Written by mouthman

1 Oct 2007

I finally met a genuine couple up for fun.It started by going for a drink near there home.

We had a great laugh,a very relaxed evening.After a couple

of hours the wife said it was time to get us boys home.

We walked to the house,she stroked our cocks all the way home.

Soon as we got in the door,she ran upstairs.Me and the husband went into the lounge.He put some porn on the tv

we sat and watched.

A ten minutes the wife came down in stockings lacy thong and high heeled boots.

She sat between us,with her looking like this and the porn i was bursting out my pants.She put one leg over each of ours and started to unzip our trousers.With this i slid my hand in her thong,she was so wet.We kissed,just watched.

I got up and undressed,she started to suck his cock.Sadly

to say much larger than mine.

She asked if he could suck my cock as it really turns her

on.By now i was so horny,id do anything.

I squeezed my balls and slid my cock in his mouth.She sat

back and started to play with her very wet pussy.

To my surprise this was a fantastic blow job.I was on the

verge of cumming,so i pulled out.

She said please suck his cock,this was a big shock.But i was so turned on i did it.Almost straight away she screemed

as she cum.

His cock was dripping pre cum,i could feel he was ready to

blow.I took hold of his balls and shaft and wanked him off

to an almighty climax,he cum in bucket loads.

With this i pulled her thong to one side,and went down on

her.Her clit was massive,like a little bell end.It did\\\'nt

take much sucking,she came in seconds.

With this i just had to fuck her,she loved it.When i was about to cum,the guy pulled my cock out her foaming puss

and sucked me to an amazing climax.They then both kissed

and shared my cum.

We carried on most of the night in one way or another.I never thought i\\\'d have a guy suck my cock,nor suck a guys

cock.But this girl was so horny i just had to take part.

We have arranged another night soon,possible a bi fem might

join us.Will my heart take it.