Written by anonymous

21 Jun 2010

What were the best bits of my weekend. Hmmm. Lets see.

Well i would say they were as follows.

Watching my Mrs in her red silky dressing gown being fondled and touched by my two friends from work.

Her reclining on our sofa with them as i watched. An observer only. Her giggling as her gown was slid slowly aside inch by inch to reveal more and more of her white skin. Eventually revealing her pert creamy breasts and then her freshly shaven pussy.

I remember holding my breath as i watched.

Apprehension,then two pairs of eager hands cupping her breasts,flickering over the tips of her nipples,stroking down further and further before exploring her intimate wet lips.

Watching one guy undress then hold his cock at the base and offer it just at the entrance to her mouth whilst his friend gently parted her thighs and tasted her,his mouth touching her skin and juices for the first time. The submissive helpless look on her face as she gazed in my direction as seconds later opening wide she tasted this new strange cock.

Seeing a thick veiny cock with a bright red plummy head enter her lovely mouth.

Wanking my cock as i saw her cupping his balls and a ring of white pre-cum build up around his shaft and the corners of her mouth.

My pleasure at seeing the other guys impressive length touch her gaping pussy lips before slowly stretching them around first the hard purple head then the shaft,entering her until his neatly trimmed pubic hair was ground against her mound.

Maybe it was when she started to make those little whimpering noises that i am so familiar with as both guys said they were close to cumming. Her neck area flushed red indicating her orgasm was close too.

The older of the two guys pushing hard and cumming deep inside her belly,his friend not far behind him carressing her hair as he emptied himself over her tongue and in to her open mouth. Not a drop appeared to be spilt.

Watching the two guys silently change places then resume as though it was the most normal thing in the world.

The older chaps shiny wet and semi erect cock dropping in to her mouth.

She has always been an expert at oral sex and i could imagine her tongue flicking over the slippery end of his cock once it was inside her mouth. A mixture of his and her juices covering it. His younger friend sliding straight inside her as he like me watched the whole thing.

I was impressed by my two friends control and consideration.

Each time her orgasm came to the edge they were holding back slightly.

She seemed desperate and was writhing,panting and gripping the sofa as she sucked the now fully erect cock in her mouth. The man between her open thighs was fucking her with increased urgency. Firmly holding her thighs as his thrusts became more desperate.

She started to cum and i saw her stop sucking. The guys cock was withdrawn from her mouth,he started to quickly stroke the shaft,the head of his cock barely touching her wet creamy lips.

She was still convulsing as he groaned and i watched as a jet of thick white cum shoot in to her mouth followed by another and another. A fourth lesser amount landed on her closed lips as she swallowed and it ran to her chin and dripped on to her cleavage.

This was too much for me and as i came heavily i saw the other guy slam his cock once twice then a third time in to her,his shaft and her whole pussy was covered in creamy fluid. He came deep inside her adding to the previous load.

All four of us were then exhausted and content.

Maybe this was the best part of my weekend.I dont know.

I think it probably was though.