Written by Jane

15 Sep 2014

Weve been so busy lately that sex has taken a back seat , we haven't even been to La Chambre since February.

So on Friday Steve booked us into a nice hotel for a bit of US time. on arrival we booked into our room , then went for a walk round the grounds. When we returned we went to our room to get ready for dinner, after a shower , I told him to wait for me in the bar . I dressed in a tight fitting black dress balcony bra and hold ups . no pants.

I met Steve at the bar and we went for dinner , the meal was exceptional it was 10.30 now and we left for the bar, it was there we met Jason and Sam , two young guys that were staying at the hotel before going to a wedding the next day.

After a bit of chat at the bar we all settled down in a quiet part of the bar. I think the guys knew we were up for fun as more than once Jason touched my leg each time leaving his hand there longer each time. Then Steve just came out with it "why don't you 3 go to the room,i'll follow later". We never waited a moment longer the 3 of us heading for the lift , minutes later we were in our room me on my knees sucking there cocks getting them hard Sam was the bigger of the two Jason was similar to steve. Sam pulled me to my feet pulling the zip down on my dress , when I stepped out of it they threw me on the bed , Jason burying his head between my legs Sam making me suck his cock , I was soaking I needed fucking and I told them straight away Jason was up me fucking me roughly both of them calling me a slut, Jason pulled out turning me on my knees then Sam taking his place as Jason started to fuck my face its ages since I had been treat so rough , but I was loving it. I felt Sam stiffen inside me and grab my hips as he unloaded his load in me , quickly followed by Jason shooting loads in my mouth, I never spilt a drop . Leaving me satisfied on the bed they dressed and left before telling me that on Saturday they were being joined by another 5 mates and they would meet us in the bar just before closing !!!. As they opened the door to leave Steve was just coming in, he looked at me lying there , closed the door and swiftly started to lick the cum from my pussy. All I was thinking was do I take them up on the offer could I be gang Banged by 7 guys all nearly half my age with that thought I cum all over steves toungue mmmmmmm

What did I do ?