8 Sep 2018

Like a lot of hubby’s on this site I had a desire for a bi male to join us in the bedroom we have been swinging for a few years now and we have full swapped with other bi couples Cathy has wanked a couple gents at the same time so I didn’t see any problems but when I suggested it to Cathy I got a big no way.

Not one to give up I continued to suggest it by reading Cathy bi mmf stories and showing her porn which really turned on on and of course made me very horny.

Finally she give in and said she would try on condition that she wouldn’t fuck if she didn’t want to so I assured her there was many gents who are happy just watching with both gents just wanking each other so I went on the hunt for a suitable gent which proved more difficult than you would think some were to young we don’t do cheating married men others I got the feeling would jump on her as soon as they seen her naked.

Eventually I came across a gent called Richard a little older than us seemed very polite and bi sexual so I showed Cathy his profile and she approved and agreed for a meet and chat only so I set up a meet with Richard and we met him for a drink which ended up having a meal with him he made Cathy feel very relaxed and special so we all felted good about meeting the following weekend we said our good byes and Cathy and myself went home and straight to bed and fucked like mad as I whispered in Cathy’s ear about Richard joining us which made her cunt really wet.

The following weekend arrived I was very excited but Cathy was still a little unsure but I assured her again there was no pressure on her to fuck and she could just watch so I booked a hotel room and we met Richard at the bar and had a few drinks to settle everyone’s nerves Cathy got up and said to give her ten minutes before joining her in the bedroom so Richard and I got another drink and chatted about what might happen I reminded Richard to let Cathy come to us if she wanted to.

The ten minutes pasted by and we went to our bedroom and knocked the door Cathy said come in for us to see Cathy had changed into a little short skirt and low top and looked delicious I took the lead and said to Cathy why not sit on the bed and watch which she did I then looked at Richard and looked a the bulge in his pants so I undid his belt unzipped his fly I could see his good size hard on though his underwear I looked over and Cathy was watching with interest so I pulled down Richards underwear to release his cock and I started slowly wanking him then he pulled me up and I felted his hand on my cock and my trousers being undone and removed then Richard was slowly wanking me it just felted so horny with Cathy there watching us I noticed her skirt had shorten a bit and I could just see her knickers and I am sure Richard could see them also.

I then looked at Richards cock as I wanked him but I really wanted Cathy to see me sucking him so I went down on my knees and placed his cock in my mouth sucking him hard I looked up to see Richard looking at Cathy’s knicker covered cunt this made me suck even harder I looked again and noticed that Cathy’s hand had moved between her legs rubbing her cunt though her knickers I knew by now her cunt must be getting wet.

The gent that Richard is stopped me sucking him perhaps he was about to cum but I then felt Richard down sucking my rock hard cock looking over again at Cathy to see her knickers had come off and her hand was now down rubbing her clit hard this was mind blowing for me this time I had to stop Richard sucking me otherwise I would have cum in his mouth so I pulled him up for him to see Cathy wanking she had that look of lust in her eyes so i moved Richard closer wanking his hard cock closer to Cathy’s cunt as she moved her hand away we could see her open wet cunt so I touched Richard’s cock on her lips to get some cunt juices on the head of his cock then slowly moved his cock up to her clit and beginning to rub his cock hard on her clit this drives Cathy mad and she gushes and her clit becomes untouchable now so she shouts give me that cock so I move it down slightly so Richard’s cock is perfectly placed at her cunt hole I nod to Richard and he rams it home and I hear Cathy groan as she gets his full length poor old Richard doesn’t last that long and blows his load deep in Cathy’s cunt this doesn’t matter as Richard pulls out and I am ready to replace his cock slipping into her sloppy used cunt is heaven and I pump away but I doesn’t last much longer than Richard and my load joins his load deep inside her cunt.

We all collapse hot and sticky I think Cathy has gushed several times as the bed is very damp so we all get up with a smile on our faces and wobbly legs and I whisper into Cathy’s ear now that wasn’t to bad.