Written by Luckyman

28 Apr 2009

We recently moved to a small village in West Sussex. My wife, Diane has always been keen on amateur dramatics and joined the local village drama club. She became involved in the next presentation. Basically a farce involving three couples where two are swapping partners unbeknown to their partners. Diane played one of the females having an affair with a male from one of the other couples. Rehearsals were going fine, when the producer an old boy of 60, Ralph, insisted that when they did the bedroom scene where Diane and the male are in bed they should be naked. He said it was an adult play and it would help sell more tickets if people thought they were going to see a naked woman with a nice pair of tits and even a glimpse of prick. The male, Ray who was going to get into bed with Diane did not object and Diane was desperate to be in the play. The scene called for them to be in bed,simulating love making when the woman's husband returns home. Ray had to jump out of the bed and hide in a wardrobe. Diane is 45, 5 foot 6, 38dd and shaves her pussy smooth. The scene was rehearsed and Ray said they might as well go for it during rehearsal so there would be no first night mistakes. As that part of the play progressed Ray stripped off. Diane stripped and looked over at Ray aged 40, hanging between his legs was the biggest prick she had ever seen. It was about six inches long, just hanging down by the side of his leg. They climbed into the bed and under the directions of Ralph, Ray got in-between Diane's legs. Ralph pointed out the lights would be a lot dimmer on the night. The other members of the cast were all sitting with Ralph. He told Ray to simulate that he was having sex. He then went thru the motions of going up and down. After about 30 seconds, Diane then realised that Ray's prick was growing under the covers, it became erect and she found that the head was partly going in and out of her pussy. Ray shouted out when is Bill going to make his entrance. Bill shouted out that he would be on stage in a minute as he got up from his seat next to Ralph. By this time Diane could feel even more of Ray's eight inches slipping in to her and was becoming aroused. Bill started to make his entrance as the husband returning home. Ray jumped out of the bed with his back to the seats and Diane saw his prick slap his belly and it was glistening with love juices as he got into the wardrobe. The ward robe had no back and this allowed Ray to sit on a chair while the play progressed. Bill entered the set and went over to Diane. Ralph told him to rip the covers off the bed as he shouted out looking for his wife's lover. This totally exposed a naked Diane. Ralph then told Bill to pull Diane off the bed and march her off the set ending the scene. The scene was rehearsed the next night the night before it was going to be before an audience. On that night of rehearsal as Ray stripped his prick was already erect and as soon as he got in-between Diane's legs he began fucking her. She started to look for Bill and saw him walk to the back of the hall, talking on his mobile. Ray was pumping away being encouraged by Ralph. Diane felt her nipples hardening with sexual excitement. She had never been unfaithful during our marriage and did not know what came over her to allow another man to fuck her. Ray whispered to her"Don't worry, I won't come up you now, I'll do that later if you want" His prick was going up and down her pussy and he brought her to an orgasm. As she let out a loud moan, Ralph encouraged her as he thought she was playing her role well. Bill then did his bit. They all thought the site of Diane being pulled off the bed exposing her boobs and pussy would be a crowd pleaser and very risque for a village production. They all went to the local 500 yards away and had a few drinks. At closing time Ray told Diane he would walk her home. They had to pass the hall on the way and Ray persuaded her to gone in. He told her they should have one final rehearsal before opening night. Diane had had a few Bacardi and cokes and agreed with him. They went into the hall, Ray put on a couple of low level lights and they made their way onto the stage. They both stripped and Diane got on the bed. Ray stood beside her and offered her his prick.She got on all fours and took hold of it with one hand and started to suck on the end and as it grew, licked the length of the shaft. Ray then took hold of her head and proceeded to fuck her mouth making her gag as he pumped away putting as much of prick as he could into her mouth. He then started to play with one of her tits, especially the nipple. This started to get Diane going. Ray then withdrew and told her to turn around and spread her legs. He then went down and started to lick her pussy and arse hole. With one hand he found her clit and played with that bringing her to a climax. Just as she finished he entered her doggy style and fucked her. After ten minutes of fucking, he slapped her arse and told her he was coming. She felt his prick swell up inside her and then explode as he came, this brought her off again. He withdrew and she turned and licked his prick clean. They dressed and she came home. The next night, she spoke with Ray and asked him not to fuck her on stage as I would be in the audience. He told her the sight of her body would make him get an erection, the only way, would be to wank him off in the dressing room to stop him getting hard on stage. She followed him into the dressing room, but Bill was also in there. Ray told Diane not to worry about him as he got his semi hard prick out. Diane started to wank him and saw Bill get his prick out and offered it to her. Ray was hard, he got up turned Diane around, bent her over lifted her skirt up and pulled her g-string to one side. He then slipped his prick into her and fucked her. He forced her head into Bil's lap and she proceeded to give him a blow. Bill came in her mouth and Ray came up her pussy. The play went well and because the lighting was low level people got a fleeting glimpse of Ray's prick and of Diane's naked body. It was not until the play had finished on the third night did Diane tell me about Ray. She admitted she had had a sexual awaking and would like to continue having sex with others, as long as I did not mind and be present. I had always dreamt of her fucking another bloke so agreed. The last night before the play even Ralph was pleasured by Diane, as she sucked him hard and straddled him, lowering herself down on his hard prick. He came instantly as he gave her a love bite on her left tit. She then allowed him to finger her sloppy pussy. Ray who is divorced comes to our house now on a Friday night for dinner and the three of us re enact the scene from the play in our bedroom. Occasionally Bill and Ralph attend and Diane gets on all fours and we take it in turns to fuck her , while she sucks a couple of pricks while having her tits played with. She has multiple orgasms.Ralph is trying to find another play were his new leading lady can get naked again and where I can have a role.