Written by Stan

18 Mar 2015

Hi again, thanks for your encouragement. Sorry this part is delayed, it needed a slight rewrite.

Needless to say the English driver had decided to wait. His window was down as he watched us approach. “That was a great show,” he said, “May I have my own personal one now?”

Bitch stood under his cab window and unbuttoned her shirt completely exposing her full breasts. “Climb in this door,” he responded, “I'll slide over.” Bitch started to climb into the cab. I unzipped her skirt and she climbed right out of it arriving in the cab wearing shoes, hold-ups and an unbuttoned shirt. Her breasts swung free as she crawled across the acres of seat. The Englishman was also naked from the waist down but there was no sign of his clothes. If the size and majesty of his cock was anything to go by he had also been watching and wanking.

I climbed up behind pulling the door closed as I sat down. “Suck or fuck?” I asked the driver.

Before he could answer Bitch had her tongue exploring his throbbing cock head and his gasp of delight and surprise was very nearly drowned out by the immediate sigh of contentment as my wife fed his cock deep into her greedy mouth. As he struggled to catch his breath he mumbled “How much for both?”

That caught me on the hop. Being paid for taking delicious pleasure hadn't crossed our minds. How much do you charge for a fuck? In my late teens I had paid £5 to a whore in Newcastle. It wasn't worth it and I never did it again. Bitch was busy and too polite to talk with her mouth full. I was on my own. “Make her an offer I can't refuse.” I told him.

He made an offer and I couldn't refuse. Bitch set to work earning her keep. I watched and marvelled as she played. It briefly crossed my mind that she had been sucking cock for years but I knew in my heart of hearts that the fat cock was her first. She was either a natural or she had learned a lot and fast during her internet sex sessions and had applied them in the last twenty four hours. She had admitted that the thought of dirty sex with strangers was a massive turn on so I could imagine how good the real thing must have felt. I certainly enjoyed watching her perform. The English cock was firm when she started but it was soon a solid pole of muscle and engorged blood vessels. With the solid flesh before her she started to play in earnest, teasing with her lips and tongue, exploring with her teeth. She sucked his balls, one at a time, into her mouth before going for the matched pair. I watched the guy's eyes rolling and enjoyed his groans of pleasure as she explored new ideas, learning as she went. All the while she ensured that his cock remained absolutely solid.

Modern trucks are totally different from those I first drove. Back then they were dirty, cramped, noisy and so uncomfortable and heavy that there was little pleasure in driving them. Long haul was a job to avoid and leave to the masochists. If those old trucks were likened to a ship then they were like the old tramper working it's way around the coast port to port while the Englishman's and indeed the Frenchman's trucks would be ocean going luxury cruise ships.

I sat in the sprung comfort of an air suspension fitted armchair high above everything else on the road. Out of the massive panoramic windscreen I looked down on the yellow cross-hatched expanse of the turning area where trucks pulled forward out of their parking slot and had plenty of room to align themselves for rejoining the highway. There was nothing but trees and empty tarmac ahead.

To my right, the Frenchman enjoyed the show while he recovered. To my left, nothing for eight parking slots then a single truck. I couldn't see the driver. The place was very quiet. It was Saturday early evening.

Removing the cock from her mouth she held it firmly in one hand deftly rubbing her thumb gently over the cock-eye picking up some rapidly emerging pre-cum before tenderly wiping it across the cock head.

She looked up at him adoringly and I didn't feel any pang of jealously. She didn't adore him but his cock. Any cock that was soon going to fuck her and spill spunk wherever she needed it was adored.

“Do you want to fuck her cunt or her arse?” I asked as she bent her head to his cock once more and probed the eye with the hard end of her pointed tongue. He twitched! Bitch giggled with delight and did it again.

“Both?” was his instant reply.

“You can spunk in both her holes?” I tried not to sound doubtful.

“Given time, I don't need to leave here until three in the morning,” he responded hopefully.

“We've got time.” I told him and Bitch nodded her head vigorously, “but once your cock has been in her arse it doesn't go back in her cunt or mouth, Okay?”

He agreed eagerly. “Can I kiss her?” he asked. That was a tricky one! I had a problem with her being kissed. Laugh if you like but it seemed too intimate. We had discussed it while in 'safe mode' and I could see that the thought of being kissed and being fucked with me watching made her eyes shine. Bitch was waiting for my response. I could see what answer she hoped for. There was a need to compromise. “Once your cock is inside her you can do whatever you want and whatever she demands.” I told him and watched her face as she smiled and blew me a kiss. She went back down on the cock with renewed vigour finally raising her head from his lap some five minutes later.

