Written by ArlingtonOne

15 Sep 2013

Watching Ben stress over his wife being fucked…right there in front of him…was understandable. I’ve several times experienced that same audience…that same gut feeling…you want to do something about it, BUT simply can’t break the rules of the swing party! That evening it was Lucille’s choice to join in with the the Ellen Court swing event…to be ‘chosen lady’ for the evening. Ben should have simply relished it…it was his long term goal to have his wife participate with his swing friends AND fellow members. However, as many of us know well, when you get what you ask for…it’s sometimes a hard thing to personally reconcile.

Ben and Lucille are in their late 30’s…married over 10 years…2 young children cared for by a live-in nanny. Before marriage, Ben had been a member of this same swing group…never relinquished his participation. After all, as a “single” he was an exception to the group’s member rules…BUT the ladies enjoy him. After his marriage, he continued membership and often tried to persuade his wife to actively join their occasional play times. Lucille, an attractive Mom, has all the requisite looks, figure and body…nicely suited to the swing nature and pleasure. BUT, for years, she refused active participation while not objecting to her husband’s occasional dalliances at their swing events. Yes, Lucille would often accompany Ben to the parties, but would not allow her own induction to the sexual activities. When Ben would engage in a one-on-one OR GB invite, Lucille would casually absent herself and return home quietly…and alone!

This time, Ben was able to influence OR cajole his wife into an active evening. Judi and I not sure how Ben orchestrated Lucille’s involvement…but here it was…last Wednesday evening…Judi and attending the Ellen Court party privately invited friends of the group…Judi and I watched Lucille become an active member…! Not sure if Lucille was aware she would be the GB object that night…it was a moot point by the time we arrived. Ben apparently introduced two other husbands to his wife, and moved on to his play partner while his wife was escorted into a private party room. Judi and I remained in the main parlor…had a drink and shared conversation with some friends. Perhaps 15 or 20 minutes later, 2 or 3 other husbands headed to the private room…inviting some of us to come in and watch…maybe even consider participating…! Ben also accompanied us into the room where his wife was taken.

Quietly entering, Judi and I observed Lucille had been sucking both men’s cocks…just finishing. The two men then guided her onto the guest bed…she was already properly undressed…still wearing her pumps and jewelry. Judi and I were impressed with her appearance. As Lucille was laid on the bed, a good friend of ours, Marlowe…a gentleman in his late 50’s, married with wife present in the main parlor, was the first to approach Lucille. Didn’t take him too long to undress and have cock in hand ready to play. In fact, Marlowe was probably ready minutes earlier…as if by some planning ahead.

Lying over Lucille, Marlowe guided his hardened cock into her love canal…BUT no casual, gentle gesture. No…rather, Marlowe rammed his cock hard and deep into Lucille. Taken by surprise, Lucille tried to shift about as one of the other lads pressed her shoulders back down on the bed. Marlow withdrew his cock…and once again rammed deep. He did this 5 times…Judi and I were counting…!! On the 5th plunge, his cock remained in Lucille’s cunny…we knew he was spunking her. A minute later, he slowly withdrew his glistening cock, and as he motioned for the next lad to come onto the bed, he stood up…put a towel around his waist…and walked toward our area of the room.

The next lad began to fuck Lucille…her legs hoisted over his shoulders as he proceeded to bang Ben’s wife. As Marlowe walked by, Judi exclaimed…”Marlowe…what was that about…you’re normally a raging locomotive fuck machine…!!” Marlowe laughed…said his wife Maria wasn’t too happy about him fucking Ben’s wife that night. BUT, Marlowe wanted to be part of the GB party…and at minimum wanted to lubricate Lucille’s cunny for the others. He did that well…!

For me, however, I was surprised with my wife’s remark! What did she mean…and how would she know…about Marlowe’s sexual skills. Later that evening, I queried Marlowe personally and privately. More on that later.

Over the course of nearly two hours, a train of gentlemen pleasured Lucille…and themselves. Ben watched in apparent agony…he felt he could do little. Lucille would be used as she laid, back down on the bed, and sometimes lifted to doggie position to allow multiple fuck partners at once. Never a rejection spoken…Lucille softly moaned most of the time…and on occasion, she’d squeal in apparent pleasure. BUT, never uttered a command to stop…!!

