Written by Eric

1 Feb 2018

After I graduated, I got a job in an engineering firm and sometimes I will have to go on business trips. My girlfriend is younger than me and she is still in college. There was once when I had a business trip and she was having a semester break so she just tagged along as I will be driving and it will just be for 2 nights. We got a guy friend to tag along so he can drive if I was tired. We went to the meeting place and we squeezed into 1 room with 2 beds (since my company is paying, we can only book 1 room and any additional rooms we will have to pay for it). We dropped our bags and headed out, my friend dropped me off at the meeting place and we met up again 2 hours later and it was done for the day. We went around for sight seeing and went for dinner. We were talking and laughing and reenacting all our childhood stories. We proceeded to a spa but my girlfriend wasn’t interested so me and my guy friend went to the spa while my girlfriend went to a cafe for cakes and coffee.

At the spa, we were greeted by a few very sexy and pretty girls and they led us to individual rooms. I’m the room, I took off my clothes and wore a robe and laid down on the bed. A girl came in and she was really sexy. She took my robe off and I was lying on my chest naked. She massages my back and she asked me to turn. My cock is now all exposed to her and her tits are somewhere in the C cup range and I can see her red bra when she bends forward. My cock starts to get a hard on and she grabbed it and stroked it to a full 6 inches. I stopped her before I came and told her I just needed a normal massage and nothing else. She proceeded with normal massage and I dressed up after it was done.

When we left, both me and my friend shared the same experience and we were both horny as hell as he also stopped the girl. We met up with my girlfriend and as we were very close, we told her about the spa experience and we were all laughing bout it and getting swollen balls since we haven’t cum. Since it was still early, we bought a few bottles of wine and headed back to the room. We finished up the drinks and we were quite tipsy. We off the lights and went to bed. I share bed with my girlfriend and I kept thinking bout the C cup spa girl and how she stroked my cock. I was damn horny so I went to remove my girlfriends shirt and 34B bra and grope her boobs under the sheets. She was reluctant at first because my guy friend was on the other bed but after a few times she gave in. She started to return my kisses and stroked my 6 inch cock. I rubbed pushed her shorts and knickers down and rubbed her pussy. I inserted one then two fingers into her pussy and she was soaking wet. I turned her to her side and penetrated her. I was spooning her and she was trying to be quiet. But when I picked up my speed I was sure my friend could hear us fucking. I was going to cum but I don’t know where to shoot and I just shot my load into her pussy. We tried to look over and we could see my friend wanking himself under the sheets. I joked to my girlfriend that she should help him out and she said let’s go play a prank on him. She put her shirt and bra back on and slipped her knickers on. She told me she is going to jump on him to scare him. She sneaked up to his bed and I could hear her jumping on his bed and him shouting “what the hell man, can I have some privacy pls...!!!”. Then it all became quiet and I could hear them whispering, it’s quite dark so I couldn’t see clearly. Then I heard her saying “oh gosh, I’m sure the girl at the spa gave u a hardon and such a pity u didn’t cum” and he replied “go away just go back to your boyfriend. He got to release with u and I have to wank myself”. I could hear the bed moving and I heard her laughing and saying “oh poor thing, where’s your cock, maybe I can help u to cum, I can’t find it, is it so small”... he replied “stop disturbing me and u can’t find it coz it’s under the sheets”... and next thing she was replying “I guess I will have to pull your sheets off and hope I don’t find any tiny worm in there”. Suddenly it was all quiet. What’s happening?

I asked if everything is fine and my girlfriend replied “give me a few minutes to help your friend here to cum, his balls are going to explode”. I was like what is going on, so I asked “what is going on there?”. I got a reply that shocked me “I’m giving him a HAND to cum, and since I already started, I will just finish it and will be back”. I bet I could hear the sound of blowjob and they were both moaning softly and her moans are like muffled so I’m sure she had his cock in her mouth. After a while I heard her moaning a little and both of them whispering. I could see in the dark she was on top of him. I got a little pissed off and shouted and in a few minutes, she same back to my bed. She snuggled beside me and apologised “sorry but I was just trying to help him. It’s just a cock and you don’t have to worry so much about it”. I hugged her and I realised she was wearing her shirt but her bra was off, her nipples were hard and her knickers was gone too.

The next morning, I had an early meeting so we woke up and went for breakfast at the hotel. I had to leave for meeting and left them at the breakfast place and they were going to be at the restaurant to wait for me to be back and the hotel only gave 1 key so they said I could just hold onto it. 2 hours later, I went back to the breakfast place but I couldn’t find them. I looked around and gave up. When I was walking at the lobby, the hotel staff handed me a form to sign and he told me my friend requested for an extra key 2 hours ago and there was a small surcharge. I guess they must have been tired of waiting so I went back to the room to get them. As I entered the room, I was shocked as my friend was banging my girlfriend doggy style and his cock was fucking thick. I could see it stretching her pussy and she was moaning so loudly till they didn’t realised I was there. I could see cum on her back meaning they were already fucking for a long time. I don’t know if I should be angry but I was actually very turned on by the sight. I did the unthinkable when I dropped my pants and got naked. I walked towards them and they were shocked to see me. I told them to continue but they looked to shocked. He was looking at me and my smaller cock and she blurted out “I told u that u were way bigger”. He gave a smile and pounded her even harder as he was motivated by her words. He stopped and pulled his whole cock out and now I can see the whole size. All I can think of is that it is as thick as a baseball bat and at around 7.5 inches long. He told me “come and slide your small cock in here and feel her used and loose pussy”. I just went and slide it in and it just went in to easily and I could barely feel her pussy. I fucked her and came in 5 mins. She commented further “oh gosh, not only bigger, u fuck me longer n better”. I withdrew my cock and he just rammed his cock into her and she was screaming for him to fuck her hard. He fucked her hard for an hour, I fucked her another time and it lasted 15 mins this time. He proceeded to fuck her till we even skipped dinner.

We cleaned up and headed to the pool for a night swim. We went for a swim and she was like stuck to him. As there wasn’t anyone at the pool, he pushed her bikini bottom to the side and entered her pussy in the water. He fucked her for 10 mins and spunked in her. We went over to a mini sauna and we fucked her inside there but it was too hot so we packed up and went back to the room. I fucked her loose pussy 2 more times and he fucked her around 5 more times. We fell asleep but I woke up sleeping alone and I could see my girlfriend being banged on the other bed again. On the way home, my girlfriend told me that on the first night she was actually pranking him till she felt his huge cock, she stroked it and he removed her bra and knickers and fingered her. She then actually tried to ride him but he was too big and she knew she can’t keep quiet, so she just wanted it till he shot so much cum. They used her knickers and bra to wipe the load full of cum. He now had her knickers and bra as trophy to show he owns me with his huge cock. He still fucks her and she is now on pills as she loved the feeling of his hot cum shooting inside of her.