Written by Linda

4 Feb 2015

My husband Andrew has been trying for years to persuade me onto the swinging scene. I’m eight years his senior and whilst it doesn’t matter to us as a couple it does leave me feeling vulnerable when surrounded by pretty young things. He finally persuaded me to a party – well a black tie dinner at a swanky hotel in Cheshire last Saturday evening with the promise of class, nice food and the opportunity of escaping to our room if I felt uncomfortable with anything that was going on.

We arrived late afternoon and relaxed in lovely surroundings meeting some of the other couples as they turned up – the hotel was booked exclusively for the event so we knew we’d meet all the guests that evening. There was a complete mix of people, short and stout to tall and thin ages looked to be 30’s to 60’s. I relaxed in conversation with a lovely lady the spitting image of Julie Christie in her late 50’s but still gorgeous and oozing style. I’m 48 five foot six inches tall, although still with a reasonable figure, size 12 but with small (but perfectly formed!) b cups, long auburn hair and green eyes. The youngsters made me nervous but Sarah was a wonderfully calming influence.

We excused ourselves from the welcome party and went to bathe and dress for the evening. As I lay in the bath I felt nervous, a little sick in fact and yet excited at the thought of the unknown that was to be our evening in the company of folk who would want to have sex with each other. With me. And worst of all, with Andrew. If I’m honest, I was excited at the thought of what I might get up to but guilty at the fear that Andrew would enjoy sex with one of the youngsters more than with me. That is the single reason I have refused to party over the years.

Dressed, Andrew in DJ and dickie bow, me in a long black little strappy dress which has an open V to below my navel at the front and mirrored at the back, we donned the masks that were in the room for us. The men had black eye masks, the ladies golden bejeweled cat like.

As we entered the dinning room we were greeted by Sarah who it turned out was the hostess for the event. Andrew blended in well with the gents but I stood out like a donkey’s whatsit. I was terribly overdressed. All the ladies I could see were wearing stockings or tights with Basques, teddies or matching bra and panties. The long table was set for the 30 of us who were to dine. Waiters dressed in skimpy pants wore bow ties and masks and like the waitresses who were in skimpy undies and stockings wearing gold masks, moved around the room with trays of Champagne for the guests.

I approached Sarah nervously explaining I hadn’t understood the dress code. She explained there wasn’t one, told me I looked adorable and should relax and enjoy my evening. She was wearing a long see through dress, braless her pert breasts defying her age and you could make out her panties and stockings beneath. Oh for her calm and confidence. I looked anxiously around for Andrew. He was deep in conversation with a balding short stout chap I was relieved to see and made a beeline for him. By my third glass of Champagne I was starting to relax my grip on Andrew’s arm! We were called to dinner, the only seating rules were that we must be gent / lady, not next to our partners and must move seats after each of the 3 courses.

Wine flowed and the evening rushed by. At one point during the main course I had the gent on my left and the gent on my right both with their hands under my dress gently stroking my legs as their hands moved ever higher. I must confess that my pussy was tingling with excitement as they reached the bare flesh above my stocking tops. We had to move for the desert before things got out of hand.

The chaps were at one end of the table for their cigars, coffee and brandy, we girls at the other end. I was in conversation with a petite blonde called Georgina and was telling her how embarrassed I was to be the only one in a dress. She laugher, leaned forward and slid the straps off my shoulders, exposing my breasts (not that mine were the only boobies on display – some of the girls wore half cup bras, some with split fabric exposing their nipples. I was shocked but didn’t move to cover myself up. She cupped my little boobs and sunk her head onto my nipple. It stood to attention at the touch of her tongue. Before I knew it our mouths were locked together, tongues entwined. I could feel my face and neck flushing with pure sexual excitement. I’d never kissed a girl before. The others were clearing pots away from the end of the table, I was helped onto my feet, someone slipped my dress of and I was encouraged onto the end of the table. Hands were all over me, two mouths were on my nipples and I was kissing someone. My mask had slipped so I could see nothing but cared even less. Fingers were working my clit through my panties, as I thrust my hips towards them my panties were pulled off. I could feel breath on my groin, fingers gently massaging ever so slowly my magic button. As I started to moan fingers stabbed into me, a tongue replacing the slow revolving fingers on my clit. The orgasm that followed has to be one of the biggest and best I have ever experienced. It was core shattering, seemed to go on forever. There was a round of caucus cheers and applause. I lay exposed, naked, flushed now with embarrassment and physically drained. Adjusting my mask so that I could see again, I sat up. All the men stood looking at me, the ladies closest to me, all smiling. Georgina pecked me on the cheek saying well done, now for some cock and off she went to mingle with the men.