“Get your cock in ME!” she told him pulling herself up. Totally oblivious of the wide screen directly behind her she straddled his lap, held his cock in position and lowered her cunt until she reached the root. She slid her shirt off and threw it to me. She was wearing only her hold-ups and sitting in front of a massive picture window and cared not a fig. She started to fuck him, bouncing up and down on his cock. The noises she made were animal and music to my ears. She wasn't letting a stranger fuck her for his benefit, she was fucking a stranger for our benefit. Grabbing his hands she pushed them into her breasts. “Squeeze!” she demanded. I watched his fingers bury themselves in her tender flesh. Her head went back, her throat straightened and her mouth opened wide. A primal scream filled the cab as her first orgasm hit.

The driver looked at me, worriedly I smiled encouragement. He squeezed again lifting her upwards by her breasts. She howled again and he pulled her hard down onto his cock. They set up a perfect rhythm with her bouncing up and he pulling her back down onto his cock. Her orgasms flowed one into another, her head lolled from side to side and my cock grew in my trousers.

Grabbing his head she pulled his face towards her, held his mouth hard against hers and started to eat him. She eventually let him up for air.

“Gonna empty your dirty balls into my greedy cunt big boy?” she asked, “Let me feel your cock shoot spunk deep into me! Fuck me hard and spunk in me and I'll suck you hard again so you can fuck my arse! You wanna fuck my arse with your big dirty cock? Fill my cunt and my arse with your hot sticky spunk? C'mon big boy feed me your spunk!” She sat up and leaned back onto the table sized dashboard, took his hands and, placing them on her tits, told him to fucking squeeze fucking hard and shoot his load deep into her cunt.

She has always had great cunt muscles so I knew what was happening to his cock as she goaded him to ejaculation. He took two fistfuls of tit and squeezed hard immediately twisting his wrists inwards. Her head went back again, her mouth opened and not a sound was emitted. After a second or two she groaned softly, then moaned a little louder. He didn't let up on the squeezing nor the twisting, he just put a thumb on each nipple and pushed them hard back into her tits. Then she howled and started to shudder. I watched closely for her to squirt and wasn't disappointed.

The driver thrust his hips up driving his cock inside her cunt as far as possible. He held it there, closed his eyes and jerked. For the second time that day my wife was getting a load of extra-marital spunk jetted into her cunt. Her orgasm was massive making her wriggle and squirm on his cock but his grip on her tits held her firm as spurt after spurt poured from his cock deep inside her cunt.

They were both spent. He eased his grip on her breasts and gently ran the palm of his hand over her nipples. With her eyes closed she purred and made soft mewing noises as his cock softened inside her.

“Clean him up Bitch!”

She moved instantly, sliding down to the floor between his knees she took his softening cock in her mouth. The mewing and purring reverted to moans of delight and sighs of pleasure as she carefully cleaned the cock and balls of any trace of her cum and his spunk. Once satisfied that she had done a good job she eagerly set about making the cock hard again.

It took a while but she relished every minute of it. Giving her mouth a rest she wanked it between her lips just running her tongue over the head. When she was satisfied with her handiwork she said “You ready to fuck my arse, big boy? You got enough spunk left to fill my bum?”

When he nodded she climbed back onto his lap, facing him and guided his cock back into her cunt. “Let's get you nicely lubed up, big boy!” she suggested. She started to ride his cock again. He reached for her tits and squeezed, hard. She came hard, as he knew she would.

She climbed off, turned around and pushed her arse back towards him as she rested on the dash with her head hard up against the windscreen. “Finger-fuck me! Get your fingers covered with spunk and open up my arse for your cock!” she demanded.

Two fingers slipped easily inside and emerged dripping with spunk. He let it drip on her dark rose then returned for more. Ramming three fingers in hard he made her gasp as he scooped out another load of spunk. He rubbed the well lubed fingers around her hole, opening her up with one then two and finally three fingers stretching her dark rose open. Putting his arm around her waist he eased her back onto his cock. Reaching between her legs she held his cock and guided it to her asrse-hole. His fingers held her open until the very last moment then, with his cock head just keeping her sphincter open, she sat back forcing her anal passage to receive the throbbing knob.

She had admitted that when the fat man and I had arse fucked her that morning it had hurt but was a very satisfying hurt. I could see the pleasure the pain of having another cock in her arse was giving her. She paused when it was buried deep inside to get used to being stretched so wide and filled so deep then she started to arse fuck the cock! As she rose and fell on the cock her tits were dragged back and forth over the padded dash. Her head was forced hard against the screen and still she fucked.

“Grab my hips, pull me onto your cock! Drive it hard up inside 'til I scream for release! Fuck my arse, big boy!” She drove him on, begging for his spunk deep in her arse. Demanding that he empty his balls in her. I told him to grab her hair and jerk her back onto his cock. He was loving it! She was begging for more and more while still having one continuous orgasm.

He emptied his balls totally, he had no choice. She wasn't going to let him go until he had! As he shot so she climaxed and once more they were both knackered. He stroked her bum while they rested and again she purred.

We were three very content people.

More to follow if your are interested?