left, with Geoff opposite. The meal neared its end and I reached down to settle my right hand on Becky's thigh, just above her knee. Without interrupting her conversation with Rosemary she casually swung her body round to face her. The movement appeared entirely natural and it shifted her open thighs closer, giving me easier access. I spent a happy half hour caressing her inner thigh and trying to reach her pussy as she continued casually conversing with Rosemary. By now I was extremely horny. I noticed that my actions were mirrored across the table. Geoff's hand moved under the table and I wondered again whether Rosemary had bothered to wear pants.

The girls stood up to clear the table, followed slowly by Geoff and I as we tried unsuccessfully to hide our erections. We cleared the patio table quite quickly but four of us were too many for the kitchen and we kept tripping over each other.

"Why don't you and Becky go out and enjoy the sunset?" Rosemary commented, "Geoff and I can fill the dishwasher". We needed no further invitation

Becky sat down on a lounger and stretched out on her back in the last of the sun. I dragged a lounger alongside hers and settled back on it. The garden was quiet and peaceful and the air was pleasantly warm. After all the food and booze I felt deliciously relaxed and somewhat light headed. I reached out a hand and ran it languidly up Becky's thigh. She sighed happily and lay quiet for a while. I gently rubbed her clit through her shorts. After a few minutes she sat up abruptly. Bending over me she used both hands to unclasp my belt, unzip my jeans and to deftly release my prick into the cool evening air. She bent further and took my straining prick into her warm mouth. She stopped with her lips encircling the head of my prick for what seemed a lifetime. A minute or so later (though it felt far longer) she began to move her head up and down. I lay back as she continued in this vein, slowly building my passion layer upon layer. She was holding my prick firmly as she increased her pace and started sucking. I began thinking that I would not last through much more of this. Suddenly she stopped sucking and licked all around my glans with little flicks of her tongue. Her breath was warm and her tongue was so, so soft. As she licked she increased the tempo of her wanking. This was totally exquisite! Her grip became even firmer and her hand movements accelerated as she took me back into her mouth, sucking and wanking harder and harder.

"Becky stop!" I gasped. "The night's young and I don't want to cum just yet." She raised her head and looked coquettishly up at me. Her hand was still gripping my prick. A mischievous smile played on her damp lips and her eyes twinkled as she said, " I'll let you off for now, but I won't let you off a second time." She released my prick and laid back. I said nothing. I was still going through the nineteen times table in my head. Luckily our garden is only overlooked by a bedroom in the house which adjoins the bottom of our garden. I knew this was a spare bedroom because the curtains were never drawn and the light never came on. The owners, Keith and Mary appeared to be away for the weekend anyway, so no one could see us as we quietly watched the sun disappear. My prick pointed up at the early evening stars. Becky broke the silence.

"Geoff and Rosemary are a long time. I hope they're alright." She shot me a knowing smile.

"Let's go and find out" I replied, standing up and reaching for her hand to help her to her feet.

We crept through the lounge and peeked into the kitchen. The door was ajar. I gently pushed it further open to gain a better view. Geoff's ass was directly in front of us, thrusting vigorously back and forth! He was facing away from the door, bending slightly with his back towards us and with his jeans round his ankles. Rosemary was beneath him, leaning forward on her arms. Her hands were planted firmly on the table. We could not see much of Rosemary because she was hidden by Geoff but it was obvious that he was pumping in and out of her pussy from behind, as hard and fast as he could. Rosemary was pushing back against him and moaned from time to time, clearly enjoying herself. She was trying to stifle her cries so that they wouldn't carry to the garden but I knew her little moans well - and I realised she was on the very point of orgasm. I'll give Geoff his due, he wastes no time in getting down to business!

I squeezed Becky's hand and led her quietly back into the lounge. I was a little shocked at finding my wife fucking someone else in our kitchen. Of course I'd seen her with other men and, once I got over my initial surprise I realised how much it turned me on. I wondered how Becky would react to finding Geoff 'in flagrante delicto'. This must be a first for her. The sun had set and the garden was in darkness. I didn't bother with the lounge curtains but I thought I should close the patio doors to keep flying insects out. The windows acted as a mirror and I could see Becky's reflection as I pulled the doors together. She was standing in the centre of the room, untying her blouse. I turned just as she shrugged it off her shoulders onto the floor. She was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were even more perfect than I remembered. They were a little large for her height, with pretty uptilted pink nipples. I ripped off my shirt as Becky undid the button on her shorts, unzipped them and slipped them down her legs.

I'll continue this tale in part 2