Written by bi couple in staffs

28 Jul 2008

We are seasoned swingers and had our first party last weekend at our home. We invited two other couples that we knew and my wife enjoyede gatting the place spick and span for their visit. Both couples werebi-couples that we had met at different times and agreed to have a bi- sixsome as none of us had done that before. One couple stayed overnight and the other left at the end of the evening. One couple came early in the day and we had lunch together followed by shopping and relaxing. In the evening we had a lovely early dinner awaiting and the other couple. We had decided to \"get ready\" before the meal so that we could start the fun straight afterwards. My wife decided to wear a short balck skirt, stockings and a see-through top that showed off her lovely 36C tits. The other lady also wore a short black skirt, strockings and a low top. We had a lovely dinner with my wife placed opposite the husband of the other couple so that he could view her tits all evening. By the end of the meal had a hard-on and was ready to have sex with my wife. After dinner his wife and I cleard the dishes and went to the kitchen to make it tidy whilst her husband and my wife started kissing and gently playing with each other - he did not take off her clothes as we were waiting for the other couple but he did feel up her skirt and get her wet and let her play with his cock although she did not get it out a this stage.

When the other couple arrived she had a simple short dress with a very low top on so all the ladies were dressed for sex. We chatted and had a few drinks and thn I started to undress one of the other ladies - by the time she wa naked I noticed my wife was already on her knees suscking one of the men and the other man and woman were also undresing each other - each man with another man\'s wife.

In no time we were all on the floor or suite chairs sucking open lagged women - at one point I was sucking one woman\'s cunt, feeling my wife\'s tits and another woman\'s tits. My wife also sucked the other tit of the woman I was with whilst wanking her husband\'s cock in front of my face. She then kissed me and sucked his cock about two inches from my face. I shoved my cock up his wife\'s cunt whilst we both watched her husband being sucked off by my wife. My wife then took his cock in her hand and wanked it into my mouth whilst encouraging me to give his wife a good fuck. My wife then wanked the man\'s cock into his own wife\'s mouth and then told him to fuck her next to his wife, which he did with my woife playing with his wife\'s tits.

The other couple joined us and the woman pushed the man\'s cock in my wife and asked me to fuck her. The woman under me moved and got on all fours so the other man could fuck her from behind. I lay down and the woman got on top of me and fucked herself watching her husband dogging the woman.

All the men spunked in another man\'s wife before we went for a drink in the kitchen.

After a while my said it was time for the men to have fun to get hard for them so we trooped into the lounge and I took hold of both cocks and wanked off both men while our wives watched. One of the men then knelt down and sucked my cock while I continued to wank off the other. We were all very hard, especially when I saw one of the women open my woife\'s lgs and begin sucking her cunt whilst the other played with her tits and the other woman\'s cunt. It was a real bi section of the party with three men having sex together and the three wives having sex with each other.

I got on my back and started to suck a cock whilst mine was being sucked by one of the men - the other man went to the women and fucked one of them whilst they carried on their bi partying.

The cock in my mouth was really hard and I suggested it should be put in my wife\'s cunt which it duly was - whilst I watched her having a cock in her cunt, one of the men sucked me off and the two ladies did a 69 licking each other cunts. My wife has enjoyed many more cocks than me but I did enjoy being sucked off by this man and so we also did a 69, sucking each other\'s cocks. This scenario carried on for about ten minutes before one of the men said the hosts should be treated.

My wife was offered whatever sex she wanted so she opted for a gangbang by all three men whilst the other women carried on in a 69. She got on her back, opened her legs and invited one of the men in her cunt - when he wqas in she took hjold of my cock and the other man\'s and wanked us then took us in turn in her mouth. We all took turns fucking her but I told her I was cumming in another women but she could have cum from the other two - both spunked in her very wet cunt. I picked one of the other women and fucked her whist she was doing her 69 and came in her at the ame time my wife was being spit roasted and fucked by the two men.

At the end of the evening we all agreed it had been a grat success and we will be repating it. Whislt a 6sum with straight couples would have been very good, this was extra special as it brought together three bisexual couples with no hangups about who was having sex with who or in what combination of multiple partners.