Written by Stan

13 Mar 2015

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“How would it please My Master to make my cunt nice and smooth?”

We were at the traffic lights. Mercifully the first few miles was along twisty country roads. Whilst I appeared to be concentrating on the road the major part of my head was in turmoil. The previous ten days had been wonderful. The last twenty four hours incredible but now? Where exactly were we? In my youth any aggression and desire for domination that I might have had was dissipated on the rugby field. I'd hammer an opponent into the mud then, when the opportunity arose, would apologise and check I hadn't hurt him. Two minutes later I would attempt to do the same thing again. Years of martial arts training had taught me to control actions to within a single millimetre, each blow to an opponent gauged to a gram of power. Now I had subjected my beloved wife to total domination. Had instructed her to fuck another man and orchestrated her physical pain. I was scared! Had I gone too far? Had I totally misread the situation? Had I destroyed her love for me?

She must have sensed my concerns because her question sent waves of relief flooding through me. I looked at her. Her eyes had that fire back in them, she smouldered. I remembered how she had reacted to the fat man's hands abusing her breasts how she had howled with delight as I pulled her hair while fucking her. When I had planned with the fat man to have her cunt smooth I had thought shaving might be the best, most romantic option, now I realised that a totally different approach was required.

“I'll wax your cunt, Bitch!”

“That would be a good pain, Master. I would enjoy you taking your pleasure in that way.”

We found a large chemist in the next town and headed straight for the depilatory section. We found wax strips, tubs of sugar and wax. We collected them all and read the instructions. I reached for a tube of soothing cream but Bitch stayed my hand.

“That won't be required, Master.” she said a little louder than I thought necessary.

There was a couple standing nearby also looking at the wax. “Good girl!” said the man.

The woman turned to face us “Absolutely correct!” she said, “the pleasure of pain is exquisite and the knowledge of what is to come enhanced. Are you new to it?”

We admitted that we were, very new to it and they spent time advising and helping us to select the appropriate items. The whole episode had broken the ice and the journey continued with a great deal of detailed and animated conversation. Bitch explained how she had read Fifty Shades of Grey and been massively turned on by Anastasia's subservience and Christian's utter dominance. The thought of a contract signing over all rights to her body excited her. Just thoughts of dirty, filthy sex made her orgasm. She had turned to the internet and quickly found the sex chat rooms where she freely and eagerly displayed her body to any man and performed any sex act demanded of her. Virtual sex turned her on but the real thing was needed and when the fat man demanded that she come to him and be fucked she really wanted it to happen.

When I had intervened she had seriously freaked out afraid that I would reject her in disgust. When I had forced her to carry on then promised to deliver her to the fat man she was exultant. She would have performed any sex act I had demanded, immediately, without hesitation. I wish I'd known that at the time!

We had an unsafe word 'Bitch' and a safe phrase 'my love'.

“Is your cunt sore, Bitch?” I asked about an hour later.

“I am aware, Master, very pleasantly aware. Is there something I might do to please you?”

I told her to lift her skirt and play with her cunt. Fifteen minutes later I pulled into a large truck stop. There was a French vehicle hard against the right hand boundary. I pulled alongside and stopped next to the cab. I slid back my seat and lowered the seat back.

“Suck my cock, Bitch!” I instructed. Without hesitation she unzipped my fly. I lifted my bum. She slid my trousers and pants to my knees, laid her head on my belly and teased my knob head with her tongue.

“The French driver's watching us Master,” she informed.

“Then you had better make sure he enjoys your show, Bitch!”

And what a show she put on! She was always positioned such that he could see every lick, every suck, every stroke. She fed my cock into her mouth, looked up to him invitingly and her eyes asked if he would prefer it to be his cock in her mouth? I enjoyed the show as much as he. My cock throbbed with the need to empty itself into her mouth. She teased me, tantalised me and played to us both. When she sensed I was ready to cum she held my cock just outside her lips and squirted my spunk into her open mouth so that he could enjoy it as much as I. Then she swallowed me as I continued to pump spunk.

I was spent! She cleaned me carefully, rolled onto her back and opened her mouth for the Frenchman to enjoy. She pushed my spunk forward so that it dribbled from the corners of her mouth, scooped it up with her fingers and licked them clean. My Bitch was loving every minute!

“He's asking me to come up and suck him off!” she reported even though I could see him as clearly as she.

“Tell him, Bitch, that we shall both come up to him. Both or neither!” I started to undo her shirt and unclipped the front loading bra. Her full breasts spilled out. We did the standard party trick and I slipped her bra off and draped it over the steering wheel then reached between her legs for her panties. They were soaked and soon joined the bra in full view on the the steering wheel.

“He says to come up.” She started to wriggle back across the seats, her skirt riding up around her waist, ready to get out. “There's another truck this side, she said without any embarrassment.

“Yes, he's been watching you carefully. You had better save some energy for him, Bitch.”

Bitch opened the passenger door with little or no concern that her breasts and cunt were fully displayed to the truck driver high above her. She looked up and smiled, eased her skirt over her hips and smoothed it over her thighs. She slowly buttoned a single, low button on her shirt all the while holding his eye. I climbed out of the driver's side as his window slid down.

“Do you fuck fuck as well as suck?” he asked politely.

Bitch turned to me, “Master?” she enquired.

“The Bitch takes cock in all holes. The Frenchman is expecting us, you can wait if you wish.” I informed him holding my hand out to Bitch. I led her around to the other truck and opened the door motioning her to climb the steps. I followed close behind.

The Frenchman was naked from the waist down, his clothes in a heap in the foot-well. Bitch clambered across the comfy passenger seat and slid into the foot-well between the large truck seats. The French cock was in her mouth before I had closed the door. I settled into the passenger seat and watched as she pleasured her second extra marital cock of the day. Another virtuoso performance but this time for the pleasure of the English driver. Being at the same height he would not have enjoyed the same view as the Frenchman but he could clearly see that she was sucking cock and enjoying it. She raised her head frequently, smiled at the Englishman then licked her lips and went back down on the Frenchman.

She didn't rush, she was getting as much pleasure as she was giving but eventually the Frenchman gave way to her newly acquired cock sucking skills. He jerked and spunked in one smooth movement, forcing his cock down her throat he emptied his balls. She took the lot with obvious joy, milked him dry and made sure there was no more spunk on or near his softening cock. She showed him her full mouth she showed the Englishman her full mouth showed me her full mouth then swallowed with relish.

She rested on his cock for a while, gently licking and nibbling but the cock wasn't responding very much. She worked the limp cock into her mouth one last time then pulled her head back holding onto the cock with firm lips. Just like a thrush pulling a worm from the garden lawn. She slurped, kissed it and sat up, satisfied for the time being. The Frenchman fumbled in the leather bag on his dashboard and finally pulled out a twenty Euro note. My wife looked startled. I was surprised! The Frenchman mistook her reaction and pulled a second note from his bag.

“Master?” said Bitch, clearly perplexed. I nodded and held up a single finger. She took one of the notes. It was the Frenchman's turn to look surprised. She kissed him on both cheeks and worked her way back over to me. We both watched her rearranging her clothing then I helped her down from the cab with the Frenchman's thanks ringing in our ears.

Part two to follow if you are interested?