Written by ANONYMOUS

28 Jul 2010

My Mrs works in a shop locally which needed decorating so her new boss organised a few guys to call in and give him a quote.

Two of the guys were very thin lanky youths,one guy was in his forties,very scruffy and bald and the other was in his fifties,a big tall muscular guy but quite fat with it. His name was Steve,he was very loud,swore constantly and was quite irritating as she was trying to serve customers.

She said he made several lewd and suggestive remarks towards her but she said she just ignored him.

On the Wednesday they stay closed but my Mrs works at another shop just down the road. Her boss asked her if she wouldnt mind just letting these guys in first thing in the morning then he would be there to see them later in the day. No problem.

On the Wednesday morning she arrived at the shop very early but the guys were all in their van outside waiting for her.

As she undid the doors they all piled out of the van and followed her inside the shop.

Steve the thug leader of the group told her to put the kettle on.

The others went to the back of the shop and started moving the furniture.

She silently made them all coffee and put it down on a tray with the sugar.

Steve said "good girl,now what about biscuits"?

"A please would be nice" she replied.

She put a pack of biscuits down on the tray.

As she turned away from the table Steve was immediately behind her and they bumped in to each other.

In a flash she said his hands gripped her waist and he pulled her towards him.

She said she tried to push him to one side but her back was against the table and he was like a brick wall.

He held her by the small of her back and his other hand held the back of her head.

He pulled her head forwards and as she wriggled he kissed her on the mouth.

She said even his tongue was strong and she found herself opening her mouth.

She is very submissive sexually and i guess this coupled with her liking for strong men made her relax. She admitted that despite his size and his unpleasant manner she found herself becoming more and more aroused.

As his tongue explored her mouth she gripped the table. He pressed forward against her and she parted her thighs. His hands reached for her dress and he began pulling it upwards. All thoughts of the other guys were forgotten to him.

She pulled away and looked over his shoulder. The others had stopped work and were sitting like a row of grinning monkeys on the desk at the back of shop watching them.

Her dress was now around her waist revealing her panties to all.

She wriggled and told him to get off but he held her firmly and reached between her legs.

His thick fingers yanked her panties,first to one side and then off. His big hands found her shaven pussy lips.

She said despite everything she was getting wetter and wetter. He plunged a finger right up inside her making her jump. She tried to shuffle her position so he blocked the other guys view but he was very strong.

He pushed her slowly backwards and she lay with her back on the table.

He pulled the front of her dress down revealing her bra clad breasts.

She closed her eyes as his finger thrust in and out of her pussy making squelching noises as it went in. His large thumb was pushed against her arsehole.

He was laughing and telling the others that he told them that she was gagging for it.

She said she still found him repugnant but his finger fucking and strength had made her desperate to be fucked.

Standing at the edge of the table he unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down along with his pants. He revealed a big thick cock which sprang upright against his big fat belly.

She could see it had a large round purple head to it and the base was surrounded by a mass of hair,something she normally finds a complete turn off.

He slapped it against her pussy,ground it against her wet lips for a second then pushed the head straight inside her,stretching her lips taught around his shaft.

She said she had forgotten all embarrassment and closing her eyes reached between her legs to touch it as it withdrew to plunge straight back in.

It went further and further each time until by the fifth stroke she felt his groin slam against her pussy.

He was telling the others what a great fuck she was as he slammed in to her and she admitted to me it felt truly fantastic.

She felt herself building up to an orgasm and gripped the table.

As she came he pulled her bra down to get to her breasts whilst fucking her hard.

She had cum and felt soaked around her pussy. He was still fucking her,one hand pawing at her breasts as she opened her eyes to see the others had closed around them.

He was slamming in to her and she could hear her own pussy as she became wetter.

Closing her eyes she felt another orgasm building.

She felt hands all over her body. Her breasts were being touched,gripped and fondled. The nipples played with,licked and sucked.

Her entire body was touched and explored, her long blonde hair was stroked as she was displayed and fucked.

Still he fucked her. Slowly then speeding up.

Her head was turned to one side and opening her eyes she saw a slim cock was being wanked by its owner inches from her face. She watched as another guy stood close by and produced an erect cock from his pants. She was mesmerised watching these two guys wanking.

"Go on then,fuck her mouth you idiot" said Steve.

Hands at her other side turned her head away from the wanking youths.

Close to her face was another cock. Small,short and thick with a large wet end.

The owner was wanking it quickly and moved it towards her mouth.

"Suck it" Steve said.

She said she did nothing. "Do it,now" Steve ordered,and this time she opened her mouth.

It slid in to her mouth and within seconds it started to cum.

Its owner wanked it until it stopped spurting.

As is slipped away she felt herself start to cum.

With Steve still inside her and a mouthful of cum that she was trying not to swallow she shook and convulsed. As her climax ended she realised she had swallowed.

Her head was then turned to the other side and immediately another cock was slid in to her mouth.

This was far longer and firmer. Steve slowly fucked her as she sucked it and its owner groaned.

Steve was laughing and joking with the others as he increased his thrusts.

He groaned out loud and gripping her arse cheeks emptied himself deep inside her pussy.

As he withdrew his soaked cock he rubbed the still hard end around her anus and told her he would fuck her arse next time.

The cock in her mouth was withdrawn and its owner moved around to where Steve had previously been.

A third cock was inserted in her mouth and its owner wanked at his shaft as she flicked her tongue over the end.

She felt a cock being inserted in her pussy. She said she was so wet it hardly touched her. Within seconds its owner went still inside her and added his own fluids to Steves.

The cock in her mouth slipped free and a streak of cum shot over her breasts and her belly as the others cheered.

She said they all helped her up apart from Steve who had zipped himself up and was fetching stuff from the van.

As she dressed and tried her best to clean herself up they got on with their work and she was ignored.

She left without speaking to any of them.