Naked apart from my stockings I found Andrew. He was watching one of the girls enjoying the attention of 3 men. She knelt on one of the dining chairs, a chap behind her with his face buried in her snatch, two in front taking turns with her mouth. We kept a respectable distance but I was surprised that I wanted to watch almost as much as the men. Sarah came through, smiling and with silver goblet in hand. She dipped her finger in the contents of the cup and gently rubbed the ladies bum hole, presumably with oil. Soon the girl was on the floor having mounted the chap beneath her another fellow gently popped his cock up her bottom and she was busy with her mouth on the third. The chap up her bottom came first, pulling out and wanking all over her bottom, then the chap in her pussy didn’t manage to extract himself before shooting his load, last to come was the guy in her mouth who came noisily over her face. I was quite turned on by proceedings.

Andrew asked if I was OK or whether we should leave them to it. I was keen to stay but once again thought about escaping before he shagged one of the other women. Selfish. So I told him we should stay. He asked if I fancied 3 cocks. I told him I was that horny a dozen would hardly be enough! I’d never take it up my bottom but the idea of loads of spunk on my face turns me on but most of all I like to feel spunk shooting with force hitting the top of my vagina. And I hate it when their dick shrivels and pops out leaving me with a cold and empty feeling. The idea of being shagged by a dozen men or more, one big dick ready to replace the spent one has always been my fantasy.

We were watching a couple of girls putting on a show on the now cleared dining table. I was stood with my arm around Andrew when I felt a hand on my bottom. I didn’t look at who it was, simply let them do as they wished and hoped to enjoy whatever they did. My sexual fantasies have usually focused on cocks not on faces. Anyway, the hand had slipped between my legs and was fingering my very wet pussy. I groaned in pleasure and Andrew looked at me and then over his shoulder. He moved me forward and told me to bend over the dining chair. A cock slipped into me with ease, hands holding my hips as he pumped away. It wasn’t long before he popped and I felt that glorious spurt at the head of my womb. The girls were climbing off the table as I stood to see who’d been at me – it was the little fat old bald chap but I felt no revulsion. There’s no way I reach orgasm being taken from behind which Andrew knew. He beckoned me to the table and lay me down across it. No sooner was my back in contact with the wood than I had attention at both ends. Over the next hour or so I must have had all 14 dicks in the room in my mouth and up my cunt. I was sucking and then sending them round to replace the chap at the southern end of proceedings as they finished. I wasn’t really in control of my mouth with my head unsupported over the table and being shunted from the other end! One man did explode over my face, to my surprise one of the ladies came and licked it off, kissing me and fondling my breasts. I came with her tongue in my mouth as a cock erupted inside me.

Tired and sore I stood, spunk dribbling down the inside of my legs, already cold where it had dribbled between my cheeks as I lay on the table. Andrew decided it was time for bed. We said our farewells and headed for our room. I felt really naughty walking naked through the hotel my hair and stockings covered in spunk, Andrew carrying my dress and panties.

In the room I went to run a bath. Andrew turned it off. Not yet he announced. You think you fucked every bloke in the room tonight he asked. I told him yes. He corrected me. With one notable exception. I look quizzically at him. Me! He threw me on the bed, practically ripped his cloths off and jumped straight on top. No foreplay needed. I was dripping. He slowly ground himself against me. It was bliss. Our pubic bones rubbing together as his thick cock filled my pussy. I came, a massive orgasm, shuddering and spent I felt his cock jerk once, hesitate and then again and again with such intensity. It was the best sex of my life after 20 years of marriage.

I asked him if he didn’t mind putting his cock in with loads of other chaps spunk mingling inside me. He told me it turned him on. He’d never wanted to shag anyone else, just to see me pleasured by others, men and women. I’d needlessly refused to party all those years. Even now my insecurity makes me think he will one day change his mind, so this wonderful experience may have to be a one off. Time will tell.