Written by Belle-de-Nuit

19 Nov 2011

I enjoy recreational sex most within sanctuary of a swingers Club as they’re both discreet & discrete. I attended South London Swingers at Sutton and it worked out well for me, I suspect other women who enjoy sex with more than one man at a time or in an evening, would love it too.

I dressed outré because I have an exhibitionistic predilection but also to send out a signal that I was available for safe sex. I wore a Mans Dinner Jacket, I’d altered so it fitted perfectly but didn’t quite cover my bum at the back, the vent or the back to make the most of my derriere. I had intended having the jacket buttoned at first, so I tailored it to make my waste look slim as possible, on the night I felt confident enough to leave it unbuttoned. At my throat I wore a mans old style winged collar and slim black Tie but no shirt, also I had cuffs removed from a boys dress shirt with large cuff links showing at my wrists but naked except for most minute of micro G-Strings in shiny black satin to match the tie. The seemed hold-ups which were shorter than normal gave me more flesh between the stocking tops & bottom of the Dinner Jacket. Finally 51/2” Fuck-Me stiletto healed shoes also in black Satin, set it off as sophisticated.

It was a night when single men were admitted as well as couples, the look appealed to young guys. Maybe there’s a reasons lads too young to know when stocking tops were standard fashion but they react to them quite well.

I wont bore the reader with salacious details of my sexual activities that night, suffice it to say, we got through over 20 condoms. I orgasm with consummate ease most occasions but that night I squirted and came so heavily so often, I called for extra towels so I didn’t render beds unusable by others on the night

I’m convinced my libido went through the roof because of the way I’d dressed. It was meant to have the right effects & affect on urbane guys there but it also had an impact on me, wearing it. At the end of the night I wasn’t exhausted but I was sexually sated. Goodness knows why I was so indefatigable but the masses of extra energy came from somewhere, for me to enjoy sensational-sex with so many guys, yet not be knackered at the end. If anyone knows of great swing clubs or parties where an elegant older concupiscent woman can be sex mad, in safety please let me know, I want more of what I had at Sutton