I whispered to Ben…he could stop the GB…his choice. Judi exclaimed quickly, “No way…Ben would lose his swing membership with the Ellen Court group… Besides, Lucille agreed to party that night…why spoil her fun…” (my wife smiled as she spoke) My wife was correct…it was up to the lady to end her party without risk to membership. Lucille never objected…never asked for a halt. That night, Lucille was fucked orally, anally and vaginally…by what we estimated to be 7 to 9 men…or more! Clear to see the results of Lucille’s fuck…semen dribbled from her mouth…mixed with her own saliva. Jizz as well oozed from her pussy lips…and where Judi and I couldn’t observe, likely her worn bum was soothed by various men’s spunk… 2 or 3 of the wives wanted to participate…but weren’t allowed. One of the gals…we didn’t know her…objected to what she called sexist rules. Her hubby intervened and handed his wife over to other members. Obviously, she was under the influence…didn’t resist. She was taken into another room…3 gentlemen accompanying her. The girl wasn’t seen for at least an hour…though my wife said that as she visited one of the home’s bath rooms, she passed an open door to the suite where this gal was taken. The girl was being dual-fucked by two husbands…with a 3rd lad seemingly waiting for his turn. Whoever the gal…she wasn’t entirely in volunteer mode, but didn’t seem to have the capacity to stop her partners. Judi commented…amusingly for me…that she thought of going into the room and play with the gal as well, BUT thought better than risking herself with the men…seems 1 or 2 others were waiting outside for their turn.

Late that night, before Judi and I returned home, I intercepted Marlowe privately in the library. I confronted him in a pleasant manner…asking…”My wife seems to know your style quite well…by chance have you two shared before…?” Marlowe replied…”Don’t be naïve Arli…of course…! Your wife is one of the hottest married women here in her 40’s…few men would reject the opportunity to fuck her…! You know that my friend…you know that well… While you fuck the women you want, your wife opens her legs willingly…when she wants to…and Christ…she is a hot bitch to fuck long and deep…!! She and I have been meeting time to time over the last 4 years…!!” I looked at him with disbelief… He continued to speak…”Your wife makes her own choices…knows when she wants to open those legs. She knows how to suck cock…and she knows what we…what I want…from a married slut…!! You’re NOT the only one around here who knows what to look for in a lovely bitch…!! Besides…bet you don’t know…how much your wife likes it in the ass…do you…!! You so often say you’re wife doesn’t like ass fucking. News for you, Arli, she takes it all in well. First guy opens her door…lubes her…rest of us just enjoy your wife’s bum love hole…even when she loses control of her body…!! So, don’t be so high and mighty…your wife knows what a good time is all about, my friend…!!”

Again…I could hardly believe what was said…though as well realized, Marlowe was speaking truth. I’ve learned a lot about my wife over the last 18 months…more than nearly 20 years of marriage…and it’s NOT all that comforting for me…!

Am I dense…do I really know the extent of my wife’s slut behavior…? Apparently, I don’t have a full awareness of her partying… Marlowe looked at me…said…”Arli, don’t be concerned… Listen…you like Maria…why not invite her out. It’d make my life easier if another lad takes my wife to bed… I know you’re not into the swing thing…BUT make an exception…Maria is hot for her 50’s. AND, I know you like to fuck older, married gals…don’t you…!!” Marlowe was right…mostly right. Later, when Judi and I left for home, I casually walked past Marlowe’s and Maria’s table…said to Maria…”Your hubby is a good guy….let him have his fun…this is why you both are members here… Besides, let’s you and I chat about the membership. I’ve enjoyed the Ellen Court invite…maybe something to all of this…” Maria smiled, and making sure her hubby was looking to his conversation with Judi…she replied…”call me at my private M…you have it in your client file…” I plan to…I very much plan to…! If Marlowe has been fucking my wife for over 4 years…then I have a lot to catch up with Maria…;) Yes…she’s 52…and every bit a hot lady. Marlowe is correct…why not enjoyment for ALL of us…!!

As for my wife’s behavior…why am I not surprised. From her group fucking at last year’s convention…even risking her party fuck with my nearby presence …to this year’s conference GB. I’m not even considering the many, many day/nite trips she takes for “business.” Likely, it’s ALL personal business of a sexual nature. I’m only leaning more every week…!!