Written by ArlingtonOne

16 Sep 2013

No question, Lucille’s willingness to be “GB “object of affection” at last week’s Ellen Court Swing Club’s party remains upmost in my personal AND some business-related conversations! Ben eventually learned that 9 of his fellow club members pleasured his wife Wednesday evening...some multiple times in violation of the club's rules! While still not known how Lucille has taken to her “acclaim,” several of our neighbors have quickly taken to Ben’s wife…expecting even more of her in coming months. Remember, Lucille has refrained…to now…from getting overly involved with her husband’s membership…often joining him at the monthly swing parties, but rarely getting into the sexual activity.

Lucille’s role has been stay-at-home Mom, though they employ a full-time nanny. My wife Judi was impressed with Lucille’s willing behavior last week…I tend to believe Ben may have set his wife up for the party…not realizing how far her “bed time” would take his lovely spouse… With little if any recourse that wouldn’t put Ben into awkward stance with his swing club, he simply watched his wife fucked…over and over again…by friends and neighbors in the club…!

No question, my wife and I would like to engage Lucille…separately since Judi and I did not discuss “collaboration”…;) No…I watched my wife’s envious eyes…envious for perhaps two reasons. First of all, she enjoyed watching Lucille’s sensuality in play…Lucille’s body first time in full view…had all the attributes a lady or gentleman would enjoy taking… Secondly, I as well sensed Judi’s quiet appreciation and admiration of how many gentlemen fucked Ben’s wife. Without question, Lucille’s train was looked upon with some jealousy…BUT Judi never openly remarked. I sensed it during Lucille’s play time…and especially after learning more about my wife’s activities when I had drinks with Marlowe’s wife, Maria, this past Sunday.

Recall, during Lucille’s “party” I learned that one of her train partners…Maria’s hubby Marlowe…has been fucking my wife as well for over 4 years. Marlowe and Maria are in their 50’s…Maria I believe 52…and hubby getting close to the 60 mark! Comments my wife made during the Lucille fuckfest prompted to learn more about her relationship with Marlowe…and none better source than his wife.

Maria didn’t hesitate to share. Learning about my wife and her husband was powerful stuff…! Seems Marlowe appealed to my wife’s instinct for excitement and variety. Over 4 years ago, Marlowe a strapping, physical guy, knew how to pull my wife’s sexual strings…as well as bra, briefs, stockings and all… Marlowe also knew my wife opens up when she’s had too much libation…too many gents are well aware of my wife’s characteristic to drink too much…and leave little for self-control. Marlowe capitalized on it. In fact, Maria admitted to playing with my wife on occasion…with her husband present of course. Their interludes would be about 5 or 6 times a year…until last year when Marlowe sought Judi’s affections almost every month. In fact, I also learned it was Marlowe who instigated a major change in my wife’s appearance…!

Marlowe ordered my wife to clean shave her pussy. For years I enjoyed my wife’s modest, nicely manicured pubic bush…always thought fun to maneuver and play. Last year, summer, my wife one evening came to bed…told me she had a surprise…and wanted to sit on my face. NO seeming surprise for me…I enjoy cunnilingus…on my wife AND other ladies. As Judi climbed onto our bed, and positioned herself over my face…”the surprise”…a smoothly shaven slit…ready to be played and eaten out…and later fucked…! While a surprise, I have to admit, I enjoyed it every bit…! Her clean shaven manner has also helped me appreciate and learn how much my wife gets in extra-marital fuck time…!! No question when she’s been group fucked…the clit markings and soreness areas are usually there in view. No apparent shame…my wife knows I engage other women…she’s taken on a new aura of sexual freedom AND opportunity for which sometimes I regret.

Maria related my wife’s “first shave.” When Judi ‘obeyed’ her tryst partner, and showed up at his office (he has a large Contractor company for which my firm manages legal issues…why I know he and his wife well…) in the privacy of Marlowe’s office, Judi lifted her skirt and pulled her bikini aside… Marlowe and Maria enjoyed the show…;) Marlowe told his wife to take Judi into a private meet room…get her ready for some fun…he would join them shortly.

While my wife was undressing…Maria suggested she not have any wine that afternoon. My wife refused the advice…and while preparing to play, quickly consumed at least 2 glasses of Pinot Grigio. Maria said no more. Half hour later, Marlowe came in the room…admired Judi’s total nakedness. Maria told her hubby to enjoy, and prepared to step out. Marlowe wanted no such thing…he wanted his wife to be there…watch the sex play. He instructed his wife to open the door leading to his office at his command. Marlowe isn’t usually into cunnilingus, BUT that first afternoon, he devoured my wife’s pussy…fingering, eating away…bringing Judi to her 1st orgasm. Marlowe than transferred his position on top of my wife, to the one my wife had called…at Lucille’s party…the ‘locomotive fuck machine!’ Marlowe’s cock punched its way into Judi’s cunny…deep and driven with passion. Within a few minutes, he signaled his wife to open the office door.

As Maria opened the door, there stood 2 of Marlowe’s young contractor lads…one of whom Maria had been fucking for a year or more…! Maria realized her husband would celebrate Judi’s pussy submission with a group fuck…right there…in the conference room… When Judi realized what would happen, she tried to object. Marlowe would have nothing of it…as he continued to bang my wife’s cunt… As he unloaded his jizz minutes later…deep in Judi’s love hole…he instructed the 1st lad to missionary position…and continue the party. He then had the other lad position his cock next to my wife’s face…clearly commanding her to suck on the young man’s enormous rod…! Marlowe then pulled his wife to Judi…and ordered her to suck on Judi’s titties. There was a pause…as Maria walked me through that afternoon… I asked her if she obeyed her husband’s command. “Of course I did…” Maria replied. As she smiled, she said Judi was always a friendly partner…always a married woman she could rely on for confidentiality…sharing of events…and when matters important, she and Judi would favor each other’s body.

When the young lads were finished with ‘duties,’ Marlowe dismissed them…and proceeded to fuck my wife again…as Maria positioned her own shaven snatch over Judi’s face. To be sure…there was NO more official business that afternoon…my wife’s pleasant shaven surprise for Marlowe became the priority that afternoon. I don’t recall the date last year (Maria knew it well…;) but assume Judi had scheduled to be away “on business” as that she would have clearly demonstrated how well she had been used and fucked that day if she had come home that evening.

Maria expressed some remorse, BUT I could tell she’s likely been sharing my wife’s affections. Judi normally likes to have young men in her trysts…and I know she enjoys an occasional young pussy…to use and educate. However, given her circumstances and on-going affair with Marlowe, Judi has been shrewd to include Maria in her trysting…

Considering this has all but become a “family-driven” affair between my wife and Marlowe and his wife…the time for me now to nurture and fuck Maria. At Lucille’s group swing fuck, Marlowe offered me his wife…to have…to enjoy…to play. He knows I’ll play Maria well… At this stage…why not…!! Maria and I are having dinner next week…while Judi is on sales calls in Shannon…and Marlowe at a work site estimate analysis in Lisbon…