Written by Kathy T

19 Mar 2011

Being Bad 2

My name is Kathy and at the time of this experience I was 28. I have brown hair and blue eyes and weigh 120 lbs, standing 5”7’.

My sex life was pretty tame and rather boring until my boyfriend Dave introduced me to a kinky world I grew to really enjoy. I always loved the attention I always got from boys (and men). Secretly, I loved teasing them and driving them crazy. Even my dads friends (when I was younger)would play along when I was in one of my sexy moods. Dave noticed this one day and instead of getting all angry and start up a fight with me (like all the other bf”s did), he insisted I do more of it! I told him he was crazy but soon started getting turned on by the idea of performing for him. Dave and I lived together and his friends were always over our place drinking and smoking and hanging out. I knew my bf wanted me to play around with his friends so I began dressing in short shorts or super tight pants around the house. I couldn’t believe how horny and vulgar they would get while I shamelessly teased them all. I could tell Dave was loving it too because he would often announce that he had to find some stuff in the garage or that we were low on beer and he was going to the liquor store, leaving me alone with horny guys who were practically chasing me around and rubbing up on me, copping all sorts of feels. One of his friends Gary, cornered me in our laundry room and said he just had to kiss me. He grabbed me and pulled me close to him putting his mouth down hard on mine while I pushed and tried to escape. I was so turned on by his attack that my fight was slowly giving up. When his tongue finally pushed its way in my mouth I gave up and put my arms around his neck and started kissing back. It was quickly turning into a hot make out session with Gary’s rough hands sliding into my shorts from behind and squeezing my bare ass cheeks hard. It felt so good and I could tell I was getting real hot (and wet!) but I knew we had to stop. Right as I was starting to push him away from me, another friend of my bf’s Eli, came in the small laundry room catching us saying he had been looking for me everywhere and smiling with a dirty/sexy smile. Gary was kind of startled which gave me the opportunity to shake loose and I ran out of the room as Eli slapped my ass hard calling me a naughty slut. He was right! Dave would make me tell him all the sexy details later when we would play alone and we would both cum like crazy all night.

One night Dave’s dealer Tory showed up with a “business partner” of his to show us “new product” he had. Dave and I had already been partying a bit and welcomed the invite. Tory and his partner (Willz) were both “thug type” black guys and as we partied in our living room, I found my head spinning and I began getting dirty thoughts about being the only female with these three men partying. I thought, what would my mom and dad say if they could see me now. They would be so shocked! What would they think of their sweet white little innocent daughter if she crawled on her hands and knees over to these two black gangsters and took their big black cocks out and started sucking on them! OMG!! My kinky thoughts were about to make me cum right there! I was wearing a short tennis skirt and a tight tiny thong that was so hard against my swelling clit. I wanted to squeeze my legs together but I knew that would make me cum for sure right in front of my bf and his two black friends!! All of a sudden I heard someone yell out my name which brought me back to reality. “Kathy, you ok? You look hot and bothered!” said Dave. I smiled and said the smoke just has me thinking some crazy things in my head. I think Dave knew exactly what I was thinking because he said he needed to get something from a friends house and that he’d be right back. He told me to keep his two buddies good company and he kissed me on the cheek and was gone just that fast. As soon as the door shut, both Tory and Willz started asking me what scenes I had in my head? I started blushing and looking away from them saying it was too embarrassing to share and to forget about it. They kept pestering me when all of a sudden Tory said, “Did it have anything to do with getting high with two big black cocks?” My mouth fell open as I was shocked that he guessed. I didn’t even say anything as they both started laughing at me saying, “Busted!!!! Hahaha…Tell us…C’mon. You wouldn’t be the first hot white bitch that’s told us that!” I couldn’t believe my ears! I don’t know what came over me but I began to speak out without really thinking. “Ok,,,,,uh… I was just thinking of how my parents would react to me smoking out with you guys….and….uh….if I crawled across the floor and….uh….. took out both your cocks and …uh….sucked them. That’s it… Funny huh?” That’s it. It was out in the open now. Tory asked me if I liked the idea of being a slut for black cock . Again my mouth fell open in shock. He then told me to get down on my hands and knees. Was this really happening? I told him it was just a fantasy then he cut me off and kind of yelled at me, “Now bitch!” A strange feeling of both fear and wanting came over me and before I knew it, wanting won over and I was on all fours on the ground. They both came and stood close to me. One of them lifted my skirt to my waist so my thong covered ass was on display for them. They were saying all sorts of filthy things to me which was making me so crazy. “Damn! Look at that white ass Willz! Nothing like a fine white slutty ass!” They walked over to the sofa and sat down while ordering me to crawl around the room for them like a dog which I gladly did. They both seemed to really like my white ass so I made sure to bend it good and shake it for them. My thoughts went back to my family and stuck up white girlfriends and imagining them watching my slutty performance and I couldn’t help but slip a hand under myself to rub my aching, burning wet pussy. When they saw me pleasing myself first, they screamed at me to stop and crawl over to them. I was so frustrated and felt so close to orgasm that was almost in tears. They already had their big black cocks out and jerking in their hands. I paused for a second in awe (and hunger)of these thick huge black cocks before me. Torys cock was fatter and about 8 inches long with a fat dark mushroom head (which was dripping like a faucet!). Willz’s cock was kind of scary looking. Real long and thin and looked dark grey with veins running all over it. It was so big and hard (and so ugly) that I wanted it to take me and use me! The hard fat dripping cock was my choice. Tory grabbed a handful of my hair and started forcing my face all over his huge black cock and balls. I did my best too keep up with my mouth and tongue slobbering all over him. I was getting lost in pleasing this monster black cock when I felt my thong roughly forced to one side of my ass from behind, and a tongue shoved deep in my ass!! How dirty!! The sensation threw me over the edge and I came in powerful jolts with a black cock in my mouth and a tongue in my ass. Most of the rest was a slutty sexy haze. I kept sucking Torys delicious black cock while Willz took me doggy style. His disgusting thin, vieny, long cock fucked me hard and deep for a long time and kept me cumming just as long. Then they switched places and I eagerly sucked the ugly cock while Torys fat cock took my sweet white pussy to places it never went. It was so thick. I had never been stretched like that before. I think I fell in love with that perfect fat black cock that night. Even when Willz came in my mouth and on my face, I begged Tory not to cum. Willz was through and got dressed and I begged Tory to please have a seat on the sofa so I could ride his magnificent cock. I was so happy when he said ok. I was getting lost in my own world over this cock!. I think my bf was back and talking but I wasn’t sure. It was just me and Tory. I slowly climbed on him with my blue eyes locked with his. I reached for his beautiful black cock and slowly rubbed his still dripping hot cock head up and down the whole length of both my pussy and ass, teasing him the whole way. The feeling was so intense for the both of us as we moaned loudly together. I just kept rubbing slowly back and forth. On one slow pass he grabbed me around the waist and jammed that fat head in me. My body exploded as I shoved myself all the way down his huge black shaft. Our mouths were locked and our tongues made love as we slowly fucked up and down. “I know you love my black cock, slut.” “Oh my god, I do. I hope you never stop fucking me with that black cock.” Hearing my loving admiration got him so hot he grabbed me hard from my hips and started pounding me hard onto his cock saying, “Yeah white bitch! You’re mine now.” . I kept cumming and cumming. When he told me he was about to cum, I begged him to let me swallow all of his sweet juice. He tossed me off and I jumped down to that unbelievable cock.The second my mouth touched his black cock, he exploded thick white creamy loads that I guided down my throat and I sucked and sucked like a woman possessed! Well. I was.