Written by Medway gems

5 Jan 2013

Same old,same old. Just like all the others on here i have longed to see my wife with another guy but although as a fantasy scenario she loves the idea she would never go through with it.

Until recently.

She works in a shop in one of the Medway town and has done for about 8 years.

There are 3 other ladies working there but she is the only full time member of staff.

With sales getting worse and worse the boss has decided to let 2 of them go and reduce the hours of the other lady too.

My wife was talking to him and he said his wife will be helping out in the shop more in the future. During the conversation he kind of opened up and said how they didnt really get along anymore and he was dreading her working at the shop more often.

The conversation carried on for some time then as she went to make some coffee he came up behind her and gave her a hug. She turned to face him and hugged him back. There was a slight pause then he kissed her. She said it was just a quick kiss on the lips but there was a tense moment where they were just looking at each other.

Nothing further happened as a customer came in.

Later on as she was at the back of the shop putting some items up in to a high cupboard he came behind her again. As she turned he held her waist,there was that same tense moment then she said they were kissing. This time open mouthed. Their tongues in each others mouths. As they kissed he held her close. He moved her slightly backwards against a desk and she felt first one hand then another slide up her tights,along her thighs then slowly up her dress. This made her dress rise upwards revealing her panties over her tights.

He kissed her neck and behind her ear. Then he kissed the top of her chest,the area of her cleavage on show and kissed her breasts through her dress and bra.

She said she was in a bit of a daze,standing there with her eyes closed letting this man do these things whilst she gripped the edge of the desk.

His kisses moved lower until he was kissing her waist,then the top of her tights,then nibbling and licking her pussy through the material.

She felt his fingertips enter the waistband of her tights and start to pull them down.

They were down about level with the top of her trimmed pubic hair when she stopped him and he took the hint. He stood back up and they resumed just cuddling.

After a few minutes however he started kissing her again,then she felt his hands slowly tug her tights down lower.

They dragged her panties with them and her pussy was now fully revealed.

She was still gripping the edge of the desk as he slid a finger ever so gently over her clit then down and inside her. It slipped up in to her easily as she said she was really wet. He was finger fucking her very very slowly now. Another finger was added and his thumb started to circle her clit making her squirm and pant.

He knelt down in front of her and pulled her tights and panties down so they were now stretched across her knees. He was face to face with her pussy,pumping two fingers in and out of her.

She told me she opened her thighs as wide apart as her tights would allow to let his fingers push as deep as they would go. She wasnt thinking about anything other than what was happening to her and the urgent need she had to cum.

He moved closer and she felt his tongue lapping at her pussy lips and her clit,briefly he stopped fucking her with his fingers and replaced them with his tongue.

Before she knew it she felt herself start to shake then cum.

With his face pressed hard in to her pussy and one finger hard up inside her she gasped for air then came heavily,her legs started to buckle and give way.

He stopped lapping at her and stood up to help as she vitually collapsed back further on to the desk.

Sitting there on the desk still out of breath,her tights and panties around her knees she watched him start to unzip his trousers. He quickly undid the button,the belt and pulled them down along with his pants to reveal his erect cock.

I questioned her a lot about it.

She said it sprung straight up and looked very red and solid.

It wasnt as thick as mine but it was very clearly longer.

This is the first new cock she has seen for twenty years!

She said he just stood there wanking the shaft looking at her.

He went to pull her panties down and off but she told him no but as she stopped him he placed her hand on his cock. She just let it rest there for a moment then she circled it and started to softly wank him. He moved closer and pulled her nearer to him.

Restricted by her taught tights he was within inches of her pussy with her wanking him.

She had it aimed directly at her pussy as he grew more and more excited.

She said he gasped then edged as close as he could before she felt the thing pulse.

He shot a large amount of hot sticky cum all over the triangle of her neatly trimmed pubic hair. It ran down over her pussy lips and between her thighs.

They started snogging as she let go of his cock and felt the plummy gooey tip rest against her wet pussy hair.

He ground it against her and she felt the end heading towards her pussy entrance.

Restricted and frustrated he gently attempted to move her tights lower and off.

I asked her if she wanted this new cock inside her and she said yes she did.

She didnt let him fuck her though.

She said the head slid between her lips but didnt enter as he couldnt get it in,held back as he was by her tights.

Once more she told him no and with a few minutes more of fumbling and kissing they dressed and cleaned themselves up.

Just in time as luck would have it for a customer to walk in.

She said they exchanged kisses again later on and he wanted her to stay after work but she declined.

I thought it odd as she was in a bit of confused state when i met her later,then when she confessed this all to me she got a bit upset.

I told her i was overjoyed that she had done what she did and that i cannot wait to hear more.

I asked her if she had cleaned herself up since the days events. She said she had but she hadnt yet properly showered.

As i kissed her i felt inside her panties. I slid a finger straight inside her and it slipped so easily inside. She was still wet and sticky. I remarked on how wet she was and she said something that will always stay with me. She said "Thats partly me and partly him you can feel".

Wow. I was rubbing the remains of his cum all over(and inside)her pussy. I reminded her it was my fantasy to share her and we immediately shagged like crazy whilst talking about it.

We have entered a whole new exciting way of life and hopefully it will get better and better.